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Sex in the Kitchen (Part One) (L)

Sex in the Kitchen “You gonna last until Monday night?”  I said teasingly to my husband as I washed dishes at the kitchen sink.  We try to make Monday nights our sex night no matter what, as Kelly works the graveyard shift, and Mondays are one of his nights off. He walked into the kitchen […]

What do you do when life gets in the way?

The past couple of weeks have uncovered some weaknesses in my ability and resolve to improve the sex in my marriage.  I’m coming to the MH community knowing that I’ll find advice that will help me overcome this. Dilemma #1:  We recently went on a trip to visit family, and whenever we’re there we share a room […]

Hot Married Sex – Open 24 Hours Later

Hot Married Sex – Open 24 Hours Later It was only 24 hours after my big reawakening toward hot married sex.  My husband and I had come up with a plan that would help me work through my awkward feelings toward sex.  Let me tell you, it was already working, as it led to the […]

Opening Up (Part 2) – My Sexual Awakening

My Sexual Awakening The house was dark as we quietly made our way up the stairs.  I gathered my things from the bathroom and returned to our bedroom to find Kelly waiting under the covers for me, undressed.  He had already turned on the heating blanket so that I could cozy up with him. I […]