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Hot Hotel Cum

We were recently at a resort with our kids – in one hotel room. We woke up early one morning and my wife put her hand on my cock. It was too early for us to jump into the shower together – so we started playing under the covers. The room was still dark. My […]

Marriage Heat at Work? Yes!

Hi MH friends, This is more of a question than a story. Pre-Question Notice: I do not want to encourage anyone to do anything that would hinder them from being a good and faithful employee. Our testimony as Christians is important – including our being good servants at work. My question is: Do you have […]

Spa Sex

Getting inspired by the stories and comments on Marriage Heat comes easily to many of us (I’m tempted to interchange “come” and “comes” with “cum” and “cums” almost every time – but I will resist the temptation for now). You get an idea from a story or comment – then, you incorporate it into your […]

The Global Reach of Marriage Heat

A first time story from Hottyflygirl was recently posted. She started like this: This is my first time ever writing something like this. Hope you enjoy and hopefully, I can get more practice and improve in the future! She went on to tell a super hot masturbation story – that we are still awaiting the […]

Describing the Indescribable

The contributors at Marriage Heat have many things in common. We love the Lord and we love our spouses. We also love sex. In many of our stories – there are many things that ultimately lead to us having mind-blowing orgasms. We don’t live for orgasms – but we all admit that we enjoy them […]

Hot Comments Bring Quick Sizzle

This story is about stating the obvious: Marriage Heat not only has the hottest stories promoting hot monogamy – it also has a great number of hot commentators! And I think this is more valuable than you might already appreciate. I want to bring two things into focus about this: First – Just as the […]

Back To Back Heat – Just Hours Apart (L)

  I enjoy reading vacation experiences of people on Marriage Heat (MH). Some couples speak of less inhibitions in a hotel -or just that with the ability to focus on each other without daily pressures – unleashes great passion between them. There have been a couple of MH stories related to how much sex couples […]

My Wife’s Pants: Sheer Joy

The lingerie industry makes tons of money on all kinds of products. They have made quite a bit of money from my wife and I. My wife has sexy bras, panties, sweatpants, tight tee shirts, and perfume. Recently, my wife bought something and surprised me. I wouldn’t usually write a story just about my wife’s […]

Bed Squeaks During Sex – Any Help?

This is a quick plea for advice – and not a hot story! We still have two kids living at home – and don’t want to be too noisy during sex. Our bedroom is situated far away from the kid’s bedrooms. Yet, when we are really going at it – and I mean up and […]