Living Room Lovin’ – Opening Up to Sex

I’d just put our little girl down for nap.  I saw Kelly hanging out on the couch in the living room as I came down the stairs.  I was thankful to have some peace and quiet with him for a little while.  I laugh as I write this, because I really should’ve known, but babies are exhausting!

“She go down okay?” he asked as I sat down next to him.  He was finishing up his green fruit smoothie for his “breakfast,” even though it was three o’clock in the afternoon.  He sleeps most of the day because he works the graveyard shift as a security guard.

“Yeah, I think so, time will tell,” I replied, relaxing back onto the couch.  My voice was quiet and dull, expressing how worn out I felt.   Our daughter is not what you would call a good sleeper.  Even at 14 months, she rarely sleeps through the night, and both naptime and bedtime are usually met with a struggle to some degree.  We think she’s too afraid of missing something.  I reiterate: exhausting.

Kelly and I shared some small talk as he continued to wake up from his 7 hours of sleep.  I could smell his deodorant, its musky, manly scent made stronger from the freshness of the shower he took 30 minutes earlier.  I love that scent, and the smell of him.  It always draws me to him.

“Well, she seems quiet,” he said.  He slid off the couch, kneeled to the floor in front of me and moved himself in between my legs, pulling me close to him.  “How are YOU feeling, baby?”

I took a deep breath. “Tired.  But I’m okay,” I said, putting a hand to his cheek.  He leaned in, drawing himself closer to me, and gave me a slow sweet kiss.  His mouth was so warm on mine, his lips so smooth and sweet.

“I can make you feel better if you’d like,” he said, smiling at his innuendo.

I smiled at him.  His warm torso was nestled up against my womanhood.  His hands were massaging my thighs.  It felt good, but my normal instinct was to resist any arousal and let my fatigue win out.  But I’d only begun turning this all around, and I really didn’t want to fail.  I really want to be closer to my husband this way.  It will only take extra energy if you fight the urge to enjoy this, I told myself.  I took yet another deep breath, trying to dissipate my stress and exhaustion, trying to focus on this moment and allowing myself to surrender to the hesitant tingling I felt inside of me. Opening up to sex.

“You’re already making me feel better,” I told him sweetly.  “But what did you have in mind?”  I smiled shyly at him again.

“Oh I think you know the answer to that,” he said.  His deep quiet voice was filled with confidence and even a little cockiness.  He wasn’t buying my timid demeanor.  Still on his knees , he straightened his posture, grabbed my legs, and pulled my body to him so that his groin was between my legs now instead of his torso.  This laid me even further back on the couch, and my ass was right on the edge of the cushion.  I could feel his rock hard erection through our clothes.  He started to slowly grind himself against me.

“Mmmm.”  The purr escaped from my throat before I even realized it.  It’s amazing how much my body enjoys these feelings when I let my mind clear and my body take over.

“Do you want to go upstairs to the bedroom, baby?”  He asked me, his voice low and rumbly.

I knew what I wanted and how I wanted to tell him, but the whole “dirty talk” thing has always made me feel a bit embarrassed and shy.  But this is something I really want to work on.  I know I’ll feel sexier if I can get good at it.

“You can do me right here if you want to,” I said nervously, looking him in the eyes.  Most people wouldn’t call that dirty talk, but it was enough for me that it took some courage to say it.

I saw the lust flash through his eyes as a smile came over his handsome face.  My point blank, sexy invitation had him excited.  Suddenly I felt a little braver.

He didn’t say another word.  He stood up quickly, went to the windows and drew the curtains closed.  The living room became a dim rose color from the afternoon sun still pushing light through the curtain fabric.  Kneeling back down in front of me, he pulled me up to sitting on the edge of the couch and pulled my tank top up over my head as I Iifted my arms for him.  Reaching around to my back, he quickly unhooked my bra, trailing his hands over my breasts as he removed it.  Then, leaning me back onto the couch again, he unbuttoned my jeans, grabbed them at my ankles, and pulled them off in one motion.  He was between my legs again before I even realized his own shirt was off.  He began kissing my collarbone all the way down my chest and tummy, stopping to lick and tickle my nipples.  The tingling I’d been feeling morphed into lightning bolts of pleasure, and my pussy started to feel hot and moist.

“Oooh, baby, oh that feels so good,”  I said, my voice raspy with air and desire.

“Good,” he said deeply.

“Mmm, more,” I pleaded quietly.  “More, now.”

He stood up abruptly and dropped his boxers to the floor, his huge erect penis springing free.  It was so hot and hard.  He leaned over me, kissed me hard, and slid the panties off of my hips.  When he returned to the floor on his knees again, he rubbed the tip of his smooth cock into the entrance of my vagina, spreading the lips apart and finding my warm wetness.

“Ohhh, yeah,” he growled.

“Um hmm,” I hummed, wanting him to bury his hot dick deep inside of me.

He knew what I wanted.  He began to push his awesome penis into my pussy, one inch at a time, one thrust at a time.  With each one, I felt his heat spreading further and further into my core.  It was intoxicating, and I couldn’t get enough.  He grabbed a hold of my hips, pushing and pulling me back and forth onto his thick cock as I arched myself back into the couch for resistance.

“Oh, babyyy, cumming, oh, ohhhh, OHH!” I whispered my screams of pleasure as the orgasm overtook me.  He thrusted harder and faster, pulled my body on and off of his cock harder and faster.  My body shook and jolted with shockwaves of sweet hunger and hot passion.

Kelly pulled out of me as I recovered, stood up, and aggressively pulled me to my feet up against his sweating body.  He wrapped me in an urgent kiss, his tongue tasting and exploring mine, as I tried to catch my breath.  When he broke the kiss, he sat down on the couch where I had been, his penis still long and hard, pointing up to his torso.

“Ride me, baby.”  His voice was husky and filled with want.  I straddled his lap and sank down onto his cock completely.  It filled my still pulsing cunt.  He moaned deeply.  I began to pump his penis up and down, enjoying every sensation.  I leaned down to his lips, and we kissed hungrily and passionately as I grinded my body into his.  My only goal now was to bring him fantastic pleasure.  I wanted to feel him explode in me.

“Turn around, babe, I gotta see that ass,” he said.  I followed his command, spun myself around and continued to ride him hard as he massaged my rump.  I arched back toward him, feeling his cock hitting all my sensitive spots inside.  He wrapped his arms around to my front, and he started tickling my nipples with his fingertips.  I inhaled sharply, loving the multiple hot stimulations I was feeling through my entire body.  He licked his fingers and continued to rub my nipples in little circles, over and over again.

“Oh, baby, you’re making me cum again, oh, AHH!”  I quietly cried out.  Unbelievable sex coursed through me.

“Oh yeah, yeah baby, get it,” he said, his voice thick with lust. “Work it baby, get me off.”

I pumped him harder as I writhed with pleasure, rotating my hips and rocking my pelvis.

“Oh, God, yeah, baby, yeahhhh…ARGH!” He bucked wildly underneath me, his cock pulsing inside me as his orgasm exploded.

We humped and bucked and rocked until we were completely spent.  I collapsed backward onto his chest, not able to hold myself up any longer.

After our breaths slowed and our bodies relaxed, he kissed the side of my neck and quietly said into my ear, “It doesn’t bother you when I ask you to face away from me, does it?”

“Nuh uh,” I said, my voice breathy with tired, contented pleasure.  “It’s hot, and it feels so good.  And I know how much you love my ass.”

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me from behind. “You can say that again.”


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6 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Emmy Sue – what a tender moment you described so wonderfully. I like your writing! I am so happy for you both! I love your clear descriptions of what you two did – it was very hot! God is good! May His rich blessings be on your family!

  2. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Emmy Sue? Is that you? WOW! I’m hard reading that. You vixen! I’m now looking for Heather. I’m gonna have her read this. It’ll wet her up, and then I’ll take her.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. hornyGG says:

    What a hot story Emmy Sue! I really enjoyed reading it. Go you! Thank you so much for posting . Really aroused me! God bless my friend and stay horny.

  4. Curtandkim says:


    That was a beautiful and erotic story. Not only was it well written but very inspiring. Just a word of encouragement, my wife was nervous about talking and expressing herself during our lovemaking. Today, she is completely open and very vocal about what she needs and she wants. Of course, as long as you are both satisfied, whatever is erotic to you both is what counts.

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