Sensual Massage

The art and technique of Sensual Massage

At the end of a stressing day, it is often difficult to relax and be sensually available. Why not give your partner a sensual and tender massage, to revive the intimacy of your couple?

You are not a professional physiotherapist ? No problem, if you use the following techniques, your partner will melt with your first caresses.

The setting
Ask your partner to lie down naked on a plane and sufficiently firm surface, and place yourself on one side, or in front of your partner’s head or above his or her buttocks, according the areas you wish to massage.

Massage oil
Use a massage oil or cream, so that your hands will slide pleasantly on your partner’s skin, without friction. Many scented oils or creams are available to vary the pleasures and surround your gestures with exotic plant or fruit scents.

Note : if you use a condom after the massage, wash your hands before you touch it, as oil can render it porous.

The massage gestures
Alternate between four basic techniques and ask for your partner’s preference

Gentle brushing: With the palms of your hands, make smooth and ample movements, back and forth on the skin, gently pressing it. This technique is particularly suited to the upper and lower back, to the thighs and the buttocks. You may also use it to move from one zone of the body to an other.

Kneading: Press, knead and lightly pinch the muscles between the palm, the thumb and the fingers of each of your hands. These moves will relieve and relax the contractions due to stress, anxiety or uncomfortable positions. Linger particularly on the muscles situated along the spine (without pressing the spine itself), the back of the neck and head, the shoulders, and the legs.

Pressure: This is a variation on the kneading technique. Use your knuckles or thumbs to exert constant pressures or small circular movements on very localized contraction points.

Percussion: With the edge of your hands, tap vigorously and rapidly the back and lower back of your partner. This technique is intended to stimulate and tone up the muscles rather than to relax them.

Sensitive zones : not to be forgotten
The feet: To obtain total relaxation, massaging the soles of your partner’s feet is an absolute must. Nothing is more pleasant and effective to achieve deep relaxation.
The hands: To complete the massage, do not forget the palms of your partner’s hands : let the back of your partner’s hand relax in your hand, and use your thumb to massage his or her palm, starting from the wrist and progressing to the finger tips.

The face: Lightly press, with small circular movements, your partner’s temples, forehead and behind the ears. Then finish off with a similar massage of the scalp.

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