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The Scarf (part three) (L)

 Read part two …You are still wearing your swim suit and the mesh pareo.  The pareo is clinging to your hips.  Your silver belly chain and anklet shimmer in the light.  You do a slow runway-type turn, one hand on your hip.  You do a second, stopping to face me again.  Your stance shows off […]

The Scarf – part two

Read Part one of The Scarf, click here …As you stop at the table, you pick up the towel that I had previously used.  You turn to look at me as I approach.  You use the towel to dry off your arms and back.  You are watching me the entire time you are using the towel.  […]

Sexy Foreplay – The Scarf (part 1)

Sexy Foreplay – The Scarf (part 1) It was Sunday, the last day of our long weekend.  The day had been nice.  Our only ventures out of our room had been for a short walk and brunch.  It was now mid-afternoon.  The sun was warm and bright.  You suggested a dip in the pool.  As […]

One Flesh – Love, sexuality, and Our Existence

One Flesh – Love, sexuality, and Our Existence Sexual love, passion, eroticism, and sensuality are obviously germane to our human existence.  God created these emotions, feelings, thoughts, and desires within each of us.  Hence, they are godly and good within the healthy confines of our humanity, our lives, and our human behavior.  Our Creator not […]