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It was late and she, my peaches and cream, freckled, redhead, is sleeping. She is just gorgeous but in heavy sleep since she has been Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.44.51 PMworking hard. I am looking at her in the glow of our night light. She wears this silky harvest green night shirt that just lays on her so perfectly. Her breasts are just peaking out from the deep v cut, the pale rose nipples barely exposed. I can feel my chest fill with air as my member begins to swell. Trying to calm down, I look at the ceiling. My eyes wander back to her, the freckles on her chest the map I follow with slow, firm kisses….but not this time. Swelling from sexual tension, nearly half staff now. Her hair is long and waves at the end, she often whips my chest with her wet hair leaving red marks. At the thought of this my cock stands at attention, throbbing, slowly bouncing with a pulse of its own. Looks like tonight is solo…my only company are her nipples watching me.
The veins on my penis are swollen and enlarged, better then a ribbed condom she says. Fully ready, feeling the throbbing of my erection, the pulsing power of my swelling head. I am feeling the thickness of pre cum slowly rise from my sac, with a flex of my shaft my cock drips clear, warm pre cum.
My member is now ready for her, looking at her breasts letting her sleep I grab on to the wet, hot timber and slowly stroke. Slow stroke down to my base, sac slowly swelling, just below my sac I feel the orgasm muscle thickening. My cock is now spewing pre cum, lubed up now I can firm my grip and stroke harder. My heartbeat quickening, I am close, time to slow down a little teasing to stretch it out giving my organ time. Taking my other hand I massage my thighs and pull on my sac…sometimes a little tease on my bung hole. Tonight I am going full throttle, I take out my prostate teaser add some lube lift my leg and slowly insert. Now my erection throbs all the more as heat builds. It’s time to finish the job. Hard firm consistent strokes, full strokes from swelling sac to engorged head…moan. I look over at her, I swear she is smiling, nah, she is still sleeping.
I am close now, my sac tightens just a few more strokes. My bung hole closes around my toy, the head of my cock is red and swells, just a stroke away now. The orgasm is going to be huge, I can feel deep in me, my prostate enlarging, my toy numbing it….putting me over the edge. It is starting, lower way down a pulsing that sets off every erotic zone, heart pounding out of my chest, vision fades, head drops back as I inhale deeply. Tingling starts in my toes, thighs muscle tighten, bung hole clamps down, throbbing, pulsing sac. I can feel thick heavy cum shooting through my member. One last step, just before cum reaches all the way up in my shaft I clamp down to hold it in increasingly building pressure. With the release of my grip I feel a spewing rush out my head like liquid bullets hot and fast. Pounding in my chest with elation my brain exploding with pleasure, my entire body feels like I am flying with tingling, pulsing heat. Several rotations now of flashing explosions I grab my sac and squeeze and push on the charging muscle just below my sac with one hand, the other wet drenched hand still stroking. My thoughts have stopped in the moment of second round pulsing, pounding power. Aching pleasure…just a bit longer opening my eyes seeing light sparkles edging in my vision, darkness closing in….close to passing out, time to breath. Inhaling deeply, the rush of oxygen through my lungs, darkness ebates but orgasm continues. With fresh oxygen coursing my erection rock hard now firming my grip just a couple strokes left, heaving and pounding. The last few drops of sex milk roll out of my swollen head and drip slowly down my shaft. Last deep breath, last hard flex of shaft, sac and love muscle, bung hole relaxing, toy pushed nearly half way out from all the bearing down of orgasm.

Glancing over, she is now fully awake with bed hair, erect nipples and a longing in her eyes. Reaching to her breasts, she cups herself with a moan asking for her vibe, but that episode I will save for the next time. I have nothing left to offer her and she knows it, asking me if it was as intense as it looked. I muster up enough air to answer her. Thinking that the exercises for harder orgasms have paid off, I tell her it was one of the most intense ever, but I will keep flexing and strengthening.

Before I drift off to sleep I hear the humming of her vibe, the bed moving and I become aroused again……maybe….

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  1. Snag says:

    Very well done! Just curious: do you mind elaborating on “the exercises for harder orgasms”? What is it that you are doing? It sounds like they have had the desired effect.

    It also sounds like you have the ideal setting for having sex in the great outdoors, presuming you have the acreage to provide privacy. Is that in your repertoire? If so, do you have stories to relate to us? My wife and I have only been able to do this a few times in our 38 years of marriage, mostly due to finding a suitable, private location. When we did, however, it was fantastic. We would like to do so more often.

    Thanks so much for sharing this story with us!

    • Hot n Hung says:

      While your taking a pee, stop the flow. The muscle used to stop the flow are the same used for ejaculation. Flex that muscle , several times a day , then as it stronger flex and hold the muscle. Start our slow and slowly increase the flex and hold.

      Yes..outdoor sex…I do have a good story I will write per your request…thanks for asking. I am writing one now called ” ode to my redhead wife” when I finish it up I will write about out door sex for ya….that means I will have to wait to write ” wet whipping hair” but that’s ok…

      Glad you enjoy this one…did you see my first one called “Dou Mastrubation”

    • Hot n Hung says:

      This site is a great place to start…share it with your wife…..also look at what I have gleaned from this site.

      where Oral sex is the featured marriage heat Song 2:3; Song 2:16; Song 4:5; Song 4:6; Song 5:1; Song 4:16; Song 5:13: Song 7:2

      Stories that include Marriage masturbation for the preparation for later heat or masturbation with the permission of the spouse for marriage blessing. Song 5:5; Song 5:3

      Stories where playful submission sizzle lead to marriage heat. Song 3:7; Song 7:10; Song 5:4

      Stories that include the fun use of healthy marriage heat products such as toys or aphrodisiacs Song 7:13

      Stories feature the heat of kissing. Song 4:3; Song 5:16: Song 7:9

      Complete study on biblical sexuality

    • Hot n Hung says:

      The anus for some men is a very sensitive area, it has been said the prostate is the males g spot. It is for me!

      My wife lets her fingers tease me, when she first started wondering to the nether regions she brushed my bung hole…I communicated to her that it was very pleasing. She won’t stick her finger in there, but she will tease me. She is aware that I anal play because we have talked about it….that is the key open communication and love for each others sexual needs.

      Our sex relationship is still maturing, even after 26 years of marriage, take it slow and be open with her. Share the song of song listed above and open a dialogue about your desires and needs.

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