Hot Hotel Cum

We were recently at a resort with our kids – in one hotel room.

We woke up early one morning and my wife put her hand on my cock. It was too early for us to jump into the shower together – so we started playing under the covers.

The room was still dark. My hands were on her boobs – then massaging her pussy. She wanted to purr like a kitten – but kept silent. I felt her wetness.

I whispered at the lowest possible decibel level, “I’m going to fuck you with my hands.”

I inserted one, then two fingers into her tight cunt. It felt soooo good. I wanted to pound her with my cock – but this was going to have to be a simulation sensation!

I had another finger from my other hand just touching on the door of her ass hole. She was totally enjoying it all – while amazingly staying silent.

Her pussy was so wet – I had to be careful not to make my plunger movements too quick – to avoid the wonderful sound.

She now put her right hand on top of my hand on her cunt – helping me masturbate her to orgasmic bliss!

Her almost silent explosion was so satisfying! These sheets would definitely need changing. She amped down to normal breathing after the last of her orgasmic bucks!

Now, was my turn to make the sheets moist…

She grabbed my already stiff cock at the perfect angle. I had one leg semi-bent up – causing a tenting of the covers – allowing her right hand to pump my cock – and her left hand to cup my balls.

She began pumping  – knowing this part was not going to last long. I had removed my PJ’s – but I wanted to make sure my cum didn’t become the waking aroma for my two kids – the youngest being 17. So, it had to be absorbed deep under the covers.

Her hand felt so good pumping my cock – she contorted her other hand perfectly to cup my balls. Fuck!! It felt so good!

I was ready to explode with a white hot volcano! My last thought – besides trying to stay silent – was that I love it when I cum while she is cupping my nuts. The thought of her feeling my balls twitch and my sac empty is so erotically satisfying.

I came full force – total euphoria – and a nice big load of cum! All of it testifying that she had really gotten me off! My wife felt satisfied knowing I was fully spent.

We turned to each other with naughty smiles in the earliest of early morning light. We kissed and held each other as our juices were further absorbed by the covers. Housekeeping would know what happened later.

Our kids still asleep. Mission accomplished. What a team we are!

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25 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Oh, you naughty loving couple! Hee, hee. With your kids in the room? I often wonder how people think couples had so many children back in the day when often they shared a one room cabin…my hubby, Rez (he hasn't commented or posted yet but you'll all meet him soon I hope) spent three years in a camper with our three kiddos. Only the oldest, our teen, asked once why the camper bounced at night. Still, you're right, it was a quiet three years! Even now, their bedroom is right next to ours and if we get too excited, I get teased the next day. But at least she knows what a normal married sex life can be! Rez's response to any comments is usually "Mommy's in love." Mine is "It's okay! We're married."

  2. possibility says:

    Lovinghusband, What a lovely story. When as couples we need to play we have to play. When my wife and I were younger we went on holiday with her parents and her Sister who is 8years younger than my wife we had a caravan. Her Sister had the bedroom, her parents the kitchen part and my wife and I had the lounge part which was divided from the kitchen by only a curtain. My wife and I being newly married were horney for each other most nights and when we thought her parents were sleeping we would make love somewhat slowly and quietly at first and then with more abandonment as things hotted up. I was still using durex elite (very thin) rubber jonnies then and we heard the squelching noises as we fucked. It was lovely. She whispered "don't worry we are married Mum has often said to me she hopes we have a good sexual life" Well we do and we did that night. After I spunked, I withdrew the Jonny, tied the end up and left it on the floor near the bed. Her Mum brought us a cup of tea in the morning and saw the filled durex on the floor and quietly said to me "you too sure had an exciting time last night" I said "God, I'll say we did" The next year, her Sister had the kitchen area (the other side of the curtain) while her parents had the bedroom. My wife had gone to sleep and I heard her Sister moaning. I listened more intently and realised she was obviously masturbating. God the sloppy sounds from her cunt was highly arousing and I erected and had to visit the bathroom for some sexual release which came gushing out very powerfully. All in all our holidays were very sexual and uninhibited!

  3. professor dude says:

    My dude! Great story. The wife and I had a similar experience 6 years ago. We were in the same room with her parents. They had the bed and we had the inflatable mattress on the floor. I demolished her hole with my fingers and she jerked me until I exploded my man sauce all over her hand.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    Harper – We are very well – thank you for asking.

    CrazyHappyLoved – I love the answer you gave your kids – excellent! I too, think of Israel wandering in the wilderness, in tents next to one another – they became expert at being relatively quiet I'm sure.

    Possibility – Wow! My wife and I were once driving on a long drive with my parents. We were laying down in the back seat of their car (yes, seat belts on). We had a coat or something kind of covering us in the mid-section. We were feigning being asleep. I put my hands down her pants. Her first reaction was fear of them somehow knowing. But, once I had a finger or two in her pussy – she got into it big time. The big thing she had to be careful of was her increased breathing when she was about to cum. Oh my! My had was so wet – plus, I came hard in my pants and underwear. The issue now was: Would my parents smell our combined cum? I was drenched. The good thing was that they had the air conditioner blasting – not just for air, but sound, too. Plus, music was playing. That happened a long time ago and we've never forgotten it. I've never been in your situation of hearing another family member masturbating. If my wife's sister had done that – I think it would probably have motivated me to go at my wife at the same time. One last thing: One of my kids once found a full condom in the trash – at a very young age. I can't remember our reply – surprisingly. Probably something about a bad balloon.

    Catholicguy – I agree. Any fun stories from you in this common area?

  5. HV450 says:

    'possibility', I can imagine how you found hearing ‘the sloppy sounds from her cunt’ as your sister-in-law stimulated herself to an orgasm highly arousing.
    But maybe she had felt her cunt getting wet listening to you balling her sister?
    Aren't family holidays wonderful!

  6. CMLove says:

    So great to read a post from you, LH! Glad all is going Well! My husband and I really enjoy reading all your comments and how you continually point others back to the Lord and His design for marriage! Hot, Horny, and God honoring….. Cant get better than that! May God bless you and your wife as you follow Him!

  7. possibility says:

    Lovinghusband, Before I could drive, my wife to be and I were in the back of her parents car with her parents in the front having a drive in the country. We too had a blanket covering the middle of our bodies and we would occasionally have a long deep snog using our tongues as my right hand was in her scanty panties fingering her wet pussy. My cock, as you can imagine was erect and wet with precum. She just had her left arm around me but not in my pants. Her breath came in short and not too noisy gasps. She whispered how nice my fingering felt. When we got home we all had a cup of coffee and my future Motherinlaw said to her husband let's go to bed know and let these two young people do their courting. We then relaxed on their settee, French kissed deeply and masturbated each other to very satisfying much needed orgasms.

  8. PacMan says:

    Amazing story! Incredible comment thread! “Possibility”, when we were engaged, we loved making out… often ending in orgasms. Those were magical days. I’m really curious about your mom’s “do their courting” comment. Was your girlfriend (FW) staying at your parents house for the night? Did your mom know that you guys were giving hand jobs in the other room? It almost seems like a “go have fun” comment – which is more trusting than most parents. Were you in your teens?

  9. Honeysuckle says:

    Hot story, Lovinghusband, and I agree with catholicguy – who hasn't done something like this? I think my husband especially enjoys when we travel with the kids because he is almost guaranteed at least one under the cover blowjob in the hotel room. We often joke that the reason hotels provide so many pillows is so that we can prop them up on our bed just in case the kids wake up then they won't wonder where mommy's head has gone.

  10. Been blessed says:

    I know this seems to run in cycles, but once again we are celebrating sexual exploits prior to marriage in several of the above posts. Could we please keep Marriage Heat to a celebration of that which takes place after the marriage?

  11. possibility says:

    PacMan, Yes, what lovely times when making out when engaged. Just to put things right, they were my finances parents and we were at their house when we masturbated together on their settee. I then walked back to my lodgings ( a short while away after our relations (a much happier man I might add). We were in our twenties. Things did get hotter as time went on. More on this another time. I feel God has forgiven us. We have been married for over 35 years!

  12. Lovinghusband says:


    I agree. Those situations force us to use those precious few moments alone in the bathroom to go crazy in the shower together. Or a quick squeeze or grab. That playfulness is alive and well with us.

  13. Lovinghusband says:

    Been Blessed,

    I appreciate your comment. The line between our remembrances – and repeating them without regret – can send a wrong message. I like your encouragement not to celebrate those times before marriage.

    Possibility – I'm glad for your confidence of God's mercy.


  14. PacMan says:

    Some people have a different line about what is acceptable before marriage. Some think that heavy petting, dry humping, etc is deemed as “sexual exploits.” There are many, myself included, that look at this as acceptable for dating/engaged couples. It’s okay to have differences of opinions. You aren’t forced to see things my way… and everyone should be forced to see things your way. Everyone should be allowed to talk about their own experience – and allow each individual to decide if they have regret or not.

  15. Been blessed says:

    Pacman, I think you may have misunderstood my intent. Marriage Heat has established itself as a site that celebrates hot Christian married sex. I think we as readers need to respect those parameters and withhold discussions of sexual activities outside of marriage for some other forum. Just my personal opinion. 😊

  16. Marie Lister says:

    I don’t comment often but “Been Blessed” decision to criticize posts and other people’s comments drives me to do so. I thought PacMan’s polite response was very nicely written with respect and thoughtfulness. Thank you, PacMan!

    MARRIAGEHEAT is a free site, you are not paying for it unless like me, you signed up to make a monthly monetary contribution. It was going to shut down a little over a year ago, but the owners (who run it and pay for it out of their own generous pockets) kept it because “we” pleaded with them to do so.

    At that point, I offered and became a volunteer editor. For a year now, I have been editing at least 3 stories a week along with two other volunteers. We have given our own time, effort, and expertise to allow the site’s visitors to enjoy these posts submitted by volunteer contributors.

    Nothing published on this site is up for debate, content is determined by the owners and the volunteer editors. So instead of being judgmental and criticizing what you don’t agree with, keep it to yourself. Maybe this site isn’t right for you. You may want to read the site’s guidelines.

    Criticizing others is not tolerated here as this is supposed to be a place where people come to enjoy themselves and look for ways to enhance their marriages and for support.

    In closing, 98% of visitors are appreciative of this forum and that is why I offered my professional expertise, but the few who complain and criticize need to realize how lucky they are that we have this place.

    I have been married for 33 years and in love with my beloved for 36 years, MARRIAGEHEAT has helped enhance our intimacy and our relationship and I am forever grateful to the owners of this site and the volunteer contributors and editors.

  17. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    I would love to contribute my editing skills to the site. Not a professional, just a homeschool mom with an aspiring novelist who had (and is) studying LOTS about writing. Also interested in the opportunity to set up a monthly contribution. This is one site I NEVER want to see go down the tubes. Thanks to all in the way you've kindly and patiently handled this issue. It's good to offer and consider all insight in love.

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