The Scarf (part three) (L)

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…You are still wearing your swim suit and the mesh pareo.  The pareo is clinging to your hips.  Your silver belly chain and anklet shimmer in the light.  You do a slow runway-type turn, one hand on your hip.  You do a second, stopping to face me again.  Your stance shows off your delicate breasts and firm butt.  You pose and show off your body to me.  I stare in hungry awe.

“Do you like my body?” you ask me.

I nod slowly, and this time I lick my lips.  I think you understand my answer.

You move to stand over me, near the bed.  You strike a very provocative pose, turning slightly toward me, jutting a very curvaceous hip directly at me. You then rock and twist your hips in the most suggestive manner, your thumbs hooked in the band of your suit bottom, teasing me.

“You want these off?” you, the temptress, dominant and strong, mockingly ask.  Your big brown eyes feint innocence.  Yes, you know exactly what you are doing, you know that you are making me crazy with lust for you.

My eyes and expression must have given you my answer.  You give me a wicked grin.  You climb back onto the bed, again kneeling, straddling my upper torso, your knees tightly on either side of my chest.  I feel your body heat radiating from your thighs against my chest.  I can also smell the faint, musky smell of your arousal.  You reach one of your hands down to the top of your suit bottoms.  The other is against my chest.  Your hand slides into the band of your bottoms, I see its outline trail down across your mound to your vulva.  You bring it back out, holding the index and middle finger out a bit.  You then slowly bring those fingers to my lips, gently parting my mouth.  I allow you to spread the savor of your nectar onto my tongue.  I moan and suck at your fingertips.

You sit up straight on your knees, moving your hips back and forth above me.  You pull the waist band of your suit bottoms tight, forcing the fabric up, tight against your lips.  I moan as I look at the covered outline of your vulva, your thick lips slightly revealing themselves along the edges.  I see your nipples thrusting outwards against their covering, long, hard, thick.

You let go of the waist band and lean forward.  Your hands are now on each side of my head.  You move your clad breasts close to my face, a nipple rubbing against my lips.  I catch it in my mouth.  You move your chest with your nipple in my mouth.  You are now moaning.  You move the other still covered nipple to my mouth and lips.  Again I tongue, suck, and nibble at this nipple through the cloth.   You moan even more.

You sit up straight.  One of your hands tugs at the top of your suit bottom, drawing it downward.  I can see your beautiful mound and just the very top of your sensuous vulva.  You glide the other hand down your breast, your belly and down into your suit bottom.  I watch you as you begin to touch yourself.  You reach past the fine hair that covers your mound.  You stretch your fingers into the fold below.  I can see how wet you are, your fingers beginning to glint with the transferred dew.  Touching the top of your treasured vulva, you apply pressure.  A deep sigh from your throat tells me that you have found your clit.

Your head falls backwards with another bit of pressure, another sigh.  You begin to slightly massage yourself.  You reach into your suit with the other hand, parting your lips.  I see a finger enter into the moistness of your intimacy, of your sex.  I am transfixed upon your passion.  The pleasure on your face is hypnotic.  You increase the moving of your finger.  Your hips begin to move to and fro.

Suddenly you stop your moving.  You quickly move your legs from over me and stand.  Your hands are a blur as they remove your pareo, suit bottom and then your suit top.  Your unbelievable, sensual, sexy body is totally nude, highlighted only by the delicate belly chain and anklet.  You reach for the bottle of lubrication from the corner of the mattress and move it to your right hand.  Using both hands you dribble several drops of slick liquid onto my fingers.  I rub my fingers together, completely dispersing the slickness over and around.  Tossing the bottle towards the foot of the bed, you crawl on all fours, straddling my right arm.  You continue this crawling until you reach my chest.  You lean down and kiss me with urgency; there is passion in the kiss, but more urgency this time, your tongue pushing further and further inside my hungry mouth.  You break the kiss and crawl over my chest with your hands.  Your hands find a place on the left side of my head; your knees are on the right side of my torso, my right arm directly beneath you between your knees.  Your breasts are floating above my face, just inches from my eyes and wet awaiting lips.

“Finger me, all of me, my pussy and my clit, now.  But your one hand only.”

I reach up with my slick fingers and do just that.  My fingers part your already separated, swollen, thick labia.  Your intimacy is wet.  My thumb finds your clit as I use my first three fingers to slide around, between, and into the opening of your intimacy.  My middle finger is sucked into you as you tilt your pelvis and press into my hand and fingers.  Your clit is hard and exposed from beneath its hood.  I use the tip of my thumb to very gently flick and rub it.  This elicits a very breathy groan from you; you press harder as the groan becomes louder.  You then kind of sit back onto your heels and my hand.  Your left breast touches my lips.  I open my mouth as wide as I can; I take in as much of your breast as I can.  Your nipple gains the attention of my tongue.  I use my tongue to massage your flesh, your areola, your nipple as I softly suck your breast.  Your moans continue.  They continue to drive me with your desire and lust.  My hips buck forward as I so desire to do you in every way possible.

You move your other breast to my mouth.  I devour it as I did the first.  My fingers are busy attempting to maintain their place and rhythm as you are now doing my hand with your intimacy.  You spread your hands a bit wider on the bed for balance as you cum hard, your hips bucking forward wildly as a muffled scream of ecstasy escapes your lips.  You cum for several seconds, you withdraw your intimacy from my hand, pull your breast from my lips; the sensation of my touching them become too pleasurable; your body spasms above my head and torso; drops of your nectar fall to my arm and the sheet.  You look spent, for a few seconds.

You raise your head up and then look right into my eyes with a hungry look.  You are still overcome with desire and need.

You move astride me, lowering your hips to my groin.  Your hands are on my shoulders, your breasts are red, nipples erect.  Your soaked, dripping, gaping labia seems to envelop my entire groin.  My balls are nestled at the base of your vulva; the underside of my shaft snuggled between the thick lips of your labia, your inner lips encircling my girth.  My head is pressed against your clit and mound.  You make two or three circles with your hips, my penis and testicles massage you completely.  Your face shows of another building orgasm.

You lean back and slightly lift your hips; I inhale deeply.  You grasp my shaft in your right hand, your left hand on my chest, tweaking my nipple.  Clutching my shaft you begin rubbing my head against your clit.  The friction is amazing.  Uncontrollably, I moan and lift my hips in an effort to enter you.  You resist my movement.  But you move the head against the entrance to your intimacy, then slightly inside.  I feel your intimacy stretch and slip over the tip of my head as you press ever so slightly downward with your hips.

But you are not yet through with your teasing, with your pleasing yourself.  You move forward, releasing the head from the warm tightness of your intimacy.  Again, you rub my head up to your clit; my sensitive tip is intensely stimulated by the texture of your most intimate flesh.   You then rub my head back down to your entrance and then back to the clit, rubbing the clit until you moan and contract your hips forward, hard against my manhood.  You seem to tremble as if a slight orgasm overtakes you.

After the two or three seconds of shuddering pass, you move my manhood back to the entrance of your intimacy.  Again, I feel your opening start to stretch over my head, slowly slithering over my engorged head.  I begin to feel the striations of your intimate, inner muscles, stroking, massaging my head from the tip to the ridge.  You lift your hips until only the tip is touching the entrance.  I wince as your warm wetness releases me.  Again you move your hips down until just the head has entered you.  Again you raise your intimacy from me.  My pleasure is becoming a lustful agony.

Suddenly, you plunge your dripping lips, entrance, and inner intimacy down, engulfing my throbbing manhood.  You gasp, rolling your shoulders forward.  I am filling you, all of you.  Your intimacy is sucking me deeper and deeper, you splay your legs wider and wider, your pelvis harder and harder against my pelvis.  I can actually feel my tip touch the deep end of your intimate passage.  Gently and slowly at first, you begin to grind so that your clit rubs against my pelvis, my coarse hair rubbing and sending chills through you, chills that start in the nub of your clit.  My thick shaft is tightly stretching your intimacy.  Your inner muscles contract along my shaft, milking me.  You increase your grinding, your thrusting.  Our pleasure takes control over us both.

I am in heaven.  My entire manhood is in you.  You lean forward and lay upon my chest, moving your hips and your intimacy up and down, my head rubbing intently on the back, inside part of your passage.  You move your mouth up to mine and we kiss passionately.  Leaning back up, you exaggerate your movement until I almost fall out of you; then you drop back down on me, plunging my manhood deep inside you until I press against your cervix.  You have me totally inside of you.  I never want leave from your depths.

You look at me again.  You are enjoying being in control; my only purpose for the moment is to give you pleasure.  I am enjoying my purpose.  This sensation of control is new to you.  You seem to revel in that sensuous, erotic feeling as you press down on me, being filled by me, being stretched by me.  Your face and expression is a picture of pleasure and emotion.  Your eyes tell me that a delightful climax is building slowly inside you.

You lean down and quicken your pace as we kiss; we are completely joined from hip to shoulders.  I am now feeling the sensation of climax building from deep within my loins.  You begin to rock uncontrollably, this rocking pushing me closer and closer to eruption.  I have no desire to stop or to slow down my coming orgasm.  I want to send my seed deep into the depths of your intimacy.  Your voice and words push me harder and harder as I am now driving my manhood into you and you meet my thrusts with your own thrusts.

“OH FUCK!”  You scream between clenched teeth.  “FUCK ME AND DON’T STOP!!”

I do not stop.  I pound into you harder and harder.  My cock is pounding your pussy, my balls slap against your ass.  We are beyond making love, we are fucking!  We are doing what you just screamed for.  We are both cumming like we have never cum before.  My sperm is jetting into your pussy, your juice is leaking from your pussy lips down my dick.  We both hear the increasing wet sounds of our fucking and of our climax.  The proof of our lust, our passion for each other, and yes, our love, fills the room and tantalizes our senses.

After several seconds your final orgasm blends with exhaustion.  You collapse on top of me.  My arms reach around and grasp you firmly, our mouths lock together in a loving kiss; our breathing becomes one.  Over and over waves of the soothing pleasure sweep over us.  Over and over again the waves sweep over us.  I fill you and I feel you.  Together, one.  The waves go on for what seem like hours, your body locked on top of mine. The breathing, the pleasure, the feeling of completeness, to be with you contents me.

At last our breathing calms.  Our bodies are hot and beaded with sweat. You move down and place your arms around my chest, your head under my chin.  I roll us onto our sides

My manhood is still inside the lips of your intimacy as we lay there for a long time, enjoying the moment together.  After a while, you sit up and look down at me.  “I am going to shower now.  If you have the energy you can join me.”

With that you hop off of the bed, and into the bathroom, leaving me to follow.  I take the scarf from my wrist.  I place it in the middle of the bed …

… a reminder that will be used again.



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2 replies
  1. Mtstreetdoc says:

    I can’t believe no one commented on the third, final and exquisite ending to this tale. Having ones wife guide and dominate like this is very arousing. It is nice for the husband to feel desired by his wife like this. I love for my wife to use my body as she sees fit for her pleasure. Great story young stag, I am sorry it appears this may have been your last entry shared with MH readers.

  2. HappyHubby says:

    It certainly deserved a comment. It is an early mh story, I imagine traffic and commenting wasn't as prolific as it is now. Very hot story of passion and love.

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