Body Chocolate Yum!

While staying at a resort away from the kids for 5 days I brought some things to spice up our nights in the bedroom. Little did I know that my husband had the same ideas. Well actually I figured he would as his mind is on me and sex when we are away from the children for an extended time.

One night we decided to sit in the hot tub which was in our room and sip some Champagne. It sure relaxed us both and warmed up our bodies.  After the hot tub we danced naked in the room to some soft music that we had playing on a CD. My husband had brought a vibrator to this resort and we had never before used one and he did not ask me if I wanted to try it.  At one point while we were on the bed he just decided to pull it out from behind the bed where he had it plugged in and started to use it on my body.  As shocking as it was to hear the buzzing and the nervous laugh came out I must admit that it felt good. Different, but good. I have always been quite satisfied with what my husband can do so this was not like I was longing for something different.

I had brought some body chocolate in my suitcase and thought I would get it out to give him a little surprise. However his surprise felt so good that I asked him not to stop as it was building up in my body something to the level that I had not felt before. Just more intense!  Moving on to the end of the night I had a powerful orgasm and then feeling like I was much better than a vibrator he had no problem having his own orgasm when my hands and my mouth went to work on him.

So we never got to the chocolate that night and fell asleep after our love making session. The next morning we went out to eat, then snorkel, then shopping, lunch, massages in the afternoon, dinner. We just didn’t get back to our room almost the entire day.  When we got back I asked him if I could put the chocolate on him and lick it off.  It was obvious by his face and his pants that he was excited about that offer.

When I went to the bathroom to get the chocolate I noticed that the Jar was Black and I thought it was clear when I bought it. Then it dawned on me – oh my gosh!  Turning on the lights we found 1,000 ants on the jar and a massive line running over the sink over our toothbrushes and down the wall and then a line out the door. So sometime during the day one ant must have radio’d back to the mother ship and told them that there was a year’s supply of chocolate in our room. We called room service and they said they would take care of it and we should leave the room for a few hours.

So we went to dinner and then hit the beach.  It was just getting dark and there was nobody around so we sat on a beach chair 20 feet from the water and decided to start kissing. Sex was on our minds so our hands were roaming and my husband laid me down on the chair and knelt down by the foot of the chair and began to kiss my legs and my thighs and then _______.

We had a very wonderful time but got so involved that we did not notice the beach security guard walking down the beach until he was about 10 feet away and politely cleared his throat while walking by.  Talk about stopping cold in your tracks. Yikes, we just sat up straight and said I wonder if he saw anything, maybe he didn’t or maybe …. oh what the heck, it’s a beach resort I imagine this happens all the time.

We got back to the room and the chocolate, the ants, our toothbrushes, toothpaste were all gone and we lay down in bed. We were tired and about to fall asleep when I heard ….. buzzzzz.

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