Come on girls, if you are normal, you have about ten belts in your dresser.  Put on every one you have.  Put on nothing else except maybe some high heels.  When you get all situated, call him up to your bedroom.  Ask him which is his favorite belt?  Be sure to give him a model-like exhibition before he makes up his mind.  Once he’s worked up into a frenzy, tell him he can do anything he wants as soon as he gets each and every belt off.

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  1. markiee says:

    My wife has done something similar, except, she is naked and has 5 or 6 of her thickest leather belts on and strips me as she leads me into our living room. Once there she pulls on and teases me with each one and watches my member to see which excites me most, then she bends me over the back of our couch and proceeds to tan me where the sun don’t shine, then we make love.

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