I’ll Take the Job

It all started with a text to my wife. The text told her I left something special in her car outside of her

By: emelec

workplace. She would be able to see it after work. She knows I love to leave her sexual surprises. The excitement and wonder left her pretty wet. She knew it would be tough to wait three hours until the end of the day.
When she got to the car, all she found was an envelope with a card containing an address and the name Susie Smith. She promptly punched the address into her GPS unit and was on her way. As she pulled into the hotel parking lot, her anticipation and wetness increased. She parked her car and headed to the front desk. Not knowing what to do, she remembered the name on the card. She asked if there were any messages for Susie Smith. The hotel desk clerk handed her another envelope. Inside the envelope was a key to room 429. She headed upstairs.
As she stood at the hotel room door, she could barely contain the urge between her legs. On the ride over, she was tempted to slide her hand under her skirt for a little relief. She used the key and opened the door. The hope of her husband standing there naked was not met. All she found was yet another envelope. Inside the envelope were instructions for her. They stated as follows:
“Tonight you will be interviewed by the CEO of a major company to be his personal assistant. Be sure you are ready for his questions and possible demonstrations of your skills. There are several interview outfits in the closet for you to choose from. You have 1 hour to get ready.”
Intrigued by the thought of this adventure, Susie went to the closet to see what was in store. She looked through the 4 different outfits left for her but settled on the last one. It was a tight gray sweater dress that went down just far enough to cover her beautiful ass. Along with the dress were some sheer black stockings and high heeled black boots. Noticeably absent from the outfit was any type of bra or panties. She did not mind that at all.
She decided on a quick bath to clean up and plan one of her own surprises. She had never completely shaved her pussy before but thought this was the perfect time to do it. After all, she wanted to be ready in case the CEO was a stickler for details. She was hoping he was.
As she lay in the tub, the feeling of shaving her pussy was fantastic. She even paused a few times to rub her clit with her fingers just to keep from going absolutely crazy.
She curled her beautiful hair and sprayed on some perfume. She slid the stockings on each leg. They felt wonderful on her skin. As she slid the tight dress on, she looked in the mirror. She thought to herself, I am just classy and slutty enough to get the job. Going without a bra and panties gave her a great feeling of sexual freedom.
She checked the clocked and realized she had about 10 more minutes to wait. She checked the fridge in the room and discovered her favorite beverage was chilled and ready. She was ready for her interview but thought a drink would make her more adventurous. She grabbed a drink and sat on the couch to wait.
At precisely one hour, she heard a key in the door. In walked her husband, dressed in her favorite blue suit with the tie she gave him earlier in the year. The site of him made her even wetter. She could not wait to see where things would go.
The man introduced himself as Evan, the CEO of GuHuT. He pulled up a chair in front of the couch to begin the interview. He thanked her for coming and said he just wanted to ask a few questions to get to know her better. Susie shifted herself on the couch to control the twinges coming from between her legs.
On the other side of things, Evan was instantly hard after seeing Susie in the sheer nylons, high heels and that short dress. He knew it would take a lot for him to maintain control.
“First, please tell me why you are the best person for this position.” Evan asked.
Susie thought for the moment and replied, “I am very skilled and have been in a lot of different positions. These experiences make me a solid choice for this position or whatever position you prefer.” As she completed her response, she made sure to uncross her legs and shift a little to give Evan a quick view up her dress. She thought of her shaved pussy and could not wait to show it off to her husband.
Her response pleased Evan. It meant his wife was willing to play along and it was going to be a fun night. “Thank you for your answer. I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to venture to find new positions.” Pausing for a moment to adjust to accommodate the hard on growing in his pants, Evan proceeded, “What assets would you bring to the company?”
Susie knew she wanted to turn it up a notch. As she prepared to answer, she made sure to pull her sweater tighter over her breasts to make sure Evan could see her hard nipples poking through the material. She replied, “My best assets are my skills to make people happy. I believe you need to be giving of yourself to make your customers and more, importantly, your boss happy.” She gave Evan one of her best, I need you to screw me smiles as she completed her answer.
Evan was having trouble not jumping from his chair and taking Susie right there and then. He decided to move on. “In our office there is a lot of equipment you need to be familiar with. Are you comfortable handling tools and machines?
Susie replied, “Definitely. Would you like a demonstration?”
Evan replied, “Yes. I brought some samples of the tools we use in our work. Please look in the bag in the corner.”
Susie made a production of just standing up from the couch. She made sure Evan got a good look up her skirt, but not too much. Her surprise was not ready to be sprung on him. His hard on was raging.
Susie recognized the bag immediately. It was her bag of sex toys. She bent over with her cute ass pointing directly at her husband. She knew he would be watching. She reached in and pulled out her favorite vibrator. It is a rabbit type vibrator and it gave her some very intense orgasms. She loved the feel of the spinning shaft in her pussy while the little nub on top vibrated her clit. She also knew her husband loved to watch her play with herself. As she stood up, she could feel the trickle of her juices beginning to make their way down her legs.
She returned to where Evan was seated. As she stood in front of him, she asked, “Are you ready to see how I handle tools?’
Evan grunted some type of reply that resembled a yes.
Susie sat down on the couch, still keeping her pussy covered. She slid the vibrator between her legs and slid the tip between her dripping lips. To her surprise, the large girth shaft slid right in. She was really dripping and it made things easy. She turned on the rotating shaft and thought it would not be long before she was cumming.
She was now ready to reveal her bare naked pussy to her husband. She slid the skirt of her dress up to her waist, put her feet on the coffee table and spread her legs. She glanced up at her husband’s face to see what he thought of her clean beaver. She was not disappointed. Evan’s jaw was on the floor.
He was in shock. He had been asking Susie to shave for a long time. He was very happy and very eager to get between her legs.
Susie switched on the clit vibrator of her tool. As she touched her magic button, an orgasm instantly began to build. She worked the tool in and out all while focusing the nub on her clit. She lasted just a few minutes before her body began convulsing with a powerful orgasm. She continued to cum for about another minute. As she came back to reality, she slid the shaft out of her canal, turned it off and laid it on the table. She straightened her dress and sat politely on the couch before asking, “What do you think of my skills?”
Evan was still staring at the vibrator. He could not believe the amount of Susie’s cum on it. That, in addition to her shaved pussy, made him hard as a rock. He could cum just watching her. He collected himself and stated he had one more question for Susie. “In our meetings, we need someone to take notes. How are you at oral dictation?”
Susie replied, “I think the best way to answer your question is to show you.” With this, she stood and walked to Evan’s chair. She helped him stand up and asked him to begin talking and she would get started on the dick part of the dictation. As Evan spoke, Susie took off his jacket, loosened his tie and undid his belt and pants. Before Evan knew it, his pants were on the floor and his cock was in her mouth.
Susie wanted to reward Evan for a great “interview.” She was all over his manhood. She started by taking him all the way into her mouth in one motion. She then retreated and focused on the head. She knew this drove Evan nuts. As she licked around the head, she felt Evan hands on her head. She loved it when he guided her as she blew him. He was pushing her to take him deeper into her mouth. He then began his rhythmic pumping and she let him fuck her mouth. She could tell he was close to cumming as the grip on her head was getting a little tighter. She pushed his hands away and took over. She was slamming his cock in and out of her mouth rapidly. After a short wait, she felt Evan contract and then tasted the sweet cum shooting from his dick. She took it all. As she stood up, all she heard was, “You’re hired.”
Susie decided to play a little further. As with all job offers, there is a little negotiation involved. Susie looked at Evan and said, “I have done all the work in this interview. It that the way it will be around the office all the time?”
Evan was still recovering from the fantastic blow job. He took a step towards Susie, grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it over her head. As she stood there, Evan admired how hot she was in her stocking and boots. He loved looking at his wife’s body and could not wait to devour her. He took her by the hand and asked her to sit in his chair.
Susie sat down and slid her ass to the edge of the seat. She knew what was coming and could not wait to receive some oral pleasure from her husband. Evan took a moment to take the rest of his clothes off. Susie began fondling her nipples in anticipation.
Evan bent over and deeply kissed his beautiful wife. He retracted and knelt between her knees. He was in awe of the clean shaven pussy he was about to enjoy. He kissed and licked her belly as he worked his way downward. Susie was now squeezing and kneading her tits to stave off the cravings between her legs.
Then Evan went for it. He slid one then two fingers in her deliciously wet hole. As he did this, he began sucking Susie’s clit. Susie instantly tensed. Evan concentrated his tongue on her clit as he rubbed her g‐ spot with his fingers. Susie grabbed Evan’s head and pushed it harder into her mound. She was enjoying this and a big release was building. Evan kept working as Susie moaned her approval. Susie’s legs squeezed onto Evan’s head and she began bucking in the chair. Evan was working his fingers furiously in and out of her as she rode the orgasmic wave.
As Susie descended the climax, she pushed Evan back. She shakily stood and walked to the bed. She got on all fours with her beautiful ass and pussy pointed right at Evan. She turned, peaked at him and said “I will take the job. Now come over here and fuck me.”
Evan obliged by easily mounting her from behind. He began stroking in and out while reaching around and fingering her clit. He was in heaven and soon so was Susie. Her third and most powerful orgasm came quickly. She maintained focus long enough to hump her husband’s cock until he came inside of her. They both collapsed on the bed.
This was going to be a great place to work.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Awesome story Steve! I am so horny right now! I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to reading more from you. God bless you and yours and stay horny.

  2. loveithot says:

    Nice work, I think my wife will be due for an interview soon after reading this. Great and hot idea. Love your communication during it all as well, thanks for sharing.

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