The Scarf – part two

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…As you stop at the table, you pick up the towel that I had previously used.  You turn to look at me as I approach.  You use the towel to dry

off your arms and back.  You are watching me the entire time you are using the towel.  You then use it to dry your lower legs, then your chest and abdomen; you are still staring into my eyes.  Now the towel is absorbing the drops of water from your thighs.   You spread your feet just a bit wider as you smirk at me.  You make a deliberate showing of your body as you use the towel to dry the water drops that were gathering and falling from your suit bottom; that area of fabric that now appears even more taut with your excited and swelling vulva.  As you stroll over to your shoes, you walk beside me.  You place the area of the towel, that part of the towel that had just soaked up the water, the moisture, from your labia and the fabric covering your labia, directly in front of my face, using it to dab away some water drops from my nose and lips.  As you walk over to your shoes and put them on, I quickly attempt to remove some of the pool water from body and trunks.  You take a moment to retie the pareo around your hips.  You also pick up the scarf that you brought down and casually lay it across your shoulder.  You are even sexier looking now than fifteen minutes ago.  I watch you as you head toward the lobby door.  I have to quickly throw on my shirt without buttoning it, gather our things from the table and place them in my shirt pocket, put on my flip-flops, and then catch up with you at the door.  You wait, looking over your shoulder.  I know that I am supposed to open the door for you.

As we walk through the lobby, near the entrance to the restaurant, we both notice the two waiters that brought your drink earlier.  You look at them and smile and then continue to the elevators.  I follow.  I see one of the waiters nod his head at me with a wide smile.  One man’s acknowledging the good fortune of another.  We stop in front of the elevators.  I push the up button for us.  A door quickly opens and we enter the elevator, you first, me following.  I move to a rear corner.  You suddenly back straight into the front of my body.  You take my right hand in yours and place my palm upon your right breast, cupping that breast in my palm.  Your left hand takes my left and you begin to trace my fingers and that palm along the curves of your waist and hips.  I get the message.  I begin to move my hands in the way that you indicated.  Your hands move upward until you elbows are pointed above your head while your hands are at the back of your head and neck. You lean your back against my front.  I take several seconds and explore and caress your curves from my vantage point.  You moan softly as you press your buttocks against my manhood.  It is growing and hardening again.  Perhaps half a minute later you move forward just a bit, turn your head to look at me and then indicate with your eyes the control buttons.  I press the one for our floor.  Quickly, you bring your hands down from your neck, placing them behind you at the level of my manhood.  You lean back again, this time my erection is being caressed by you.  This continues for the several seconds until we reach our floor.  The elevator door opens and I follow you out.  We reach the front of the door to our room.  There is no one else in the hallway.  You stop directly in front of the door.  You motion for me to come closer.  As I do, you take the scarf from your shoulder into your hand.

You smile the smile of a predator; kiss me on the point of my nose and say, “We are going into the room now.  You are going to do exactly what I say, when I say it.  You will not be hesitant or ask questions or speak.  Are you okay with this?”

You, my wife have my full and complete attention.  I nod.

You lean and kiss me, quickly, but still with a passionate tongue and lips.

“Wonderful,” you purr.  “I was hoping you would agree to my little game.  Now, give me your hand.”

I bring up my right hand between us.  You take the scarf and make a loose loop of it and gently place the loop over my wrist.

“This is your reminder of our agreement.  Just keep it there.”

I nod.

You then lean into me and give me a quick, but deep kiss with your thick, wet lips and tongue.

You take a room key from my shirt pocket; and you turn the handle.  A slight gush of warmer air exits the door as you open it.  You lead me into the room by the scarf that is looped on my wrist.  The room is a bit darker than when I left it.  The inner, translucent curtains have been pulled closed; the sunlight is much softer, bright enough to see well, but just a tad duskier.  The top sheets and comforter have been removed from the bed and are neatly folded in the far corner of the room.  You lead me to the edge of the king-size bed.  “Sit down”, you say.  I do.

Standing in front of me, you bend down to kiss me; just like the previous one, wet, deep, and lustful.  You break the kiss.  “No matter what I say or do, you cannot speak.  In a moment I will have you lay back onto the bed, in the middle of the bed.  You will lie on your back.  You will stretch your arms out to your sides so that your hands are at the edge of the bed.   You will spread your legs wide with your feet at the bottom edge.  Once in that position you will not move your arms or your legs.  You will not get up or move from the bed or that position unless I say so.  I do not plan to tie you down, but the scarf is on your wrist as a reminder that You cannot move.  Understand?”

Another nod.  Another kiss.

“Now stand up.”

You put your hands onto my breasts and gently play with my nipples before you gently move your hands upwards, removing my shirt from my shoulders and toss it to the floor.

Your hands then slip into the waistband of my swim trunks at the sides of my hips, near my butt, your thumbs hooking over the top.  You push the trunks down to my knees, from there they slide completely down on their own.

“Lie down on the bed, in the center, like I told you a moment ago.”

I do as you have instructed.  As I lay back, my lust and excitement is obvious.  My erection bounces against my abdomen, pelvis, and testicles as I move to the center of the bed.  As I lie down on my back, legs asunder, my arms outstretched, I find comfortable angles and positions for my extremities.  The scarf on my right hand is there, but not too tight.  You step forward and kneel upon the bed.  You take a pillow, gently lift my head, and then place it under my head.  You then carefully push down the sides of the pillow, arranging its edges so that my vision is not blocked by the pillow when I turn my head.

“You are to keep your eyes open.  You are to watch me and look at me no matter what I do.”

I nod.

You back up off the bed.  I watch you walk to the bath.  A few seconds later you walk out with a hand towel and something else in your hand.  You take a few seconds to adjust the lights so that the only light in the room is the one small light at the entrance door.  The light coming in through the window is beginning to grow faint as the sun is starting to settle behind the city’s buildings.  As you walk to foot of the bed, you lay the towel and a bottle of lubricant on the corner of the mattress.  Yes, my interest is peaked.  My erection grows even taller and more erect, standing hard and proud, pointing at a spot somewhere above my head.

In the shadowy room, you crawl on top of me, breathing deeply.  Your legs are straddling my thighs, you sit astride my hips.  With all of my senses at such a heightened arousal, I feel your firm breasts press against my chest as you lay your body upon mine.  Your nipples point out against your suit top, pointing into my chest.  You stroke my face gently with your hands and fingers.   My erection is hard between your pelvis and mine.  You mouth draws closer to mine.  I want to move my arms around you, but I know better than to move.  You part you lips and your tongue licks my lips before your kiss me hard and passionately.  Your hands and arms are outstretched, your arms on top of mine your hands in mine, your breasts against mine, your tongue in my mouth my tongue in your mouth.  You grind your crotch into mine.  I grind back.  You moan, I moan.

After several seconds of raw sexual energy feeding our passion, you ease upwards and off my chest and abdomen.  You adjust your hips backwards until you are now sitting on my thighs just above my knees.  I feel a new sensation as you grab the shaft of my dick you your hand.  You begin to move your hand, your fingers lightly holding the shaft rapidly up and down.  I am so hard.

You smile at me.  “Do you like this?”

Your gentle pressure on the base of the shaft, right at the ridge, sends shivers and thrills through my belly, my pelvis, and up my spine.  I gasp and my breathing becomes heavier.

Your movements stop.  You look at me and smile.  You move your hips forward, up my thighs again.  You bring your fabric covered vulva upward and then down toward my waist and then back downward until my erection is nestled between your labia.  Even through the cloth, I can feel your thick lips enveloping the sides of my shaft.  You lean your shoulders back, your hands move behind you, coming to a rest on my thighs.  It is your loud moan that escapes your throat as you first throw your head backward and then forward.  The to and fro of your head matches the to and fro of your hips as you rub your vulva up and down the underside of my shaft.  You continue this motion for several seconds, for several long, slow strokes before you stop.  When you stop you lead forward, moving your hands to my chest, your head bends down to mine and you forcefully kiss me with your tongue.  You then make several more strokes with your hip during this vigorous kiss, moaning into my mouth at the same time.  I’m not sure if you came, but it is obvious that your pleasure is intense.

You now move from astride me.  You lay next to me, your head and one hand on my chest.  You look up at me and smile, a little chortle.  Your other hand starts to stroke my throbbing manhood, lightly and teasingly.  Electricity flows through me as your fingers work from the tip down to my testicles.  You stroke, massage, pinch, tickle, squeeze, and tweak my shaft, head, crown, sac, and testicles.  I writhe and moan as the sensations are both pleasurable and slightly painful.  I thrust my hips into your hand.

“You like this don’t you.”  It is a statement, not a question.

You continue your exertions.  Your lips move to my nipple that is closest to you.  You bring your lips, tongue and teeth into your playing with my nipple; caressing, licking, nibbling, alternating soft and hard sucking while tonguing the tip.  For several seconds my mind bounces from my chest to my groin until I am unable to separate the source of the sensations and pleasure that my body is receiving.  My hips and my chest alternate in an upward thrusting, my chest rocking up into your mouth, then my hips into your hand, then my chest into your mouth.

Then suddenly you stop all of your movements.  You roll off the bed and standup.  You are standing between me and window.  The light that is creeping in has a silvery radiance, the shadows are long.  I get a good look at you.  I admire your form.  I wish I could be free to grab you, to touch you, to hold, kiss, and lick… so many things I want to do.  My manhood begins to bob up and down rapidly as these thoughts surge through my mind, the images of the many things I would do to you, these things that would give you such pleasure.  My lust and passion to take you, to ravage you, to sex you in so many ways is becoming overpowering…

…to be continued

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