A Sweet Night

Diana fondled her husband’s engorged penis, kissing it’s length and giving Todd a glimpse of sexual heaven just a few moments away.  Soon Diana was sucking Todd’s love rod and stroking him and wasn’t long before he erupted in Diana’s closed mouth, the propulsion of semen spilling out of Diana’s lips. Todd groaned in orgasmic pleasure, knowing his wife was a sexual pleaser for him, and also he for her.  His tongue sweetly ravished her feminine garden a few moments before left Diana shuddering with multiple orgasms.  After lovingly licking Todd’s penis clean as she and giggling sweetly, Diana quickly dashed to the bathroom to clean the remnants of her husband’s cream from her mouth, then spent the next 45 minutes cuddling with her husband, and in low murmuring whispers and voices, the two naked lovers expressed their love for each other and reminisced about the dating years and joyous God centered wedding ceremony and the two virgins launched into their erotic honeymoon where they established a “no clothes” zone in the bedroom and made love to each other for hours on end. Gently caressing and stroking each other as they held each other, the two fell in love again, making out like teenagers.

Then, when she felt the time was right and with a devilish grin, Diana then positioned herself on all fours and presented her garden to her husband from behind.  His “soldier” rapidly came to attention. Caressing his wife’s buttocks, Todd slowly and deliciously probed his wife’s vagina and finally slipped in.  Diana groaned with the pleasure of Todd’s firm phallus now filling and exploring the velvety confines of his wife’s love tunnel.  Todd gently gripped Diana’s breasts, massaging them gently while he firmly stroked in and out.  Soon Diana matched his erotic thrusting, and the gentle slap of two lover’s skin echoed throughout the bedroom.  The grunts and sighs of the two lovers grew in anticipation, and after many moments of temporary pleasure, both Todd and Diana erupted in orgasms together.  The sighs turned into unintelligible moans for both of them as Todd again exploded his milky white love cream into his wife and her clitoris rumbled with multiple tremors after the erotic rubbing of Todd’s penis triggered Diana’s orgasms.  She felt the pulsing over and over.

And together, the two lovers collapsed again into each other’s arms.

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