The Plane Ride Home

We weren’t excited about our six hour plane ride home. The vacation was wonderful and as we boarded the plane pictures of Hawaii still lingered in our minds.  The plane was filled to capacity.  Kids were crying and their parents were patiently caring for them.  I was amazed by the extraordinary kindness the Spanish speaking parents gave to their little ones.  I was blessed by Latin America.  But as I got comfortable, sitting next to my beautiful wife, my thoughts turned erotic.  My wife was cold as usual so I gave her a blanket.  We would soon be taking off and the flight attendants were preparing us for departure.  I slowly moved my hand beneath my wife’s blanket and approached her inner thighs with my fingers.  She looked at me and grinned, opening her legs further.  This gave me permission to proceed.

I squeezed my hand down her pants, totally unnoticed by anyone around. It was a late flight, and the lights were dim.  Most passengers were preparing for sleep; I was preparing to give my wife an orgasm, literally in the heavens.  As I played with my wife’s clitoris; her eyes weakened in pleasure and her voice uttered quiet repeated moans of joy.  She grew wet and I used the moisture to lubricate my fingers.

The blanket served our cover well. I was even able to recieve refreshments from the flight attendant without being noticed.

As I continued, my wife grew more and more excited.  I could tell that she was entering her final plateau.  Trying to contain herself, she melted in my hands.  She nearly forgot where she was as she came to full orgasm.  I felt fluid stream out of her as she climaxed.  It was incredible. Never had we done anything like that.  It was the best plane ride home, ever.  I looked into my wife’s eyes with great satisfaction; she smiled sweetly, as if to say thanks and dozed off to sleep.

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