christian wife masturbation

Christian Wife Masturbation

Christian Wife masturbation and husband masturbation can controversial. This is a story about Christian wife masturbation. Should Christian wife masturbation happen in a marriage. Interestingly, a large number of Christian couples have reported that they allow masturbation in the marriage as long as it enhances the marriage and does not take away from it. Christian Wife masturbation may be different from husband masturbation and each marriage has to define if Christian wife masturbation or husband masturbation is allowable.

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Christian Wife Masturbation Story

It was Thursday night, and Jake was leaving on a 3-day business trip.  Sadly he was leaving *right* after a dinner party at our friends’ house, so I couldn’t give him my usual parting ‘gift’.  However, before he pulled away, I gave him a yummy wet kiss next to my friend’s garage.  I could feel him getting hard, and -oh my- it made me so horny, I wanted to rip into him.  But alas he left.

That night I didn’t get home until 11:45pm, and even though I was stilled turned on, I fell asleep rather quickly.  This led to a rather adventurous Friday.  I set my record of EIGHT orgasms in one day… and all without my hubby around!  🙂

My dream on Thursday night did NOT disappoint, and I started rubbing myself while half asleep around 4am.  That was orgasm #1.  Fridays are normal days off for me, so it was a lazy day.  I slept in until 9am, and let’s just say I stayed in bed until 10.  My vibrator (named pinky) and I had some ‘alone’ time.  This was orgasm #2 and 3.  🙂

Since it was a saucy start to the day, I put on my Victoria Secret silk panties, which always make things feel *good* down there.  I wasn’t planning on it, but that was all I put on the WHOLE day!  Actually the phone rang while I was standing in my closet, so after I got that — and then fixed some breakfast, I just decided “Hey, it feels good to lounge around almost naked!”  I don’t think I did that in at least 3 years!

Back to the orgasms.  #4 happened while checking email.  It was the panties fault!!  They did most of the work (a couple of my fingers sealed the deal).

I didn’t shower until 1pm.  YES, we have a removable shower head.  YES, I had orgasm #5.  Now I was really loving this day, b/c normally 1 “O” a day is about all I can handle.  But I was having fun fantasizing about my hubby!

After my shower, of course I only put one piece of clothing on.  While lounging on the couch watching a few talk shows, I put my hand down my panties, but my clit wanted no part in that.  It was tired after the shower!  🙂  But my wandering fingers started playing with my nipples.  They quickly became erect, and it was SO pleasurable!  Then I had something that I hadn’t had since I my engagement… a nipple-only orgasm!  Very yummy!  I’m going to try that again soon!

So that was #5.  I’m not sure if I should tell you about #6.  Oh, okay.  It’s sort of embarrassing, but have you ever seen the Thomas Crown Affair, the new one?  There is a hot scene with Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo that –literally every time — turns me on crazy hot.  Well it happened again!  A few things progressed… yadda, yadda, yadda… we had #6.

#7 was my favorite of the whole day, b/c I had it with my hubby.  Jake called after he got back from the hotel room.  First he told me about HIS day (bor-ing), and then I had so much fun telling him about MY day.  We got all worked up and had phone sex.  It wasn’t the best O as far as intensity, but definitely my fave b/c of Jake.  Well, in thought, he was a part of every O this day.

My 8th and last orgasm of the day came before I drifted off to sleep.  The panties didn’t play a role (I usually sleep nakie).  Two months ago, my husband bought me this vibrating dildo… we simply call it Goliath.  🙂  Well, that definitely helped my day end with a *bang*!

What a fun day.  Wish I could repeat it often, but my body usually doesn’t cooperate.  I had fun telling Jake about my weekend of fun — especially Friday — and totally turning him on.  We had a great time Sunday night together under the sheets.  Fun weekend!

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christian wife masturbation

By: vincent Angler

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18 replies
  1. cherishlife says:

    My wife used to feel real guilty about touching herself. Now it is a cool part her sexuality that we both have really enjoy. I find that I do not masturbate much because I like to keep the stamina for “us”. When she masturbates she just gets hotter for me. Win. Win.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the younger generation feels differently than the baby boomers on this issue. It seems like my daughters have less hang ups in these areas than my generation. I am curious if others have noticed this?

  3. 76servant says:

    Thank you for being bold enough to bring up this subject! Not sure if my wife does this when alone. But I suspect she does. Although I think mutual consent is a key. When making love I do stroke myself in the course of foreplay and she has even allowed me to guide her fingers onto her clitoris which she then continues on her own. She has seemed to enjoy this while I give her oral or finger her. Although she does seem to have some inhibitions. This does wonderfully arouse me sharing in the fullness of foreplay. Wives, thank you for helping your husbands! Great article!

  4. Gina G. says:

    As a Christian wife and mother who masturbates, let me say that masturbation adds an extra kick to my marriage. My husband knows I masturbate and doesn’t have an issue with it. He is a masturbator as well. We often masturbate together as well as separately. He loves watching me masturbate and I love doing it as he watches. I in turn enjoy watching him, it really turns me on. A lot of times it leads to a great screw!

    • noryar13 says:

      My wife really enjoys to hear what I was thinking about when I was masturbating. I tell her of many of the ways I was thinking about her while she was gone. I love to think about her masturbating when I masturbate. I have come into our bedroom on many occasions during our marriage when she has been masturbating. I love it! Those thoughts just send me over the top. I love to think about what her fingers are doing to her pussy right then. I also masturbate to thoughts of how responsive my wife is to having my finger up her butt while we are fucking (when she is on top). I don’t know why, but that gets me every time. She really seems to like having both holes filled at the same time. I love to oblige. One last masturbation thought I share with me wife: It is of us both masturbating and watching each other – almost racing for who will cum first. I love how she loves to see my dick squirting out white cum – as I watch her rubbing her cunt with great intensity. My wife loves to masturbate – thinking of me pumping her full of cum, while I’m telling her how I love fucking her hard! All of these times of masturbation make us hot and horny for the next time we touch each other. We always try to be cognizant of God’s blessing us with each other. Our masturbating does NOT decrease our frequency together.

    • Amanda says:

      Your site is very well done and your points are strongly made. I am still digesting all of it, but I do believe that masturbation, within the right context and method (where our thoughts take us), is within God’s boundaries. For me, I can’t imagine my self-play would be enjoyable if my thoughts were on other than the pleasures of it or my thoughts involving my husband while I was doing it.

  5. Ben G. says:

    I love it when Gina masturbates, it is so sexy and hot to watch. We masturbate together often and enjoy it very much. She gets really turned on when she watches me jack off. Sometimes just when I am ready to cum, she will take me into her mouth and let me cum. Her pussy gets really wet and it can often lead to a great fuck.

  6. dcromie says:

    God designed our bodies and I believe He design us to explore and enjoy our bodies and masturbation is part of this design. Growing up in a Independent Fundamental Baptist church where sex was not allowed to be discussed in church. In the youth group was taught pre-martial sex is a sin and I agree but they include masturbation. As a youth growing up I never believe masturbation was a sin and I enjoyed getting to know my body. I think a lot of marriages were taught that women are to be there for their husband as a sex machine or baby making machine and these women have been cheated out of what sex between a man and woman is all about. The first night on our honeymoon, I waited before I ejaculated because I wanted my wife to enjoy your climax before I did and I still do today after 23 years later, I wait until she has hers. It is all God’s design to get know each other bodies that all part of oneness.

  7. Amanda says:

    I rarely did this before marriage. I could say never, but that isn’t true. Still, probably less than 10 times. When I got married, I thought there was no need. However, we are often separated. My husband was the first to share that he needed to masturbate when he was gone for long periods. He shared why and that he focused his thoughts on our marriage bed. He asked if I had ever masturbated, and , at first I lied. I was just too embarrassed to say yes. He said he wanted us to explore this together as a new experience in our bed. Again, I hesitated, but then had an awakening (read tearing down the fence.) since then, mutual self-pleasuring has become another option. I know my man loves when i do this for him. When we are apart, I rarely do, but not out of guilt, but rather just drive. My husband is free to masturbate when away, I know this actually helps him stay more pure. I only ask that he share with me so i can remain in tune with his drive and experiences. When we masturbate, together or apart, we want it to be an activity that draws us closer. Like most of life, Satan has twisted sex like everything else. We need to reclaim this activity as a God-given blessing of the marriage bed.

  8. Bob says:

    I would like to know if your wife wants you to eat your ejaculate is it wrong she has hinted this when she used her hand on me she wants to put it in my mouth with her fingers don't know about that

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