My wife and I have always had a healthy, private sex life.  We have improved with age… being married for twenty plus years.  We have both stayed in good physical condition and yes it is really SUPER to be married to a woman in her forties that has a shape that still turns my head when she goes by (I have noticed some other guys heads turning through the years too!).

We go to separate places to workout… returning home after an early morning workout we sat down together and talked for over an hour and then started picking up the house, going from room to room with no specific plan in mind.  My wife calls me to our bedroom, standing in our bathroom door with only her workout shorts on, asking if I would like to make our house cleaning a bit more fun.  “If you’re going to do house work looking like that the fun has already started”, was the first thing out of my mouth.  She asked me to take a shower before continuing with our day… after I stepped  out of the shower she came in with the box we keep our few “toys” in and said she was going to shower and use our new toy, as part of the fun.

The only thing I put on was a pair of shorts and after a couple of parting kisses I tried to get her to let me help with the new toy… “no deal” she said, “you’ll see how this is going to turn out and oh are you… we gonna like it”!

When she came out of the shower all she had on was a pair of cutoffs, that don’t quite make it to the bottom of her butt.  As she came by me, leaving the bedroom, she made sure she brushed those great tits of hers on me and teasingly made sure I saw the remote control of our newest toy in her pocket.  “Uuuuhhh, does this thing ever feel good, guess I better turn it off before things go to far, we still have house work to do” she commented.

Well…. we worked around the house for another hour, with her making sure I got to see her strutting her stuff.  After putting some things in the garage my wifes first audible groan directed me back to the living room.  Sitting in our double chair the show had begun. One hand in her pants and the other one slowly rubbing her breasts she asked me to step a little closer.  With  the one hand staying in her pants, she grudgingly stopped working her tits just long enough to help me get rid of my shorts.

Moving to the edge of the chair she took my dick in her hand and pulled it down, making the head swell to its max.  She stood up, never letting go of me, and pressed up close. She made sure to slip my dick between her legs, so we could both feel the egg vibrator going inside of her. “Go down on me”, she whispered, “I want to feel your tongue lickin’ me… with you, me and this vibrator workin’ my pussy I’ll fill your mouth, and then you can fill mine.”  She sat down and layed back in the chair.  Spreading her legs, she went straight to work on her tits. I cupped her big breasts in my hands as she circled her nipples, Her groans intensified as I started licking her clit and pussy. In a few minutes she was furnishing all the motion, all I have to do was keep my tongue spread over her clit and dripping wet pussy. “Get your dick up here, I’ll finish my pussy and you at the same time” she demanded after several minutes.  Tugging me up on the chair, she had me straddle her face.  “We are so good together…I love you. … nowwww”,  she paused, ” What?” I asked panting….”I’m going to finish both of us” she whispered as she put the head of my dick in her mouth. She slipped one hand back down to her clit and held the base of my dick with the other. From both of our moans and panting it was obvious she was about to do what she said she would. She started first, blowing through her nose and almost gagging as she gasped and whined.  Just as she was at her peek she took both hands and put them on the sides of my hips and guided me even deeper into her throat.  I could feel her working to take as much as she could.  With her eyes fixed on mine, she kept slowly pumping more dick in her mouth and I started to cum.  With her wonderful sounds she let me know we were both letting go at the same time.  I started to pull back and she whined in disagreement, pushing forward to take more of me.  She finally pulled back and scooted up in the chair gasping for air.  Without a word she began kissing me, breathing hard through her nose, running her tongue over mine.  We could taste each other as we melted into the chair holding each other.

Married, yes, always!!!!!!!!!  My wife absolutely sends me!!!!

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