Making Love to Solomon’s Song

Some time ago my husband Pete came home with an intriguing record he’d got from a second hand store – it was a setting of the Song of Songs by a French musician. Apparently she’d somehow worked out from the Hebrew syntax that there was not only poetry must also melody included in the text. Apparently the musical significance of the signs was lost soon after the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD. However, over the centuries the deciphering keys have been rediscovered and so on the disc we had the Song of Songs not only in Hebrew but also set to music.

I was quite excited about it and that evening Pete and I sat down to listen to it. We knew the Song of Songs quite well from our own Bible readings, of course, but listening to it sung in Hebrew it appeared as a highly charged, erotic love poem. Just listening to it made me quite aroused, especially lying in my husband’s arms. I was all for making love there and then but the kids decided they would have one of ‘those’ evenings when they couldn’t settle. So we had to abandon any plans in that direction. However, I knew at the weekend that my parents had promised to have the kids for the evening so I looked forward to an evening of uninterrupted love making to Solomon’s Song.

When Friday came I sorted out an imitation fur rug we’d been given and put it one the bed. I also sprinkled spices and lavender around to imitate the Eastern smell of Solomon’s couch.

Dad came to collect the kids after school so I met Pete out of work and we went for a meal together at a cheap diner. I put on a short skirt to tease him and was gratified that he appeared more interested in the leg display than what he was eating. I told him he could make love to me that evening to the strains of Solomon’s Song and I could visibly see him get turned on.

When we got home, I told Pete to give me a minute. I got undressed, smothered myself with fragrance and put the disc on the small record player we have in the bedroom. I then lay on the fur rug on the bed and called my husband in.
His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me which was thrilling so I told him to get undressed and come and lie with me. He complied and we lay there naked in each other’s arms listening to the sensuous sounds of the Bible’s great love poem coming through the speakers.

Pete started kissing me passionately as I guess Solomon did his beloved as he fondled me all over, delighting in my body. “Your two breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies,” says the poet. “Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb.” Pete had my breasts, my lips and my whole body! He had become to me the Lover in the Song!

Finally we joined together and I sighed as Pete’s manly organ entered me. Listening to the music playing round us I realized again what a holy thing sex is between a man and woman. We came to a climax pretty well together and then lay gasping, listening to the sensual music as we wound our love making down.

The evening was warm and the fur rug inviting so we drifted off to sleep together and didn’t wake up till late that night. I woke up first and went and made us a drink. As I came in I saw my wonderful husband’s naked body lying there and thanked God He’s given me a Solomon of my own!

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