Sexy Tattoo – Mine

Ryan had recently been seriously injured. His leg was torn open less than a month before his arm was cut open. He now had 11 stitches in his arm. I visited him because he was off of baseball which left him literally nothing to do. It was great because he had so much energy. He didn’t have to devote any to baseball, for once!

I woke up one morning to Ryan rubbing my hip, right where his name had been tattooed on my skin. “Mmm, I love this spot.” He said, his deep voice raspy.

“Just because you’re selfish.” I laughed. I still wasn’t fully awake. I just wanted to lay there for awhile, undisturbed.

“You remember the day you got it?” Referring to the tattoo I suppose.

“Yeah, because it hurt horribly.” I flipped over so I faced him. His abs, which were in perfect shape, were uncovered and the sunlight gleamed off of them. I saw his muscles flex as he stretched.

“Remember the day you got this?” I said, touching the tattoo of my name on his bicep. He nodded. His eyes were shut and he looked as if he was sleeping again. “Remember what we did after that?”

His eyes opened and he smirked. “Mhmm, do you?”

“No, why don’t you show me?” I suggested before kissing him lightly on the lips, my hand pressed against his chest.

He pulled me all the way on top of him. I smirked against his lips as he unhooked my bra. I slid my arms out of the straps. The bra fell off my body and he threw it aside. He grabbed my boob and caressed it. His other hand rested on my hip. It covered the tattoo that said, “Ryan” in fancy, green writing.

He put me flat down on my stomach. He leaned over me and kissed my back and neck. He smoothly removed the black lace panties I was wearing and tossed them aside. I looked back and saw him remove his boxers so that they exposed his gorgeous cock. He ran his hand through my blonde hair, tugging it a bit on accident.

His other hand caressed my hip. He traced his finger underneath my tattoo. It gave me the chills. “Hmmm, what’s this?” The smirk he was wearing could be heard in his voice. As he said this he put the tip of his cock into my wet pussy.

“A ta-tattoo” I stuttered a bit.

He pushed in further.”What does it say?”


“Why would you have my name tattooed on you?” He leaned down and whispered into my ear, pushing further into me.

“Would you just put it in?” I rolled my eyes and he pushed his cock all the way into me.

I moaned as his cock went deeper and deeper into me. I loved feeling him deep in me. It felt amazing. I felt Ryan’s load shoot in me the same time my clit started to throb and my orgasm rocked me. “I love you.” I said, breathing heavily.

“Love you too. And it’s suppose to mean that you’re mine.”

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6 replies
    • Brooke Mullen says:

      It hurts pretty bad! Just get one where there is lots of fat 😛 And thanks! Means a lot coming from you

  1. hornyGG says:

    I am with you Mrs. Smitten, I feel so complete when Ben has his dick lodged deep inside me or even in my mouth. I love him so much, I crave his kiss, his touch, his smell and everything that goes with him. Oh my! My pussy is getting moist just thinking about it!

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    We both have tattoos. I won a big race several years ago and commemorated it with a tattoo on my arm. Lauren has a heart tattoo on her vagina where the hair would be if she wasn't bare. Super sexy.

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