I Love My Wife’s Boobs! (L)

I am amazed at how God wired me as a husband!

How can my bride’s perky and firm boobs be so satisfying to me? Proverbs 5:19 says,

Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love.

I am a husband who is a fulfillment of this!! My beautiful wife’s boobs fill me with delight – all the time! I love to stare at Christianity_and_Cleavage-1them during the day. She dresses with class and modesty – yet, this does not mean that she hides her form. Her boobs prominently display the perfect form that God blessed her with. If the air is a little too cold – I will get a little nipple show. Her boobs are not big nor small. I think they are perfect. When I sit in our living room and view her reading in her chair – I have the perfect angle to see them hanging so attractively. They are perky. After 28 years of marriage, they are not sagging yet.  My cock gets hard just thinking about them.

Again, I am amazed at how God wired me. He made her two glorious globes to have this profound effect on me. They are part of the fuse that makes me intoxicated with her love. Yes, I get intoxicated by her boobs! I lust at them during the day – and yearn for the moment when they will be freed to slap my face in the night. My only lifeline during the day sometimes (when I’m home) is that I can squeeze them for a quick moment or two. I’m not just a “boob man” – but I am a “boob man”!

The intoxication reaches levels that would make it unsafe for me to drive. When I lie on my back with my bride on top – we prop the pillows just right so we can enter into a long boob-fest. We go crazy! I alternate between palming both of them and taking her nipples in my mouth at light speed (going from one to the other and back again!). Her aroused nipples are screaming, “My husband is going to fuck me soon”! I love the smell of her skin. Her nipples send me into delirium. I love to lick all over them. I love the space between her tits, too. I rest my face there – content to be touching both.

It is now time to flick her nipples with my tongue. This can go on for 20 minutes! I love the pleasure she derives from this. We have time to fuck later – this is boob time! She loves me to grab her butt cheeks while I do this – and trace her crack with my finger. Then, I tease her asshole – and I hear her moan. I wet my finger from her wet pussy and stick it in her ass. All the while, boob play is continuing. I can feel her pussy getting drenched. By now, she is masturbating against my belly button area. I’m pretty lean so there is not much padding on my stomach. This enables her to feel some friction on her clit.

She quickly lowers her tits to put my cock in-between – for a titty fuck. If I was intoxicated before, I don’t know what you would call this. She kisses the tip of my cock after a few thrusts. There is so much to do at this amusement park – I can hardly choose between such fun rides!

She brings her boobs back up to my mouth – and I give her extra hard sucks. I don’t hurt her – but it is close. When I release a nipple, the hardness of it turns me on even more. How much blood must be pumping in our bodies to make our sex organs so pulsating?

God is amazing! He doesn’t owe us any pleasure. Yet, He has made the marriage bed such a wonderful playground. The oneness and vulnerability that we are engulfed in at this moment is more than just sex. We know and trust each other. She gives her boobs to me because she is one with me. It brings her pleasure to pleasure me. It brings me pleasure to pleasure her. We are in a love fest where we both win in giving love. We are givers and recipients. We are so intoxicated with love and eroticism that we are confused about when we are giving or receiving.

So, I am a witness to the wonder of boobs. God made them to bring intoxication to husbands. I am a “boob drunk”. I am not looking for any 12 step program to be changed from this. I’ll never go to a “Boobies Anonymous” meeting. I am committed to being intoxicated by my bride’s wonderful tits for the rest of my life. I am grateful to God for keeping me content in her love. I am not looking for another woman. I am safe in God’s provision.

What a plan! What a gracious God!

Which of these assets do you admire the most on your wife? (You can pick two!)

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15 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Lol Lovinghusband or should I say “Boob man”! What a fun story, I loved it. Erotic with just a touch of humor. You sure know how to put a story together.

    God bless you my dear friend, and stay horny!

  2. morknmindy says:

    Great post. Waking up yesterday morning, my wife’s beautiful soft breasts were out for me to gaze at because the night was too hot for pyjamas. What a lovely way to start the day 🙂
    She lay asleep and I just sat and looked before going off early to work in London.
    I texted her later to tell her how much I enjoyed them.

  3. Smitten says:

    Intoxicated, Lovinghusband. Your story reminded me of all the reasons why I love my wife’s boobs and I liked your statement about how God didn’t have to give us this joy but he did. Ohhh the joy and comfort of BOOBS! I also liked what you said about just watching our wives. I don’t have to see her bare breasts all of the time to receive a blessing from them. In stores and around town I look at them in total wonderment. The side view stirs me greatly.
    Thanks for sharing your and mine wonderment.

  4. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Last night I was feeling pretty crappy after Heather and I made love. We were naked and just lying down trying to figure out how to get to sleep. Heather hasn’t been feeling well either.

    I asked her to lay on me but move up my body so I could lick and suck her yummy little, fun, playtoys. WIthin 10 minute of moving from one to another, gently sucking and nibbling, we were both so calm and relaxed we were able to fall asleep.

    It’s so amazing getting to wake up with her naked tits. I actually feel sorry for the rest of you husbands that you have to settle for the boobs on your on wives. 🙂 🙂 HAHA! Just kiddin. BOOBS are awesome. When you’ve seen one, you definitely haven’t seen them all. You gotta see the other one as well. Then you gotta see em again, and again, and again, over and over and over and over and over and over and … … …

  5. luke337 says:

    Great story! I loved the humor in it. Very original. A week ago my wife Samantha and I had just gotten back from a graduation party for my nephew, and she was so beautiful. When we got home, we both went to the room and got undressed for bed. As she pulled off her dress, it exposed her lacey thong and bra. I was starting to get hard. Really hard! I walked closer to her and asked her if I could be of some assistance. I unclipped her bra as she pulled down her thong.
    Me, only having my briefs on, pulled them down. It felt like we where in highschool again. Exposing ourselves one piece of clothing at a time. Completely naked we started exploring each others bodies. She started playing with my hair, and She moved her delicate hand down toward my now extremely hard cock stopping at my abs. We managed to move ourselves to the bed slowly but surely. I now on top of her slid two fingers inside of her pussy. She started moaning getting me harder and harder just by listening. I stopped now using her wet pussy juice to lubricate my hard cock. I could see the desire in her eyes to have my cock inside her. I guided it in slowly. She was so tight, her pussy walls felt so good on my dick. I thrusted my hips harder and harder. My balls where smacking each time. I started sucking her breasts, and we rolled over trading places. She lowered her head licking my full body length from my mouth down to my lower abs eventually reaching my cock. I was about to explode, I wanted more. She then started sucking. It felt amazing. I told her I was about to explode and she told me to cum in her mouth. I thought that was so hot. At that second I shot a load right in her mouth. She loved it. Us both sweaty from our amazing encounter layed in bed next to each other. Being newlyweds, Samantha and I have only had sex maybe a dozen times. I cherish the moments we do. The moments I get to love her and be her husband. I thank god for this gift. Anyway thank you all for listening.

    • JazzdBoutH&N says:

      That’s a nice story Luke. May you never tire of exploring your sweet wife’s treasures.

  6. Michael Walken says:

    My beautiful wife & I discovered that she can orgasm when I ravish her breasts.

    In her words “He was unbuttoning my blouse as he pushed me against the wall. As soon as my blouse was open I felt his strong hands on my breasts. He squeezed them firmly through my bra. Between hard breaths and kisses I whispered in his ear that it was a front clasp bra. With one swift flick of his fingers my bra was open and my bare breast fell into his hands. OMG, his hands felt so good on my bare tits. Then he started devouring my neck, shoulders and tits with his kisses and tongue. He even nibbled on my breasts with his teeth. I had not even made it to the bed and I was close to orgasm. He had me pinned to the wall devouring my tits. I was moaning and gasping for breath. It was amazing. I could not stand it any longer “

  7. Curtandkim says:

    Great story. There is nothing more intoxicating than orally caressing your wife’s breasts…nibbling on them, using your hands to warmly squeeze and massage them as her nipples grow hard in your mouth…
    erotic! Well, it’s equally intoxicating to orally pleasure the beautiful sweet nectar garden between her thighs….very erotic.

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