My Wifes Hiccups!

A quiet evening at home. They worked on different projects; the only sound in the room the rustle of papers.

His wife worked at the table, sitting on the chair with her knees drawn up under her, leaning on her elbows as she read. Every so often he would sneak a glance at her, admiring the curve of her calves, and the way her hair tumbled down across her shoulders, catching the light so wonderfully. He sighed. She had a way of distracting him without even knowing it.

After a while, he heard her moan, and he turned his attention back to her again. Standing up, she padded into the kitchen, returning with a tall glass of water. “I have the hiccups.” She explained.

He nodded. Returning to his work, he remained aware of her quiet hiccups in the background. Twice, she refilled her water glass, drinking it quickly while holding her breath. “Augh!” She cried, stomping off to the kitchen once again. Cupboard doors were slammed, the silverware drawer clattered shut, and still he could hear the sharp hiccup sounds.

Throwing herself back in her chair, she tried to concentrate on the papers before her. This article said this, this article said that. She slammed the book shut, shoving all the papers into one pile dropping her head on her arms, she rested, hoping that just being calm would make the hiccups stop.
It didn’t work.

“Bwaaaauuuuuuhhhhh!” He shouted, dropping his hands on her shoulders, trying to scare the hiccups out of her. She screamed, whirling around and slapping his hands. “That’s not funny!” She cried.

“I’m sorry.” He struggled to keep from laughing. “I was trying to scare the hiccups out of you. Did it work?”

She paused, rolling her eyes. A few deep breaths, and then she smiled. “I think it worked.” [hic]


“Aw, Honey…” He pulled her against him, burying his face in her shoulder, smothering his laughter. “Calm down. The hiccups will stop soon enough.”
“When?” [hic] “I’ve tried everything!” [hic] “Drinking water while holding my breath, [hic] water with a spoon in the glass, [hic] water with a teaspoon of sugar, [hic] even standing on one leg and jumping up and down! [hic] You didn’t scare them out of me, either.”

Releasing her, he looked down into her sad eyes, her mouth turned down into a frown as another spasm shook her. Stroking her face, he tried to think of some way to help her.
Of course, he couldn’t help but notice how the hiccups shook her body, the way her breasts quivered enticingly in the low cut sweater she wore. He felt a little bad, enjoying her misery, but he was starting to feel a little excitement as he stared down at her soft, quivering flesh. Suddenly, he knew how to help her get rid of the hiccups.

Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her firmly on the lips, feeling her hiccups through the kiss. His mouth slid off hers, down the side of her neck, across her collarbone. “Honey, not now!” She whined, but she didn’t try to push him away. “I don’t feel like it.”

“Shhh…” He rubbed the sides of her body, licking down the v-cut of her sweater, feeling the quiver of each hiccup with his tongue. Her hands were busy rubbing his shoulders and back, her fingers twisting into his hair. Her sweater quickly disappeared, revealing the red satin bra he loved so. The smooth satin felt so good against his tongue as he licked and sucked her nipples through it, teasing the stiff peaks until she was moaning. “Oh, honey,” she whispered, breathing deeply, “that feels so good.” [hic]

He grinned, pushing her back on the table, his lips never leaving her breast. Her legs parted, wrapping around him, pulling his body closer to her. She could feel him hard pressing against her, hard against her hot sex. Grinding her hips, she tried to rub against his erection. “Slow down.” He said, pushing the wet fabric away from one nipple. His thumb flicked across the hard nub, an exquisite torture to the moaning woman. “I’m going to get there soon enough. Don’t be so anxious.”

“Beast.” She said, but she stopped her squirming. He began to work his way down her soft stomach, licking and nibbling towards her burning sweet spot. His hands pinched and kneaded her thighs, caressing her butt. Still the hiccups ripped through her, her body shaking under his.

Stepping back, he slowly removed his shirt, knowing that, as excited as she was now, the wait would be maddening. He lightly slapped her hands as she reached to undo the zipper on her slacks, wanting to undress her himself. His own pants joined his shirt on the chair, his hard unit red and swollen. He briefly wondered how it would feel to have it pushing in and out of her mouth while she hiccupped, but he cast the thought aside. Right now, he was concentrating on making her feel good, wanting to help her get over the hiccups.

“Now, my dearest,” he said, dragging his fingers across her stomach, “I am going to make love to you. I’m going to drive this hard thing deep inside your hot wet spot, and you are going to forget all about the hiccups and how miserable you feel.” He pulled the pants over her hips, then hooked his fingers into her panties, rolling them down her long legs. “In fact, I am going to make you so feel so good, you’re going to fall madly in love with me.”

“Silly. I am madly in love with you!” She gasped as she felt his penis touch her clitoris, the head rubbing between her sensitive lips. She was already so wet; he had no difficulty sliding his love tool up and down her vagina, teasing her, her every moan sending shivers thorough him. He could stand it no longer. Thrusting forward, he drove his member deep inside her, filling her up completely.

He would not last long today, he knew, her tight wet spot already trying to milk the love juice from him. Each hiccup made him want to pump a little harder, a little faster, wanting to make her body buck under his, her vulva grab his unit and pull it inside. Already she was squirming, raising her hips up to meet his thrusts. “Slow down.” He said, stopping his forward motion. “Wait for me. Don’t climax until I do.”
“Oh! My!” She tossed her head, her hands digging into his back. “I can’t wait.”
“Yes you can.” He brushed his fingertips across one nipple, knowing it made it more difficult for her to wait. “I know you can.”

“No…” Her breathing came in shallow pants, her back arching as she struggled to control her body. He wondered briefly if she realized she hadn’t had a hiccup for at least two minutes; he doubted it. “Honey…” she cried, her fingers becoming claws on his shoulders. “I can’t…”

Her orgasm ripped though her with force, as he began to pump his seed inside her. Wave after wave rolled through her, and he simply held her tight until she’d stopped shaking. “All better now?” He asked.

She nodded, repressing the contented purring that rumbled in her throat. “Hey!” She said, her eyes opening wide. “My hiccups are gone!”
He kissed her laughing mouth, then stepped away from her. “I knew it would help you.” He retrieved the scattered clothing, heading for the bedroom. “So now we know the sure fire way to cure hiccups, don’t we?”

“We sure do!” She said, rolling off the table and following him. “Thank you.”
“Thanks? For making love to you?” He grinned a rakish grin. “Just remember to call me anytime you get a case of hiccups.” Dropping the clothes into the hamper, he nodded towards the bathroom. “Care to join me in a quick shower?” [hic]

She burst into laughter, watching the shock on his face as the hiccups attacked him with a vengeance. Pressing her naked skin against his, she allowed her hands to stroke his skin, licking his chest. “Guess there’s only one thing to do.” She said, pushing him back on their bed. “Let me help you get rid of those hiccups…”

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