Wet Anniversary

Writing about our lovemaking and fantasies has given our intimacy more meaning and excitement. Throughout the 15 years of Woman's Hands on husband 10:3being together we have learned to explore individual sexual desires from romantic to exotic. My wife has always been open to my request and has blown my mind (no pun intended) with spontaneous exotic initiatives and kinkiness from her end. Like the day she totally blew me away when she put on this hot Drill Sergeant military outfit that took my breath away.

She had the hat with some badass sunglasses along with a small top that made her breast (cleavage) look so enticing making me so horny and hard. Her bottom shorts were as hot as her top. When she turned around I could see her ass cheeks from the end of her shorts. She also had these sexy white gloves to go with the outfit. She ordered me to sit on the bed. Than she began to slowly caress her breast in front of me over her top pinching her nipples.

My wife knows how it drives me insane when she touches herself. I never get tired of her doing so. She than began to place one of her hands inside her shorts and began to rub her pussy. To my surprise she than took out her hand from rubbing her now wet pussy and placed her wet fingers in my mouth to taste her juices. Mmmm  how sweet the taste. I can still remember that day like yesterday. Well my story starts like somewhat of a fantasy. You see, my wife decided one night to clean a little toy I bought her and place it under her pillow without me knowing. Her intention was to play with it when she woke up then to play with me. The morning started like this.

She woke up in the morning to pump cause she still is breast feeding our recent newborn but made sure I didn’t wake up. Than, she went the bathroom to freshen up. She got into shower and began to let the water run down her lovely body while she soaped her breast and enticing pussy making it nice and wet. Then she entered our bedroom and got next to me. After she dried herself with the towel, she began to lube the vibrating toy with one hand and than began to lube her pussy. She began slowly to thrust and penetrate her sugar walls deep inside with the toy. I somewhat heard a soft moan but it blended in my dreams since I was dreaming of her taking me deep inside her mouth savoring my juicy cock.

She made sure she didn’t wake me. As she continued to let the toy dance inside her she began to touch her clitoris and rub it upward and downward and in circular motion. She than began to thrust the toy deeper and deeper and she allowed one of her hands to massage and squeeze her breast and hard nipples. She than remembered how I enjoy placing her pussy juice on her nipples so she tried it as well. Curious how she would taste, she decided to taste her nipples to see what excites me. To her surprise she enjoyed the texture of her own juices on her nipples. She now became very horny. With the toy still inside, she began to rub on my cock with her nails and fingers giving it a sensual massage until it got hard. Than she began to grip it firm with her hand slowly stroking it up and down revealing now my juicy head.

She than, position herself to give me oral satisfaction with a goal to wake me up and find her mouth all over my candy cane and toy inside her candy land. When awaken, my eyes were totally surprise to discover she was having her way with me like never before. What a site to wake up to. A wet pussy and my cock kissed and licked like an ice cream cone on a hot day. I asked if she can take it all inside her mouth? She looked at me with smile and grabbed my package and hid it inside her mouth for 10 seconds. She continued to lick me until she locked her legs and trapped the vibrating toy inside her flooded pussy while she stroked my cock with one hand until I came all over her. We cuddled for a moment than took a shower and went out for breakfast.

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  1. PennY Laine
    PennY Laine says:

    Much more fun having my husband suck the excess milk From my breasts than a breast pump. He loves watching me get myself off because he says he knows I must be really horny to put on a show for him. I enjoy the taste of my pussy juices off my fingers or toy, never have licked it off my nipples but it sounds fun!

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