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Yummy Dinner

Summer was a busy time for us. I spent my time catching up for med school in the fall, while Ryan worked nearly everyday. Rarely seeing each other sex was at an all time low. Ryan was too busy to care and was too tired to do anything about it when he returned home. I […]

A Weekend With A Small Bed

Oh, visiting parents is so much fun, especially when your mother knowingly hates your husband. So, it was no surprise when she told us we got the room with the twin bed. The room with the queen bed was given to my 4-year-old niece. I sighed. She raised her eyebrow at me. What, did she […]

Defying Doctor’s Orders

Ryan has wobbled in on crutches, limped in with medical boots on, and had slings on his arms, so when he walked into the apartment with a slight limp, I ignored it. He’s a man and of course insists that he is fine. I was laying on the couch when he walked in. “Hey, babe. […]

Sexy Tattoo – Mine

Ryan had recently been seriously injured. His leg was torn open less than a month before his arm was cut open. He now had 11 stitches in his arm. I visited him because he was off of baseball which left him literally nothing to do. It was great because he had so much energy. He […]

Surprise Sex – Like Newly Weds

Surprise Sex – Like Newly Weds Spending anniversaries away from your spouse is something no couples wish to do. Ryan and I got married on our 7th anniversary. That was the first anniversary we spent together in 3 years. Ryan was on the road which left me alone on our first wedding anniversary and our […]

Uniform and All

Ryan somehow looked even sexier in his white baseball pants. Since he would always change into his uniform at the fields, I barely ever saw him in it. I had told him that I loved how sexy he looked in his uniform before, but I was sure he had forgotten. It was a normal night. […]