Sea Through Lovers Heat Part 2

Part 2

“Please trust me Kay, you will love this, so please go with me here” he gently commanded. “Close your eyes and relax.” With the early dinner and wine my head was gently spinning off, my pussy was getting most and even my toes were starting to tingle.

Stretching out half naked on my back, with my head at the foot of the bed, clad only in sheet black panties; eyes closed, my beloved gently slipped a blindfold over my eyes which plunged me into total darkness. I next felt something like warm little cloth sweat bands being placed upon my wrists; then what sounded like plastic zips like those long plastic zip hand cuffs you see on cop shows. Gently, my handsome yet naughty husband slowly yet gently stretched my arms out to the either side, and I could sense he was fastening them to the corners of the bed. It felt somewhat dangerous yet exciting. He has not tied me up for several months so I was a little surprised by this. Especially being tied somewhere other than our own intimate marriage bed where we lovingly conceived our sweet babies.

Perhaps sensing my surprise, he gently nibbled my ear and whispered “I love you my beloved, you are so beautiful and sexy, you will love this I promise, trust me babe.” After he gently kissed me some more and gently spent several moments slowly stroking by hair, I completely relaxed. Not that I was frightened, I just didn’t see this surprise coming. Or his next surprise.

There was silence followed by some fumbling through a suitcase. After a few minutes, I heard the familiar sounds of my favorite “Sex” mix on my iPod and mini speakers. This mix always makes me wet and hot featuring, featuring the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, Barry White and Beck. I love to fuck and give head to my husband listening to such music. Next hearing and smelling him striking matches and lighting candles, I smiled at the thought of our darkened room being illuminated with soft candles. And they smelled like warm vanilla—my favorite. Even though I was blindfolded, I felt as if I could see and hear everything. I felt very erotic and pretty thanks to my sweet Godly man.

More silence. What was he doing now? Slowly, I felt the hot tip of his tongue slowly exploring my right thigh. Up my light he traveled, hot breath and some sandpaper stubble on his chin against the silky flesh of my thigh. I felt at his mercy and loved it. As he reached my panty line, I naturally parted my legs for him–yet he told me not yet. That stinker! He is really working me up yet tells me to hold off for now! Disappointed, I slowly put them back down, and then his magical tongue slowly started its journey up my left thigh. I couldn’t lay still as he was starting to make me crazy. Feeling warm all over my pussy started aching for his special touch. I starting moving ever so slowly left to right trying to get him to touch me down there. I felt myself become wetter by the minute and at the very least with my arms bound to the bed, really wished I could taste myself. I love the taste of my hot pussy. The baby down peach fuzz on the tops of my thighs and the gentle light fuzz that runs from my navel to the top of my dark lush triangle were all standing on end. The heat continued to build between my legs when at long last, K. started peeling down my now very moist panties.

Being a hairy girl down there, my pussy felt free as the breeze from the somewhat open window bathed our room and my private mound with fresh sea air. I was yearning for him to stroke my soft fluffy mound with his fingers or tongue. After a few moments of silence, I was rewarded with what felt like one of my hair brushes as he again traced my thighs, yet this time with the soft bristles of my brush. This time he didn’t stop when he found my sex. Gently, lovingly and very intimately, my husband started to brush my hairy pussy with my hair brush. It felt soooo nice and gently. Tenderly, I felt it slowly brush and massage by thick pubic hair. Slow strokes up and down, I could feel my hair expanding. “Oh Kay, I adore your pussy, you know that right? I love watching you twitch and sway your hips as I brush your pubes. Do you like it babe?” Deeping taken in my the scent of the candles, Barry White, the wine and my husband’s special touch on the most delicate part of my body, I slowed purred and said “Oh K. yes I love when you stroke my bush. It feels so soft and special, thank you for loving me my dear husband.” I no sooner said that and was rewarded with two of his fingers gently tracing my mouth and I could taste myself! “I softly groaned, “OOOOhhhhh K., I taste so good…I taste my pussy on my fingers, please give me another taste babe.” I was rewarded with another pair of fingers across my lips and starting to lose control I lifted my head up and took his middle finger in my mouth and started to suck it hard as I do his sexy cock. The taste of his finger and my pussy as it slid down my throat made me moan even louder. “Mmmmmm K., I’m can’t wait to taste my pussy upon your cock after you fuck me tonight. Oh, I can’t wait, please fuck me soon my love, do me, do me, do me please!”

I imagined the site. Now laying totally naked, on my back and tied to the foot posts; I was getting goose bumps on my thighs and I senses the hairs on my arms were standing on end. My beloved is such an outstanding sexual virtuoso. He sure knows how to play every square inch of the body God gave me. I was not cold with the window cracked, yet was very excited and not sure what was next to come. Sensing my man walk over again in total darkness, he gently placed my moist panties close to my nose and asked me to inhale myself. It was pure bliss after just tasting my pussy on his masculine fingers. The feminine fragrance of a woman in love is so erotic, recognizing my special scent and I slowly inhaled the scent of my sex emanating from my wet panties. I felt proud lying there naked, bound to the bed with my husband flaunting my panties at me. Almost like his trophy. Proof of the heat this man produces inside of me. Oh how I love him…

At just the right moment, he removed them and told me to relax, saying he would be right back. What!  Don’t leave me like this, I thought to myself. Where could he be going? I’m on the edge of exploding and can’t stop rolling my hips, my pussy is aching for his beautiful well cut cock and now he is leaving??? Again sensing my thoughts he quickly volunteered “I left something in the car Kay and will be right back. Don’t go away.” And with that I heard the door open and close.

“Shit! Now what do I do,” I thought to myself. Lying here, I should say comfortably yet firmly bound by the wrists, totally naked to a bed I was suddenly all alone. And very vulnerable. My mind was racing. Yes it was exciting and hot hearing my favorite fuck music and the fragrance of the vanilla candles, yet I could not shake the feeling of vulnerability. What if someone else knocked on the door? Or housekeeping tried to come in? Or if there was a fire? Oh, how the mind races sometimes.  Yet the longer he was gone the more excited I became. I could feel my heart beating faster and my pussy becoming even wetter waiting for my beloved to return to he could ravage me and I could scream in ecstasy.  The more I thought of it the more excited I became picturing myself blindfolded and naked, bound to a bed with my bare breasts and hungry pussy exposed in the soft candlelight. I just hoped the window shade was down all the way!

It brought back memories of the bride in Song of Songs “Oh where is my beloved? Where has he gone?” To my immense relief, (he later said he was only gone 10 minutes and waited by the car to further arouse me) my sweet, yet naughty groom returned. “Did you miss me, my beloved?” I told him yes and that I would be happy to show him how much. He was quiet and I heard more shuffling around.

Suddenly, without warning, my right breast experienced something hot and liquidy dripping from above the bed. “Ouch” I gasped. And quickly the same sensation was felt upon my left breast just missing my nipple. Before I could react, there was yet another however opposite sensation dripping upon my titties. It quickly became apparent what K. was doing—that big stinker. He was taking turns dripping hot candle wax upon my titties then quickly following with water drippings from ice cubes.

He took turns doing this very quietly and very slowly. Deliberately. My titties tensed and my pussy throbbed anticipating each drip, first hot wax and then icy cold, without warning. What a feeling sensation lying there exposed and vulnerable bound naked on the bed as my dear yet naughty husband alternated dripping candle wax and ice drips upon my titties. The inferno between my legs was growing and needed to be unleashed soon, sweat was beading upon my chest and my pulse was racing. Oh how I loved the sensations of what my sexy Godly man was doing to his beloved.

Without warning after a short pause, the hot wax was dripped down to my tummy. It was so hot at first then faded away. The dripping continued lower and lower. I could feel the other parts of my body where he dropped the wax just dry up. Like a candle. For now he kept dripping the wax. “Ahhhh, that is so hot babe, it hurts so good.” Taking deep breaths I tried to anticipate the hot drips yet to no avail. I was near panting now with desire and excitement.  Oh no I thought to myself, would he keeping going down to my sex?

My question was answered a moment later. He surprised me by a couple of quick drips onto my hairy mound!  What an odd sensation as the hot wax seemed captured by my womanly bush and didn’t make it to the soft flesh below. It still felt warm but not as intense. Quickly he followed with some slow dripping of the ice. I really thought it would hurt down there but surprising it did not. Yet my bush now had glops of was on it where moments before it was neatly brushed out and glistening with my cum.

“Oh baby, I love you so much. The wax feels so good on my pussy hair, you love it don’t you K!” My body is yours honey, take me, take me. Do with me as you will,” I urged him. I am your wife and I am at your command honey,” I gasped between drops of the candle wax and ice drippings. Yes we are equal and yes we are one yet I love that I was created to submit to my man sexually. I am his and he is mine. “Fuck me please, fuck your bride” I moaned to him between drips, my pussy yearning for his big dick to unite with me.

Suddenly, I felt his nimble fingers work their way through my dark bush to my pulsating clit. As I was starting to enjoy his gentle yet authorative manipulation, that stinker decided to stop and again walked away just leaving me there begging for more.  I couldn’t believe it!

End of Part 2

Any takers for Part 3? Kay & K. 😀





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