Making Love While Wearing Lingerie

Sometimes when my wife and I make love she wears thong underwear and a bra that doesn’t cover her nipples. I love the feel of silk sliding against my shaft as I slid in and out of her love canal, and she enjoys the additional stimulation I can provide her nipples with the silky fabric of her bra.

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  1. jaime057 says:

    Lingerie is an great addition to get the heat up in a relationship. It makes her feel sexy and often cover up any warts she wants to hide. It builds up the anticipation which is the best part. The husbands must slow things down to enjoy the view or receive a telegraph, wink of her openness. Wives do not need to wear something they feel too exposed wearing, a simple silk/satin robe will do fine. I think wearing panties to bed is a great idea because i like the fact I get to slip them off her ankles at some point, again part of our foreplay. She often will not wear panties to bed, just to see if i’m paying attention. Wives should also layout something for the husbands to wear as well, my wife prefers me to wear biker shorts that fit a little tight and very much not what i normally wear. If she wants me to be in control they are black with race stripes, if she wants me to submissive she will actually pick out something more feminine colors even sissy. Got the heat now for 35 years, love of my life.

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