surprise sex

Surprise Sex – Like Newly Weds

Surprise Sex – Like Newly Weds

Spending anniversaries away from your spouse is something no couples wish to do. Ryan and I got married on our

7th anniversary. That was the first anniversary we spent together in 3 years. Ryan was on the road which left me alone on our first wedding anniversary and our eight year anniversary of us being together. I thought of all these ideas I could do. Finally I got it. How about some surprise sex for hubby!

I took a short plane ride across the state and landed in the city where Ryan was staying. He had left something on the counter with his hotel name, so I took a cab there. I ran into his friend in the lobby who told me his room number. Only seconds after knocking on the door, Ryan answered. He smiled before picking me up and kissing me.

He brought me inside his room and sat me on the bed. “Later.” He said to his friend who was in there.As soon as the door shut behind his friend, Ryan slipped down his athletic shorts and threw off his shirt. As he jumped onto the bed, you could see his erection bounce in his boxers. As he was laying next to me, he gave me a cute smile before turning it into a smirk.

“Wipe that look off your face!” I laugh and take off my shorts, which were purposely very short, and then removing my shirt.

Ryan pulled me into his chest. He kissed the back of my neck as his hand rubbed my leg. I could feel his chest contract with his breathes. He wraps his arms around my waist and flips me over so I face him. He kisses me on the lips as I feel his hands slide to my back and unhook my bra. As our lips lock, he touches my breasts and I moan against his lips. I move my hand to his boxers and slip my hand under them.

Before I have the chance to do much, Ryan pulls away. He pulls down his boxers and my pink panties. “Where do you want it?” Ryan asked with a cocked eyebrow. I gave him a confused look.”My cum.”

We had both agreed no kids for awhile, but we hated condoms so the pull-out method was best.I shrugged.”Where ever you want to.”

He smirked and thrust into me.”Oh, Ryan. Oh yeah. Faster, baby.” I screamed. He stayed quiet as he always does. His thrusts became harder and faster and more desperate. As my orgasm rushed through my body, Ryan pulled out.

“Open.” Ryan demanded.I opened my mouth and Ryan shoved his cock in. I felt him in the back of my throat and began to bob my head. Seconds later his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed it, not wanting to let any of it drip. I stood up and Ryan hugged me.”I love you.” He smiled.

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