Sexy Foreplay – The Scarf (part 1)

Sexy Foreplay – The Scarf (part 1)

It was Sunday, the last day of our long weekend.  The day had been nice.  Our only ventures out of our room had

been for a short walk and brunch.  It was now mid-afternoon.  The sun was warm and bright.  You suggested a dip in the pool.  As the hotel had very few guests for this particular weekend, there was no one in the pool when we looked down at it from our window.  I changed in to my swim trunks and slipped on a brightly-colored, button-up shirt.  You are in the bath, changing into your swimsuit I assume.

“Tom, you go ahead on down to the pool, I’ll be along in a few minutes,” you said from the bath.

Being the husband and a gentleman, I responded, “I don’t mind waiting for you.”

“No, I want you to go.  That way you can test the water before I get there.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“Go ahead.  And it may take me fifteen minutes or so before I’ll be there.  Okay…?”

“Okay,” I said to the bathroom door.

I thought this just a bit odd, but I decided that waiting in the warm sun and pool beat sitting and watching TV in the room.  I went down to the pool area.  I found a nearby table and placed my telephone and room key on the table.  I removed my shirt and then walked down the pool steps into the water.  No one else was in the area other than the occasional staff person walking through as their duties required.  The water was comfortable.  After a few minutes of swimming around and simply lying and floating in the relaxing water, I retraced my steps out of the pool, taking one of the nearby folded towels.  After drying off my head, shoulders and back a bit, I dragged two of the lounge chairs close to the table where I had left my shirt.  I positioned them side by side, close, but facing each other.  One was facing the door from the lobby area.  I was looking and waiting for you.  I lay back in the door facing lounge, adjusting it so that I was reclined and comfortable.

After ten minutes or so, I closed my eyes, but my ears were very much open to the sounds, especially the sound of any footsteps.  Several more minutes passed.  I was beginning to wonder if I should return to the room to check on you.  But about the moment that I decided to get up, I heard footsteps approaching.  I opened my eyes and walking slowly toward me was this incredibly beautiful woman!

She was dressed in a classic looking, modest, black two-piece bathing suit.  Around her hips was tied this black mesh, see-through pareo, knotted on the side of her left hip.  The pareo made a triangle around her hips and thighs with the long corner striking just about half way down her right thigh.  On her feet were black, flat sandals.  Her hair was up, off her shoulders, pulled back.  In her hand she carried what looked like a scarf, a glasses case, and a room key.  This lady was pure woman and sexiness the way she walked, a sexy sway to her hips, a confident look and smile on her face.  Her face showed a very tasteful bit of makeup; some dark eye shadow, long eyelashes.  A deep red lipstick with matching polish on her fingers and toes contrasted to the olive color of her skin.  Around her waist was a silver belly chain, hanging low on her hips just below the top of her suit bottom.  A matching anklet was around her right ankle.  And she was headed my way.

Yes, this was you, my wife.  You came to the table, laid the scarf, key, and case near my phone and key.  My eyes were riveted on you.  I could not do or say anything. Yes, I had seen you in this bathing suit many times before, but never with the look that you were giving it now.  You had my full attention as you made your way to the lounge that I had prepared for you.

You moved to the side of the lounge and sat down.  You smoothly and delicately bent at the waist, using first your left and then your right hand to remove your sandals, leaving them on the ground.  You then picked up your feet, ankles and knees together and demurely straightened your legs out in front of you.  Reclining back, you placed your hands and arms on the chair’s arms.  A smile, a sexy, teasing smile crossed your face and lips.

“So, how’s the water?”


“Is it warm?”


“Do you like this new wrap-around?”


“Am I to understand by your sudden inability to talk coherently, your open jaw, and your roving eyes that you like my outfit?”

“Yes, Oh, yes.”

Yes.  At this moment you are the most stunning, most beautiful, most incredibly sexy woman I have ever spoken to in my life.  It is simply taking me a few seconds to absorb all of what I am seeing and realizing that this is my wife whom I am talking to.

“Sweetheart, you are gorgeous beyond my wildest dreams, expectations, and fantasies.  You are so sexy looking that I am speechless.  I just want to look at you for a few minutes.  Right now, all I can say is, “Wow!”

You smile again, a little laugh, and then we begin to just chit-chat as we, as husbands and wives do.  We talk about the kids, the weather, what we need to do next week, etc.  But during all of this conversation, I cannot take my eyes off you.  I am enthralled by this woman.  We talk for probably ten minutes.  However, while talking, my eyes are constantly taking in every bit of your face and your body.  I notice the color of your eyes, the moistness of your lips, the length of your finger nails, the velvetiness of your skin, the curves of your breasts, waist, hips, thighs, and legs.

Before long, a young man in hotel uniform walks to us.  He asks if there is anything we would like.  The young man is probably half our age, but his eyes are also riveted upon you.  While his words were meant for us both, it is you that holds his attention.  You smile coyly at him; I think you realize that you were being pored over by another set of eyes.

“Yes, I’d like a coca-cola.”

“I’m okay right now,” I say toward his back.

As the waiter leaves to retrieve your drink, I smile at you.  I’m not the least bit upset at the young man’s obvious attraction and acknowledgement of your beauty and sex appeal.  Rather, I am honored.  I am also feeling a bit proud as I can say that this incredible woman is my wife.

“It looks like someone else thinks that you are extremely attractive and sexy.”

“He was looking at me a lot just then wasn’t he.”

“Yes, he was.  He knows perfection in a lady when he sees it.”

Again, you smile at me.  But this time, you part your lips as you smile, the tip of your tongue peeking out just slightly to wet the center of your upper lip, and then you pucker slightly kissing toward me.  I feel a stirring in my trunks.  We continue to chat for a couple of more minutes.

The young man returns with your coke.  This time a second waiter is with the one with the drink.  He carries nothing.  He is walking slightly behind the first waiter.  As the two young men approach, it is obvious to me, a man and your husband, that these two men are here to gaze upon a beautiful woman.  They have that look on their faces, not overtly obvious to be rude, but they are enjoying their task at this moment.  The drink is on a tray.  The first waiter hands you the drink.  It is in a glass, with a few cubes of ice, and a straw.  You take it with both hands.  The young man’s eyes regard and inspect your face, chest, and your legs for several seconds.  The second waiter stands to the side doing the same.

You nod to the waiter, “Thank you so much.”  Your smile is coquettish.

You immediately take a sip from the straw.  Both waiters smile in unison at your appreciation.

The first waiter takes the receipt and lays it on the nearby table.  They back away for several feet before turning to return back towards the lobby.

“It looks like word has gotten around that there is a sexy fashion model out by the pool.”

You smile at my comment.  The idea that you are the sexy woman that you are and that men find you that way seems to bolster your confidence even more.  Your confidence is sexy and alluring.

You then take another long sip from your drink.  You notice that your lips have my attention.  You then look at me out of the corner of your eyes, tilting your head just a bit, in a very seductive manner.  You tongue comes from between your lips, the underside of its tip running over tip of the straw.  Then you take your lips and slip them over the top of the straw, down an inch or so, and then moving back up until just the tip is between your lips.  You then slightly exaggerate the puckering of your lips as your suck on the straw, drawing the coca-cola into your mouth.  You sex appeal and your overt sexiness is increasing.

You sit the glass down on the table, “Let’s get in the pool.”

“Sure, but you first.”

You see my eyes glued to your body.  Another sexy smile.  You move first one leg, placing that foot onto the ground.  You thighs are spread as you do this.  My eyes are drawn to your mound, to the fabric of your suit that is pulled taut over your labia.  The puffiness of your thick lips and their parting are not only noticeable but also palpable, erotic, and inviting.  You then slowly move the other leg, placing its foot on to the ground.  You knew exactly what you just did as you look over your shoulder into my eyes.  Your lick the corners of your mouth through parted lips.  As you stand you untie the pareo letting it drop into the lounge’s seat.  You walk straight to the pool steps and slowly walk into the water, your fingers trailing in the water’s surface.  I am close behind you.

You ease into the water, almost without a ripple.  You walk into the center of the pool.  I have moved to the side of the pool, my back is toward the lobby door.  You move and gently play for a minute or two.  I watch.  You then move to me.  You stop right in front of me, the front of our bodies are barely touching.  The water is about chest deep.  The side of the pool strikes just below the top of my shoulders.  You put your forearms on my shoulders, crossing your wrists behind my neck.  My hands are on your hips; you move in closer, tilting your head to the side.  You lips meet mine.  A gentle kiss.  At first.  Then your lips part slightly.  I kiss back, but I am following your lead.  This is your show, your performance.  You are the star.  You nibble at my lips with your lips and teeth.  No pain, just contact, contact from a growing lust and need.  Then your lips part even more and your tongue is now fighting with mine, entangled, caressing, entwined, exploring.  The simple kiss has become one of intense passion.  The kiss lasts less than a quarter minute before you break it off.  You seemed to have remembered where you are.  You pull back, but as you do so you push your body into mine.  You then separate your feet until they are positioned on the outside of my feet.  As you pull your chest back just a bit, looking into my face, you press your lower abdomen, your pelvis into my pelvis.  You grind and thrust.  I answer your movement with my own thrusting.    We kiss again, this one with less obvious passion to anyone who might be watching, but the look you give me, your gaze into my eyes lets me know that the passion was growing.

I wrap my arms around you, my hands now on your firm buttocks.  I am getting so very excited.  We halt our movements for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes.  We both know what we want and where this is leading.

I now move you so that it is now your back against the pool.  My right foot between your feet, I am straddling your right leg and thigh.  Your mound and pelvis is against my right thigh.  My groin presses into your right thigh.  I move my hands to your face, cupping your face.  I give you a long, passionate kiss.  Voyeurs be damned!  This is my wife and I love her.  I want her.  My hands begin to move slowly downward, caressing your breasts through your suit, gently cupping the underside, massaging your desire, making you want more.  My hands roam your beautiful body, stroking your beautiful body, caressing your curves, embracing, squeezing.  My mouth trails down the side of your neck; kissing, sucking, and licking every part of your neck and shoulders, paying special attention to your ears.  You tremble slightly as I nibble your ear lobe.  I hear your breathing increase.  Your push your mound against my thigh and move it up and down my leg.  I hear you sigh, a sigh of sincere pleasure.  My hardness is pressing firmly against your thigh.  My hands go lower, and gently massage your mound, tickling your lips through your suit bottom.  You circle, tilt, and push your hips into my hand.  Now it is you kissing me harder and with more desire than before.  You suit bottom is easily moved to the side.  Two of my fingers find your clit.  I stroke the top of your vulva.  I gently place my fingers just inside your thick labia.  You increase the tilt of your hips, pushing against my fingers, their tip coming to rest just inside you.  You tongue is even deeper into my mouth, your arms and hands tighter on the back of my head, holding my mouth against yours.  A few seconds  pass with my fingers simply resting in their place, just inside of you.  The kiss, your kiss, continues.  I feel your hands move from my neck down my shoulders.  You release our kiss and move your head back.  Your eyes look into mine as your right hand finds its way to the leg of my swim trunks.  Your left hand is sliding along the small of my back and into the top of my trunks.  You curl your wrist and right hand up and to the leg opening.  Those fingers, your fingers, wrap tightly around my shaft.  A firm squeeze and then an urgent but sensual fondling of my shaft is paired with the other hand’s cupping and embracing my butt in its palm.

“I think that I’m ready to go upstairs, now,” you say softly to my face.  “Come with me, but you follow.”

You release your grips and turn and begin your exit out of the pool.  I follow you; but my eyes are not looking at the water or anything to the sides.  It is your long, sensual neck, the curves of your waist, hips, and thighs, accentuated, punctuated by the belly chain that has my gaze and my mind mesmerized.  At this moment I would jump off the top of the nearby hotel if you had asked.  You must have sensed my submission to your alluring spell.

You stop about halfway up the pool’s steps and turn toward me.  You look down at my face from above.  The fingers of your left hand move up and to the bottom of my chin.  You gently clutch and pull my chin upwards so that I can only see your eyes and face.

“From this point on you cannot speak.  I am the boss.  You do not talk.  You do not touch.  You are mine.  Do you understand?”

I merely nod…

…but with a smile…

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