A Weekend With A Small Bed

Oh, visiting parents is so much fun, especially when your mother knowingly hates your husband. So, it was no surprise when she told us we got the room with the twin bed. The room with the queen bed was given to my 4-year-old niece. I sighed. She raised her eyebrow at me. What, did she expect me to celebrate? You don’t exactly think about celebrating when you hear you have to share a twin bed with your 6’5″ husband.

When we got up to the small room, Ryan jumped on the bed. “Ryan, I’d at least like you to try and act mature. I know my dad likes you, but you have one more to impress.” I told him sternly. I took off his hat and hung it up, I put the beer my dad had handed him down, fixed his hair (which was really too short to fix), and took the can of chew out of his pocket and threw it away. He rarely chewed it, but it drove me crazy.

“Change. We are going out to dinner.” I told him and opened our suitcase.

Ryan nodded and sat up. He took off his shirt and hung it over the edge of the bed, just like he did in high school. I stopped unpacking and watched him. He untied his fancy Nike shoes. He kicked them off to the side and slipped off his athletic shorts. He turned his head and I smiled.

“You don’t have to stare from a distance,” You could hear the arrogance in his voice for miles.

I got on the bed and laid down. “This reminds me of high school.” I laughed thinking about him and I sneaking around.

“The only difference is we rarely slept.” He winked and leaned down to kiss me. I leaned in and put one hand on the bulge in his boxers. “Wait.” He said interrupting. He grabbed his hat and put it on backwards.”Now it’s just like high school.” He wouldn’t always wear a baseball cap when we were in high school, but when he did, it was backwards so I could kiss him.

I quickly kissed him again and continued to rub the hardening bulge. Ryan slipped his boxers down and threw them to the side. He moved to the top of the bed and sat against the headboard. He started rubbing his semi-erect cock as I watched in pleasure. I went over to him and laid between his legs. I licked his balls as he played with himself. I sucked on them a little bit before moving to his cock.

His cock was not completely hard yet, so when I put it my mouth I felt him harden. When I felt Ryan pushing my head down insisting I go farther, I pulled my head off of him.

“Why’d you stop, babe?” Ryan asked, sounding so desperate.

I looked up,”You know I can’t go much further. I’ve told you that. I’m not even going to try to put 9 inches of cock down my throat so get over it.” I rolled my eyes and went back down on Ryan. He moved the hair out of my face as I squeezed his balls which made him moan a little bit.

I continued pleasuring Ryan. When he got close, he put his head back and bit his lip. He let out a very soft moan as his cum entered my mouth and some slipped down his cock. It was then I heard a knock on the door.

“Hey, guys.” It was my mom.

My mouth was filled with Ryan’s cock and his cum so I couldn’t speak. Ryan answered for me.”Were getting dressed. We’ll be ready in 10 minutes.”

I heard her walk away. I pulled off of Ryan, spit and a little bit of his cum dripping out of my mouth. I swallowed what was in my mouth and went back to clean him up a little bit. I licked the remaining cum off of him and got up, shooting a quick smile at him.

He gave me a look. He wanted to fuck me, but we only had ten minutes.”We only have ten minutes.”

“I only need 7.” He winked and got up.

After dinner, we returned home. It was rather late, so Ryan and I went up to bed. Well, that was our excuse. We actually just wanted to have sex. Once we got up there, Ryan locked the door behind us. I quickly stripped and laid down. I spread my legs so Ryan had a perfect view. Ryan licked his lips and got down on his knees. He kissed everywhere, but my vagina. Suddenly, he began sucking on my clit. I grabbed some of his hair and pushed his head further into me. I felt his tongue go inside of my and I tilted my head back.

I tried not to moan too loudly as Ryan brought me to an orgasm. He smiled as I came into his mouth. I guess that turns him on or something because when he stood up, his cock was fully erect. I smiled and pulled him close to me. I slipped down his cargo shorts and his boxers and put the tip of his cock in my mouth for a little bit. After Ryan was fully naked, he got me on all fours.

He put his cock in me and began thrusting. He thrust in me hard and fast. He occasionally pulled me back, so his cock went all the way in. I moaned, hopefully not loud enough for my parents to hear. This is probably one of the reasons my mom doesn’t like Ryan. I orgasmed, not expecting Ryan to cum anymore, but I felt some in me. Hmm, sex on a small bed isn’t so bad after all.


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  1. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    My mother-in-law didn’t take a quick liking to me … in fact, she may have gone to her grave without a quick liking … but I digress. I think grew on her over the years. Like a fungus. But growth is growth.

    I found it fun and exciting to make my wife squirm, giggle, and moan when we stayed under their roof. Made for some real hot times.

    Great story.

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