Mom for a Week (II)

The week seemed to pass as a blur, at least the parts of it Lisa was able to spend with Allie.  The day seemed to crawl from the point she dropped her off at pre-school until she was able to pick her up again just past noon.  Her co-workers teased her that she seemed to be more absent-minded than usual at work, which she accepted in typical good humor.  It had simply been so much fun!  Still, she knew she was probably seeing the ‘best’ of what it would be like to have a child.  For Allie it was fun, too, and she’d been good.  But long term?  Kids were a lot of work, and it was no wonder just how Darren came by his patience; it had been earned!

The days started with a flurry of activity getting Allie and herself ready for the day.  She dropped her off at pre-school at 8:30, then zipped to work, returning to pick her up at 12:30.  After the first day of getting their nails done (something ‘big girls’ did), the other days of the week had been spent in a variety of activities, a whirlwind that would leave the both of them exhausted by the time the week was out.

One night they dressed up in their ‘big girl’ clothes and went to a ‘fancy’ restaurant.  Ignoring the shameless flirting of the waiter, Lisa’s ears filled with the random thoughts of a little girl as they came to Allie’s lips, all the while trying to make sure Allie actually ate her meal.  She almost lost it when Allie inquired about her mother, surprised to learn that Lisa was well acquainted with what it felt like to be without a ‘mommy.’

Another afternoon they visited a water park in town.  Lisa wasn’t sure just which of them had more fun in the water slides, nor which had squealed louder zipping down their slippery twists and turns.

Finally on Thursday afternoon, she kept her promise to her husband, and brought Allie out to the farm.  He took a ‘day off’ from the farm office and kicked one of his employees out of the massive tractor that had been crawling over the hills working ground.  And then he tried to coax Allie to come take a ride.  Allie at first refused to get into the ‘green monster,’ as she called it.  He tried not to laugh, but couldn’t help himself.  The look on her face as she shook her little head was priceless.  But when Lisa said she would also go, Allie finally relented and was lifted into the cab.

Upon starting the tractor and bringing its rumbling engine to life, he laughed again when her little hands nearly cut off the blood flow in his leg as she held on for dear life.  This would not be something Allie would forget for a while!  Allie squealed when he held her in his lap and placed her hands on the big steering wheel.  Putting the tractor into gear and raising it to full throttle, they headed across the field in a cloud of dust.

They had their fun in the ‘green monster’ for a spell.  On her own, Allie found the horn, the blinkers, and a few other controls that gave her the giggles.  Husband and wife, on the other hand, exchanged glances that practically sizzled the air inside the tractor cab with longing and anticipation.

It was hard (literally in the case of one of them) to face each day without the touch of one’s better half, and both were looking forward to the time it would end.  He wondered briefly if he could get Melissa to watch Allie back at the office, for just one round, while he held his lover on his lap and ‘gave her a ride’ while she shifted one ‘gear stick’ in particular…  He blushed as he saw her smile, catching him staring at the beautiful outline of her breasts (unfortunately clothed at the moment), and both laughed.  ‘I miss you,’ Lisa mouthed at her husband.  Yeah.  She wasn’t the only one.

Oblivious to the tension in the cab, little Allie squealed again, batting the steering wheel with her little hands while diligently trying to take the tractor off course.  But when she finally tired of the excitement, he dropped them both off at the edge of the field.  “Thanks for helping me drive, Allie.”

“You welcome!!” she beamed, her smile instantly turning him into a puddle of mush..  Good gracious!  He shared a knowing glance with Lisa and understood in an instant just why this week was so special to her.

“Wow – I hope Darren knows what he’s in for in a few years,” he remarked.

“Oh, I think he does,” Lisa grinned, leaning in to share a kiss.

“Wait a second,” he stopped her, lifting her hand for inspection.  Being male, he hadn’t noticed the pink until that moment.  “Pink?”  And glitter, too?

“Pink bubble gum sparkles,” Lisa said officially.  “Don’t look now, but my toes got it, too.  It’s our favorite color, right Allie?”

Evidently it was, as Allie instantly displayed all ten fingers for his inspection, and proceeded to tear off a shoe before Lisa could stop her to also show off her toes.  If Allie wondered why he was laughing, she didn’t let on.  As feminine as pink apparently was supposed to be, it was generally near the bottom of Lisa’s list of color preferences.

“Think that’s funny, huh?” Lisa stared at him with mock intensity before laughing herself and drawing his handsome face to hers for a kiss.  “Call me tonight,” she whispered.

And call her, he would… or was that ‘wood?’  For a moment he watched their retreating forms, Allie’s small hand held in Lisa’s as they made their way over the bumpy worked ground to the edge of the field.  He filled his eyes with the glimpses of her pretty figure in her sun dress, as if to store it up for later when true hunger for her would set in.  Waiting until they were somewhat out of range of his dust, he finally goosed up the throttle and headed back to work.  He barely caught Allie’s cheerful wave just in time, and answered with his own.

After the ‘green monster,’ they paid a visit to the farm shack where her husband typically worked when he wasn’t playing with the tractor.  “Hi Miss,” Lisa called.

“Hi, Lisa!” Melissa called cheerfully.  Noticing her small companion, she inquired, “And who is this?  Are you a farm girl?”

“I drive green monster,” Allie reported.

“Is that so?” Melissa stared quizzically at Lisa.

Laughing, Lisa proceeded to explain their afternoon.  It was only after leaving later that she remembered that Melissa didn’t have a mother anymore either… though she didn’t wish to explain that to Allie, who’d been surprisingly upset to learn that Lisa no longer had a mom.

Lisa and Allie made one last stop at the main farm house, where she was introduced to her best friend, Marie.  Frankly, if anyone could keep up with Allie’s conversation, it would be Marie.  They proved to be an even match.  Marie asked Allie to return some day so they could have a proper lady’s tea party, to which Allie solemnly agreed.

“Having a good week?” Marie queried, with a knowing smile.  It was a question that didn’t need to be asked, and she didn’t wait for an answer.  “Enjoy,” she whispered, gently kissing her friend as they left.  “She’s adorable.”  Lisa blinked her eyes at her, then turned away, fearing an emotional response that Allie wouldn’t understand.  There was much left unspoken, and nothing that Marie didn’t know from inside her heart already.  She was right, there was only one thing that could be done, and that was to ‘enjoy.’

“I wikes her,” Allie reported as they drove away.

“Me, too,” Lisa said softly.  “She’s my best friend in the whole wide world.  Do you have lots of friends?”

Allie nodded, as if in deep thought.  “I has wotsa’ friens.”

Back at Darren’s home, the two ladies enjoyed supper together, and an evening story.  Gently scrubbing her up in the bath tub to get the dust and dirt off from the field, Allie finally pronounced, “I all cwean!”  And soon she was in pajamas, and feeling the front edge of the blankets being tucked under her chin by loving hands that were going to miss doing this for her each night.

“G’night, Sweetheart,” Lisa whispered softly, kissing Allie’s forehead.

Allie yawned, reaching up a hand to softly pat her cheek.  “Weesa?”


“Kin you be my mommy?”

If only.  Struggling to meet Allie’s innocent eyes, she mustered up a smile, wondering how to respond.  “M-mommies are pretty special, huh?”  Allie nodded in agreement.  “You can call me whatever you want, Sweetheart.”  Turning away, she hoped to hide the tears that gathered in her eyes and threatened to overflow.  “G’night, Allie.”

“Weesa?” she heard once more as she made her way to the door.


“I woves you.”

“I – I love you, too, Allie.”

It was almost more than she could take, Allie’s last little expression tearing a hole in her heart the size of a bus.  Rushing to her room and closing the door, she flopped onto the bed and let it all out into a pillow, her mind on vivid replay as Allie’s sweet little words came to her again and again.  In many ways, they felt like poison even as much as they were a tonic.  She wondered how often Allie asked her father if she could have a mommy.  What could be said to a child?  Turning over on the bed, she stared at the ceiling for a long time.  Her eyes stung from crying, and they were likely bloodshot.  She didn’t even want to look in the mirror.

Still, it was not her nature to remain ‘down’ for very long, and she was thankful for that.  Eventually coaxing herself from the bed, she pondered the night ahead, wondering if her lover would remember to call.  Maybe the tractor had been too loud when she whispered this request.  Almost in answer to the thought, she heard the sweet tones of her cell phone chime, the tone that specifically identified him as the caller.

Turning it on to ‘speaker,’ she gave him the happiest greeting she could muster.  A part of her didn’t like what she did to him next, but she knew he’d never complain.  It was better in person, but over the phone worked, too, as she shared the one thing that always kept seeming to come back to steal her joy.

She could almost see his face as he simply listened to her soft voice repeat what he’d already heard a hundred times.  Or was it more by now?  She didn’t know.  Maybe one day the Good Lord would bless them with a little one of their own… just like Allie.  Someone in the house that would say those precious words she’d give a lot to hear:  “Mommy!”  She wished she could feel the warmth of his arms holding her at the moment, the feel of his cheek (likely now stubble-crested) against hers, the reassuring touch of his work-worn hands that caressed her with appreciation, and the simple presence of a gentle nature that never failed to pick her back up.

An hour passed.  And then most of another as they looked forward to being together the following night.  Hearing him yawn, likely not even realizing he was doing so, she looked up at the clock.  “Oh my—it’s getting late!”

“What time are you coming home tomorrow,” he asked, trying to hide the near pleading sound in his voice.

“I’m not sure—probably just before supper.  I think that’s when his plane gets in and by the time I drive—”

“I’ll be waiting for you,” he promised.

“You better be,” she smiled.  “You still have the picture up?”

“That,” he said with wonderment, “was pretty cool!  When did you do all that?”

“When you weren’t looking,” she giggled.


“You like it?”

“I think you nearly killed me off.”

“Well then, get busy,” she teased.  “Surely you didn’t use up all the ‘slippery stuff’ I left you.”

“Boy, I don’t know,” he laughed.  “That first night I kinda’ used a lot. What bag of tricks did you take over with you?” he inquired.

Leaning over to the night stand, Lisa reached for her faithful bedtime companion of the last two nights.  “I brought my ‘bunny,’” she said coyly.  A naughty gift from her best friend, she liked her little ‘bunny.’

“The rabbit?” he smiled.  He could almost imagine watching her use it… as he had many times in the past.  Right now her ‘bunny’ was one lucky guy, filling in when he couldn’t be there.

“Probably needs new batteries by now,” she murmured.

“Is it fully depreciated yet?” he quipped.

She rolled her eyes and giggled.  He quite possibly might be the only man on the planet that would think of accounting terminology in relation to a vibrator, of all things!  “Oh no, he’s alive and well!”

And soon she proved that he was indeed ready to please.  Together they undressed, each imagining the other, and laughing at themselves all the while at the silly little things they did that made them feel connected.  They might be separated by distance, but they could still be one in heart.  It almost felt like they were dating again, and each well remembered the giddy happiness of even talking together on the phone.  There had also been that one night, where they’d both agreed to be naked while talking together on the phone.  She remembered shedding her clothes in a rush and burrowing into the warm blankets of her bed as she imagined her future husband doing the same, two virgin souls anticipating the day they would be one.  Why or how they’d agreed to do it back then neither could remember, but there were certainly no regrets!

Their voices softened to husky whispers, as each shared the erotic dreams of the nights prior.  She practically blushed to tell it, but could tell it excited him greatly, as she shared her sweet fantasy dreams of the night before.  And then it was his turn, as he recounted in vivid detail from the picture she’d left him, of making love with her on the beach.

Shivering on the bed, Lisa stirred the quietness of the room, bringing her ‘bunny’ to life.

“May I pet him?” her husband teased, hearing the sound.

“You may pet me,” she whispered, sighing softly as the ‘bunny’ entered paradise.  Thankfully new batteries weren’t needed at the moment.  There was something deliciously naughty about using it that always made her think of her saucy best friend, the one that had given it to her.  Marie was simply incomparable.  Biggest heart in the whole world and filled with a whole lot of bluster and personality that overlaid something very tender.  And if that wasn’t enough, she was the naughtiest person she’d ever met.  Looking down at her outstretched legs, she completed its soft buzzing journey, gently seating the bunny ‘ears’ right… there.  “Oh… wow!”

“Feel good, Babe?”  His voice was filled with feeling, with yearning for her, his heart hanging on every sound she made.

“Yeah!” she gasped.  It was all she could muster as she faced the wonderment of twin sensations that swirled pleasure deep within her body.  Sudden, and powerful, she felt swept away, crying out in incoherent gasps of pleasure.

Closing her eyes, Lisa filled her mind with his fantasy, feeling the warmth of the sunshine and soft sand in her feet as she slipped out of her bikini.  She remembered when the picture was taken.  He would stare at her, of course, his eyes helplessly drawn to her beauty as he removed his swimsuit.  Holding hands, they would kneel together on their blanket, kissing, as he gently tugged at the string of her top.

Lying below him on the blanket, her arms outstretched over her head, she’d watch him bury his face in her soft breasts.

And then he would be beneath her, his head resting on the sand as he stared up at Lisa, ravished with her beauty as she tenderly guided her man to a place he called ‘home.’  And there she would love him and sate his every hunger even as he fulfilled her deepest needs.

In a rush she was back in the present, gasping to catch her breath over the phone.

“You all right?” he whispered softly, chuckling when she again uttered only “Yeah!”  A part of him was filled with jealous longing… wishing like everything he could be where Mr. Bunny was at the moment.  Still, it was almost enough just to hear her voice, and to hear her happiness.  And at the moment, it was enough to simply hear her breathe, coming down from a peak of desire he had climbed with her many times.

She heard him say he loved her, and then the soft sound of his voice, sweet and low, and filled with passionate desire straight from the heart as to how badly he wanted and needed her.  They returned to the warmth of their beach and the happiness of their shared dream time.

Moving within, Mr. Bunny did his best to keep up with the kaleidoscope of emotions that flooded her heart, to be so lovingly adored by the man she loved most!  No, she might not ever experience the joy of a child, but she was still loved and cherished.  Soul comforting ecstasy flooded her heart once more.  He was quick to follow, the sound of her pleasure reverberating in his ears straight to his heart.

Mr. Bunny finally did lose his charge, a weary hand placing him on the nightstand ere the last breathless gasps of pleasure ceased from the room.  The line was quiet for many long moments as each trembled in sated afterglow, even more in love than when they began…  They finally said their goodbyes, and each drifted off to sleep.

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