hot married sex

Hot Married Sex – Open 24 Hours Later

Hot Married Sex – Open 24 Hours Later

It was only 24 hours after my big reawakening toward hot married sex.  My husband and I had come up with a plan that would help me work through my awkward feelings toward sex.  Let me tell you, it was already working, as it led to the most mind-blowing sex we’d had in a while.

Kelly was ecstatic, but because it had been years since I’d shown so much enthusiasm during our lovemaking, he wasn’t used to such vigorous sex.  We usually only had that kind of sex while on vacation, which was rare.  He said he wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up a little sore from our intense romp the evening earlier.

“So are you as sore as you thought you’d be?”  I asked him coyly the next night.

“Nope.”  He raised an eyebrow suggestively.  I saw a mischievous glint in his eye.

He came to bed with me, and soon we were going at it.  The excitement and reconnection of the prior evening wasn’t enough to satisfy our love and new found horniness.  I was breathless in pleasure.  It felt so amazing, allowing all the stress and negative feelings to melt away into my orgasm, only focusing on my pleasure and his.  I don’t know why it had been so hard to let it all go up until now.

His stamina was up since we’d been intimate so recently, and he was still going strong after I came.   Missionary position had been the ticket for me just 24 hours earlier as well.  “Tell me what you need, baby.  I wanna make you cum,” I whispered to him, out of breath.

“Turn over for me, baby.”  His voice was calm and husky, and in it I could hear that he was soaking up every minute of our pleasure together.

He pulled out of me in one urgent motion, and his hands guided my hips as I lazily rotated myself to my tummy, still bathed in a haze of pleasure from the orgasm he gave me so quickly.  He cupped and massaged my ass cheeks as I splayed myself out face down on our bed.  “I love your ass, baby, love it,” he rasped.  I spread my legs wider, giving him full access and a good view.  He didn’t delay taking advantage of it, and I let out a quiet moan as he strongly entered me again.  He was so hard, and I wanted my body to rock him.

He humped me quietly and firmly, but we were both breathing really hard as the pleasure rose up inside us.  I gripped the bed sheet, my hands taking it into tight fists.  The heat waves came rushing back through my cunt as my husband took over my body.  It was like the orgasm had never really ended.  It was all I could do to keep from shrieking in delight from the awesome sensations.

Faster and stronger, I felt his body responding to his rising need.  I heard him gasp and moan with his last strong thrust, and he bucked into me as he came, grinding his entire groin into my ass cheeks as he erratically pumped his dick around inside of me.

I loved it.  Why did it take me so long to really appreciate this capacity of my body and my love for him?

When our strong orgasms finally passed, I lifted my body up out of its trance and turned over to hold him close to me.  It can’t get any better, I thought.

But it did.  I’m starting to see that God has much more in store for our marriage, as long as I remain willing…

More sweet loving and hot married sex to be continued…

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11 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Great story Emmy Sue! Ben and I enjoyed it very much, as I read it to him. It had a wonderful effect on him and myself ( we screwed! ). So Thank you so much! God bless you and Kelly and stay horny you two. So Happy for you!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Emmy Sue – what an awesome praise report! The Bible says to rejoice with those who rejoice – and we do this with great gladness. What a marvelous turnaround the Lord is giving you and Kelly! Keep seeking the Lord and His glory in all things – and you will be full in every way! Blessings on you both.

  3. Emmy Sue says:

    Smitten and GG, I’m so glad you and your spouses enjoyed this, sharing it with you all is helping me to see and realize just how hot sex is with my husband when I give it my full attention and allow myself to surrender to it. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Your own stories continue to inspire and excite me! God bless!

  4. Emmy Sue says:

    Thank you, Lovinghusband! We certainly are rejoicing, and are so appreciating everyone here rejoicing with us. When I made the promise to make these changes, and asked God to guide me, I had no idea what a profound effect it would have on Kelly. It has motivated him to make himself better in multiple ways as well. What a blessing it has been for us to give sex its rightful priority in our marriage and that it has enriched so many other aspects of our marriage as well! Thank you so much for the support! 🙂

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