Making up sex

Making Up Sex

Making Up Sex

My husband and I had just gotten in the biggest fight ever. He had left for an hour to get some air. When he came back I was in bed. He came up to me and told me he was sorry and he would never yell at me the way he did again.

Making up sex

He kissed me and to tell the truth it was the best kiss ever. He got on top of me and kissed my body all the way down to my vagina. He opened my legs all the way open and ate my pussy. He could tell I was dripping wet. I wanted his dick so bad. As I put his dick into my mouth I heard him groan. I continued until he was almost ready to climax. He got on top of me, opened my legs and put his wet dick inside my dripping wet pussy. He started to beat my wet pussy faster and faster.

I yelled, “Ohhhhhhh baby, beat this pussy!” As I came on his dick.

He put my legs behind my head and beat my pussy faster and stronger and we both moaned with pleasure. As he thrust hard he yelled, “Who’s your daddy.”

Then he gasped and moaned with his last strong thrust and he came inside my wet pussy.  I love “making up” sex very much!

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  1. She Writes says:

    Willow, I’m glad for your happy reunion. And I hope you are happy and safe too.

    I add the part about “safe” because when I read, “he would never yell at me the way he did again” I get concerned. Almost everyone yells at some point. And absolutely everyone fails their spouse at some point too. But that he yelled at you in a very extreme way makes me want to make sure that you’re safe and aware of what constitutes abuse.

    And if your relationship is healthy and good, then maybe writing this will help someone else. Extreme yelling could be the tip of a very scary iceberg. And no amount of make up sex makes enduring that ok.

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