Wife Peaks at 40 Something

I never believed this would happen. My conservative wife is now wild over her new sex toy!

I have always been oversexed compared to my wife, and we have had many struggles through the years because of it. But now, at age 40-something, she asks ME to have sex. It’s all because of a simple electric vibrating body massager.

I have been trying to convince my wife, Sue, that I am turned on only when I know that she is turned on. I love that moment in foreplay when we are tickling each other or just caressing each other and the atmosphere suddenly changes from intentional actions to involuntary responses! I love watching her when she moves from willing to desirous. I love the excitement it creates within me when she all at once begins to breath deeper and faster because of the stirring, the arousal that has clutched her involuntarily.

I can’t wait for the next time to experience this luscious feeling with her. It happens more often now. Now that she is older and more aware of the possibilities of great sexual arousal.

She never liked the idea of solo pleasure. She is only turned on by my touch and my presence. But lately, she has warmed up to actions of self pleasure. But only while I lay next to her.

I turn on the massage unit and warm it’s infrared heating surface. Then I warm her back with it’s relaxing element, running the length of her back to her neck. This relaxes her and makes her feel at ease. I move to her legs with the vibrating warmth and eventually around to the front where she begins to guide the heat to her own. As she places it on her soft warm love place, she gasps and moans with delight. I then press up close behind her with my naked body tight to hers. I can feel the heat, the vibrations, shaking through her to me. She explores the places she only knows and in a short time… she arches her back, presses her bottom into my hardness, growing more and more between her cheeks. She moans more…more… tightens he cheeks on me and together we go into that erotic intoxicating love zone that we lovingly desire.   I love my wife’s new discovery.

I have to go, she is waiting for me now.

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  1. Flash57 says:

    I too have a wife who has always had a sex drive much less than my own, even when first married. At times, she has had small breakthroughs, and it is encouraging to see. After 30 years of no giving up on a sexual relationship enjoyed by both of us, I only encourage you to keep exploring new, safe ways to push her boundaries, and help her discover all that God offers for our enjoyment together as married couples. It’s like nothing else!

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