Hottest Orgasm in 2016 (L/A)


“As the year ends, what is your top sex episode memory with your spouse in 2016? Where, how, and why?”

From the Bottom to the Top

It starts with me giving my adorable wife of 30+ years a long, sensual massage – she has some tightness in her shoulders, back and legs probably due to her tennis regime. (Which is why she has such exquisite legs and buttocks).

Therefore, I prepare her massage oil: grape seed for the base, (it strengthens the cell membranes and improves the overall quality of skin as well as being an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties) it’s also tongue-friendly and edible, very important for this evening. I add some drops of essential oil: ylang-ylang to add a little fragrance, deepen her relaxation, plus it’s an aphrodisiac!

For 20 minutes, more or less, I leisurely massage her alternating deeply and softly with a focus on her shoulders, back, legs, and butt with a few finger teases to her back door.

There’s a sheen of oil now on her back and buttocks – I run my chest up her back, the oil allowing a soft sensual glide. My nipples are aroused. Back and forth I glide. My lips brush her back followed by my torso. My lips slide into her left shoulder. I adorn her shoulder with a line of kisses. Crossing over to her right side another epaulette of kisses drapes her right shoulder. My lips slide into her neck pressing deeply but gently, then, on up to her ears to the top tips beginning to wreak havoc on her senses. She moans.

While my chest slides back down her back to her buttocks, the gliding motion lubricated by our personal massage oil, I leave a trail of kisses from her shoulder and the nape of her neck down to the small of her back. Up and down, gliding, massaging her body with mine. I gently bite her neck, massage her shoulders with my hands. I glide down yet again. This time I trail my kisses down her spine going further and further down. My tongue wiggles between her butt checks until it touches her rosebud. The petals swell in anticipation. I swirl my tongue in slow, lazy circles across its delicate and oh-so sensitive petals.

My tongue skates a little further down to her perineum. My knees inside her calves gently nudge them further apart. Her womanhood blossoms releasing her perfume … the heat and fragrance from her cunt intoxicate me. I have to go further; to kiss and tongue the lips of her womanhood savoring the seeping elixir of her pussy juice.

My tongue glides back up across her perineum back to her rosebud, this time more assertive, teasing it open with the tip of my tongue and stimulating the two rings coaxing the myriad of nerve endings releasing pleasure into my beloved.

I rise up and gently slide and insert one very well-oiled right index finger into the heart of her rosebud. A teeny bit of play. Slowly in and out, in and out, in and out, twirling, teasing, cajoling then I add a second finger. My middle and index finger further entice the nerve endings and pleasure of my darling wife.

With my left hand, I reach over to the top drawer on her side of the bed and retrieve a recent addition to our sex toys, an anal vibrator. It is sleek, crafted in black silicone with a gentle scintillating curve. I insert it into my mouth coating it with my saliva to add further slickness and gentleness to my beloved’s gateway. I withdraw my fingers, and her rosebud glistens with the love oil. The tip of the vibrator slides slowly but easily into her slick opening. I turn it on, and it gently probes deeper and deeper. It has seven vibration modes and patterns, and every few minutes, I change the vibration pattern to keep it unpredictable for her. It is now fully embedded in her back door—the base nestles against her rosebud.

I return to massaging her back and legs, then knead her left foot, her toes, kiss the sole of her foot. My lips glide along her heels to her Achilles, where I suck on her tendon. I slide them further up as I gently bite the sides of her calf muscles while my fingers massage the central muscles. Then my lips arrive at the back of her knee. I draw a slow breath, allowing the air to tease the skin on the back of her knee. My tongue sashays back and forth as I slither up the inside of her leg and curve around to her bum. I gently bite one, two, three, four, and five times different parts of her beautiful buttocks.

Then it’s time to repeat everything on the right side: from her toes to her sole, her heel, her ankle, her Achilles, her calf, the back of her knee, and up the inside of her leg. Again, I breathe deeply of her intoxicating scent. I am drunk in love. Back to her buttocks. I do adore them!

I kneel up and admire her beautiful body as my fingers flick back and forth along her legs and back. She says it feels like autumn leaves falling on her naked body. I love this woman—a woman I have found irresistible for over 35 years. I can’t get enough, it’s impossible for me to keep my hands off her.

She is relaxed, for sure! I turn her over and admire her all over again. I reach for another toy—it’s pink, thicker, longer, and curved more sharply than the first. It has three pleasure points. I slowly pry apart the inner lips of her womanhood with the tip of the toy. It slides in easily; her juices have been flowing for a while, accelerated by the ever-changing pulsations from her friend at the back door.

This new visitor fires up its own sequences of sensations and pleasures. One stimulates deep in her pussy by her cervix, the second pulsates against her G-spot and the third teases her clitoris.

I massage her shoulder and down her chest avoiding at first her nipples and areolas. Every few minutes I change the vibration pattern of both of the vibrators to give her new unpredictable sensations on her clit, in her pussy, anus, and rectum. My hands deeply rub her tired quadriceps simultaneously. My hands glide up her sides alongside each boob resisting the temptation, not giving into her desires just yet. She arches her back as I change yet again the vibration modes on the vibrators.

I work on her left arm, kneading the triceps and bicep, forearm down to her wrist massaging it with my thumb then into her palm. My forefinger and thumb manipulate each finger and then I gently pull and shake each one, relaxing them one at a time. I gently pull her whole arm and lay it gently down.

With one hand on her lower back the other reaches between her legs to change the vibration patterns yet again and turn up a notch the intensity on the vibrator in her pussy. There is contentment on my bride’s face and lips … her neck and chest are flush with sexual heat, the artery in her neck throbs pumping fresh blood back to her ever increasingly stimulated pleasure points. Her pussy is so very wet, I tease the vibrator in her pussy a mere inch or two in and out and worm it side to side a few degrees. I change the vibration pattern on both vibrators and turn up the pussy vibrator yet another notch.

My hands return to her chest this time encircling her breasts, round and round inching closer to her areolas and nipples, gently kneading them. My right hand fingers swirls around her left breast culminating in teasing her areole and nipple. In addition, my mouth drops down onto her right breast feasting on it … my tongue twirling, kissing and sucking on the nipple drawing out its awaited desire. More and more, relentless in the pursuit of mining pleasure from giving and receiving with our Godly body parts – using God’s perfectly designed pleasure points, inhaling the scents, melting into the visual, imbibing the sap of our love, drowning in the sounds of our desire for each other … engulfed with all the sensations of hot God-given sex!

My lips and tongue travel across her chest to feast on her left breast this time – my tongue ravages her nipples and areole – my right hand meanders down between her legs to turn up the vibrator yet one more notch and change the vibration patterns yet again.

My hand reaches for her right breast ensuring equal attention. It seems like my bride desires to reach the summit – ascend to the highest, most noteworthy peak known to womankind. The multiple orgasm!

Hence, my tongue snakes down across her belly that has borne out our two wonderful God-given children. My mouth slithers down into her drenched pubic carpet kissing hard on her mound. My hand eases back the vibrator a little to allow my tongue to come into contact with her God-given pearl of pleasure. My fingers find the middle button on the vibrator in her pussy and change it one last time. I reach down and find the button on the other vibrator – the seventh and last setting. We’re going for the summit! All together now!

Climbing the Summit

Therefore, my tongue teases, attacks, licks. My lips kiss and rub on either side of her clit – my tongue ascends to the upper base – the very root – the stem source of her clitoris: flicking left, right, up, down, now in circles, all over – faster – slower. I return back down to the tip – I am devoted to pleasuring her pearl of desire. My tongue licks either side of the pearl and on the inner edge of her labia lips. My tongue comes to the center, pressing on the stem of her clit, the farther up I snake, the harder I press, reaching the upper base of her clitoris … now flicking it side to side, up and down more urgently this time. I return back onto her clit that is engorged with desire.

I ease off her pearl directly and press again at its root with my tongue – now more gently … and then I hear a sound – seems like it’s not one similar to anything I’ve heard in 35 years. It’s not her wild eruption orgasm, her orgasm shout, her screaming orgasm, or her loud exclamation orgasm. No, this is an atypical orgasm; the verbal expression of her orgasm this evening is special – it’s a rumbling low moan that has no end. It’s long, really long and is almost a wail.

Her orgasm starts slow, teasing, building up to long, long drawn out multiple orgasms. She appears to orgasm in multiple areas or having a whole set of orgasms triggered by the first – her clitoral orgasm, her pussy is convulsing … orgasm, now her back door … orgasm. Maybe it’s one long, long orgasm? Or a cascading set? Probably each pleasure point falling like dominoes. I don’t think she knows – she is overwhelmed with pleasure. It is stunning to experience – truly sensational!

Finally her body backs off from the summit of the last orgasm. She’s still a little breathless. My darling beautiful wife opens her eyes – she says “put your cock in my pussy now” – her eyes say, “fuck me to another orgasm!!!”

Therefore, I don’t hesitate. The vibrator easily comes out of her pussy and I turn it off. I marvel at it for a moment – it is covered in juice and a luscious thick white cream. It’s irresistible. I put it to my lips – it smells delectable; this is different from her normal love juice … this is coated with a thick deep expression of her love. I open my mouth wide and insert the toy deep into my mouth to the back of my throat. Slowly I pull it out using my lips to squeeze the cream and juice off the vibrator into my mouth. I want every last drop of this incredible treasure – it is simply delicious – probably the best thing I’ve tasted in my life!

This is hot sex! My wife looks at me her eyes a little startled – seems like she’s never seen anything like this! Her husband gorging on her orgasmic cream and clearly relishing every drop.

I drop the toy, line up my cock and slide my cock deep into her pussy. Consequently, she instantly orgasms again with my first few thrusts. I withdraw a little and arch up so the head of my cock rubs against her G-spot – more astonishing orgasms. Finally, I accelerate my thrusting back towards her cervix. She spectacularly orgasms again and again with the double penetration of the vibrator in her arse while my cock pillages her pussy. We are both on sensory overload … she orgasms over and over, a tumbling rolling pleasure ride. Furthermore, her pussy clutches and convulses around my cock while the vibrator in her arse stimulates the head of my cock even more. Finally, I explode into her in a long heady orgasm – almost passing out. Did I mention sensory overload?

Wow – best orgasm of 2016! Best sex this year!

Thank you God for creating such pleasure for your children!

I pull out the vibrator, turn it off. All is quiet – the last orgasm for each of us bathed us in a delightful God-designed cocktail of oxytocin, endorphins, and serotonin. My cock rests content in her satisfied pussy. I look into her eyes and say, “I love you so very, very much!”



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7 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Amen! So beautiful! in answer to your question, I'm not sure I can really choose – I think maybe when we went to the Costa Del So on vacation this Summer. It's story is cumming next month. There were quite a few extra hot times though! God bless and Happy New Year!

  2. LoveMySexyWife says:

    This is my first post and submission to Marriage Heat. I have been encouraged by many of the posts in the last year or two – I pray our story encourages and blesses others. Any feedback would be appreciated. Blessings to the MH family – may you enjoy a hot 2017! I pray marriages be "immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine" – reflecting Christ's sacrificial, everlasting, grace-filled love. May we be a witness to the world that hot monogamous sex is God's desire and plan! Love to all!

  3. PacMan says:

    Super hot! Great post! I don't have any orgasm tales that rival this epic story. But my favorite was from 4-5 months ago. I am a fan of the idea of anal sex — can't wait to try — but wife isn't ready. But one time my wife let me come while pressing my erection really hard on the outside of her anus (not inside). But that was a memorable cum for me!

  4. Happy Husband says:

    I cannot decide. Either the recent time when she masturbated with me holding her from behind, or when she came home horny from a girls night out and aggressively "attacked" me, ending up riding me cowgirl style. All great memories. 🙂

  5. Britbloke says:

    What a wonderful story, thanks!
    We've got to 23 years and still learning that there's so much more to learn about pleasuring each other,. Love hearing about your 35 years!
    Maybe the biggest organism was the last of 2016, she really screamed as she came with a pulsating orgasm in my mouth. Ooh delicious mmm.
    Blessed to have a detached house and grown up offspring! BB

  6. HotformyWife says:

    Well, after 40 years it is hard to remember a single time, event that was better than so many others. However, my wife had surgery in Oct. last year and it took weeks for her surgerical wound to heal. We shared sex after a couple of weeks and did so occasionally while the wound was healing. Then . . . . my sister called and needed help and a respite from caring for my mother. We own and work an org. together and I do quite a bit of the computer work and meetings so she went to take care of and be with my mother, 8 days. Turned into 10 days from start to finish.
    Well, I got incredibly horny for her before she got home. I told her the night before she drove home to rest really well that I was ready for her. When she got home and rested a while, I prepped our dinner and let her shower first. When we got in bed I literally attacked her. I told her I was going to take what I wanted and was going to ravish her body. It did. I took and I gave. I have forgotten how many times I made her orgasm, but it was more than her usual 2-3. We both loved it and decided that it was good enough to repeat in the future.

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