Baby Monitor Surprise

I just had a baby boy 7 weeks ago.  I’m still pretty tender ‘downstairs’ and not really ready to have a penis inside my kitty.  For the last 2 weeks or so, my husband and I have enjoyed masturbating together — touching each other and touching ourselves.  It’s been a great way to ease back into the sexual swing of things.

My baby is waking up pretty consistently at 1AM to breast feed, and I take him up to the living room, where we have our baby monitor receiver (listening only unit).  I have noticed occasional audio feeding into the monitor — trucker CBs, cordless phone calls, etc, which we usually just turn off.

However this time I started hearing a phone conversation that seemed to be taking a raunchy direction.  It probably was a neighbor, but I don’t know who it was.  I could only hear the female’s voice.  She answered a question by describing what she was wearing, and even talking about taking off certain clothes.  I’m not sure why I didn’t turn it off — probably curiosity.

A few minutes later, this lady was having full-fledged phone sex.  I heard a lot of moaning and phrases like “Yes, that feels so good.”  It was odd… but VERY intriguing!  As I sat there with a baby sucking my left nipple… I started to become VERY aroused for our marriage not theirs. They were keeping me thinking sexually when I was not that sexually motivated at the time.

This seemed to be a regular 1am timed event for this married couple. I found out she was married to business man who was traveling. I just enjoyed listening the first 2 nights.  The 3rd night, when the baby woke up, I didn’t just take him with me — I also brought my trusty vibrator.

As this mysterious wife said OHHH, Ooooo, AHHH, YESSSS — it was making me aroused too.  After about 5 nights, I started to feel a tinge of guilt.  So I told my husband everything that was happening.  He was very understanding — and even encouraged me to continue if it was helping me sexually.  Wow! What a man!  He said, “Actually, it’s quite a turn on for me to know about you’re little ‘secret’.”

The 7th ( and final) night, my husband surprised me by coming up to the living room with me.  We lay on the couch and masturbated together (I continued to breast feed our boy with one arm).  It was a very sensual experience — one of the sexual highlights of our marriage!

On the 8th night, the business trip ended, because the 1am phone sex never returned to that innocent baby monitor.  I must admit, even though the audio wasn’t there… I still had fun with my vibrator that night.  In fact, I still take up my vibrator with me about 50% of the time. Very nice!

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