The Office

It had been a rather busy week, and I was eager for the weekend to start. Fortunately so was Mandy. We had had only a few minutes each night to talk, since both our schedules were taking precious time from our interactions.

I work at a manufacturing company located over 50 miles from home and found the driving to be its own part-time job. Mandy, on the other hand, worked at a local university and was within 10 minutes, door-to-door. During the fall term, her responsibilities to plan the homecoming events consumed her for weeks on end. She would often work till 8 or 9 at night before coming home, cleaning up a bit, then collapsing into bed to start all over again the next day. Weekends were usually a bit freer until the actual event itself, which would then require her to spend all but a few hours of sleep at the university managing food, fun, and various social events. That long weekend was still several weeks away, and Mandy was ahead of schedule and feeling rather confident that her planning was paying off.

So today while still driving home, I decided to call her and see how she was doing. It was on the second ring that she picked up her office phone and said, “Where have you been all my life?” in a mischievous tone.

Mandy often started our phone conversations with the presumptions that it would be me on the other end and that I was her true love. The latter presumption, of course, was always true. There had been a few embarrassing cases where the first was not.

“Just driving,” I responded, “half way home but still have to get through all the traffic ahead. How are you this fine day?”

“I’m doing well,” she responded sweetly, “and am quite excited since I have these two new interns this year. They are really good. In fact, I’m probably a week ahead of schedule and feeling very confident about this year’s homecoming. And it’s still a couple weeks away. So…I was thinking that you should pick me up for a date tonight to celebrate. What do ya think?”

I could tell by her voice that she was feeling very stress-free and also a little flirty, perhaps even frisky.

“My, my! You’re a bit forward, aren’t you? A beautiful young lady like yourself asking a gentleman like me out on a date seems a bit modern,” I said, with just a hint of playfulness and mock offensiveness.

“Well, perhaps you’re right. A lady shouldn’t ask her man of interest out on a date, but I am really excited to wear a new outfit I picked up today and thought perhaps you would like to see it.”

Again her playful approach only added to the pretend date fantasy we often share.

“Gee…I don’t know if I should go out with such an aggressive girl.” I paused for dramatic effect. “Oh, well, OK. At least this once. I’ll swing by in about 15 minutes and pick you up. Will you be ready?” I asked in a tone that was less of a question and more of a statement.

“Swing by the office, not the house, and we can go to Round Table Pizza down the street,” she said with just as much authority.

As I sat in traffic, I grew more and more excited wondering about what she may have been thinking as she shopped today, looking for an outfit that would please me. I have often shared with her that a woman in fine lingerie is one of the most beautiful visuals a man can have, especially when it is his wife. But tonight I sensed that it was more than just lingerie. She knew that I wore a tie to work and would show up wearing the traditional business attire, white button-down, long-sleeve shirt with matching jacket and slacks. The tie I put on this morning was one of her favorites. It was not a solid bold or simple striped pattern, but looked more like a bold Monet painting. It definitely had a GQ look but did so with a modern flair within the sphere of conservative business attire.

This brings up another one of my desires I have shared with Mandy. I loved it when she would dress up in proper business attire herself. That was often what she wore to work anyway, but I would generally not get to see it since I left the house before she did and arrived home after her each day.

So what would she be wearing when I picked her up for our “date”? I had little trouble visualizing various possibilities delightful to the male eye.

I arrived at the university almost exactly 15 minutes from our phone conversation and double-parked in front of her office. Before going in, I quickly dropped the top of my red Miata, as it was a warm, fall day and the thought of the two of us driving around town all dressed up with the top down would only further the excitement.

“Hello?” I called into the offices as I opened the door.

“I’m back here,” Mandy said, almost as if I were just another visitor.

I went straight back to her office and found her with her hip cocked to one side and her derriere sticking out slightly, causing her brown mid-length skirt to wrap tightly. She was bending over a file cabinet drawer, which had the additional effect of causing her blouse to wrap tightly around her tiny waist and back, enabling me to clearly see the outline, color, and details of her bra strap, including even the brand-name tag, which had worked its way out.

How easy it is for a wife to look immensely desirable to her husband! Just little things, of course, but scenes like this certainly keep the excitement in a marriage.

The blouse was a cream short-sleeve, button-up, made of sheer silk and tucked neatly into her skirt, as could be seen by the subtle outline it created on her skirt. My eyes followed this profile of her enticing figure down to her thighs and legs, then to her feet, revealing close-toed, black high heels and matching cream stockings.

I am not a fan of pantyhose, and Mandy knows this all too well. Although most of her hosiery contains stockings either to be used with garter belts or held in place with elastic lace at the top, she does own a few pairs of pantyhose for the more practical events. Today I had just assumed that she was wearing stockings, and this was now confirmed as my eyes darted back up to her thighs and saw the outline of a wide, lacy band betraying its existence.

“Well! Where have you been all my life?” I asked, repeating her own words from only less than hour ago but putting emphasis on the word you.

Mandy spun around and quickly gave me a hug and then looked up and gave me a sensual, slow and tender kiss.

“Just waiting for you to notice me,” she said softly.

It felt good to hold her close and experience close up the soft fabrics and warmth of her body against mine. It was several minutes before either of us spoke.

“I’ve made reservations for two at Round Table pizza,” I said. “We’ve got about half an hour before we need to be there. Would you like to go for a drive?”

She looked up at me. I could tell from her eyes that she was up to something.

“I would love to go for a drive, but first see if you can guess what I have on underneath.”

Over the years I have been able to identify her lingerie rather quickly and would tell her what I thought she had on. This, of course, became a game between us because she found it truly amazing that I could pick out so many details within so short a period of time.

But right now I decided that two could play at being mischievous.

“Young lady! Please, what kind of a question is that to ask of a gentlemen? I could tell over the phone that you might be a bit forward, but this…”

“Oh, get off it! I know very well you’ve staring at me and trying to figure that out from the minute you walked into this office and saw me bending over.”

The female always does have the advantage when it comes to games like this!

“OK, OK. Well, let’s see now.” Scanning her from top to bottom, I said, “You are wearing a pair of lovely cream stockings with a two-inch-wide lace top to hold them in place. Also an ivory colored La Perla sheer-lace, demi-cup bra and matching lace g-string panties.” Her eyes were twinkling as I paused. “How did I do?” I asked with a grin.

“Amazing! You really do have a gift, but you didn’t get it all right.”

I was shocked and quickly retraced my memory from only moments before, noting that I had not missed a thing.

“Prove it!” I said in a definitely teasing tone.

“Oh, I will, but not yet,” she said with an impish smile.

And with that she took my hand and led me out of the office to my double-parked car.

We drove around town with the top down, enjoying the warm evening, the city lights, and the bustle of people shopping. I was once again consumed with joy in my heart at being with a beautiful woman who truly loved me for who I am and for the continued excitement we had for each other even after so many years of marriage.

“You know,” I said, “I really do feel like we’re on a date tonight, and it seems as though it only continues to get better.”

Although I did not expect a response, Mandy leaned over, kissed my cheek, and said, “The substance of our marriage is based on our respect and love for each other and knowing what needs and desires we each have and how to meet those needs.”

What a profound statement! As we drove down the main boulevard and through a canopy of oak trees that created a tunnel effect, wind blowing in our hair, I realized that within the last hour we had both reciprocated each others needs. Every such experience only deepens our love.

It was almost time for our reservations, so I headed toward the pizza parlor. We parked in front, and I ran around to open the door for Mandy. Proper behavior for a gentleman on a date, right? But of course I also took the opportunity to peak down her blouse, catching that fleeting, tantalizing glimpse of her creamy breasts held gently in place by the lace bra.

As Mandy stepped out, her right leg swung outward to touch the ground and provide the right angle to lift her self out of the bucket seats. If you have never sat in a Miata, you will not know that the getting-out process requires a bit of practice and often forces a lady to expose more than she would usually like to expose. This maneuver does two things at almost the same time. Her legs are spread open, which forces the skirt to rise quickly, and depending on the force required, often provides ample opportunity to spot the top of a stocking and on occasion even a flash of panties. Tonight was one of those occasions. To my liking, she took her time in getting out, and it was then that I realized what I had missed in my quick review of her intimates back at the office.

I had just assumed that she had on matching panties and that they were either a g-string of thong. With her blouse tucked into her skirt, I was not actually able to see the traditional triangle outline of a thong on her upper bottom. Nor did I see any matching panties just now!

Mandy had been watching my eyes as she got out of the car and must have noticed the astonishment in them.

“I started off with panties this morning but when you called this afternoon, I got so excited to hear from you and started thinking about our date that they became…rather damp. So I figured I would simply take them off.”

Mandy’s words implied a purely logical explanation of a simple fact, but her tone was more like a ditzy girl, not aware of her actions.

My response was immediate. I grabbed her and drew her to me in a passionate embrace and kiss. Then as our lips parted, I whispered softly, “I love you, Mandy, with all my heart and all my soul. You are the most wonderful wife a man could hope for.”

Her eyes were soft as she looked into mine, and her face seemed to emit a radiant glow as the daylight was fading.

It was clear that both of us were aroused. But we were on a public sidewalk. I gently caressed her face and smiled. Then I simply reached down, took her hand in mine, and led her into the restaurant.

During dinner we sat across from each other and talked about the day’s events and tomorrow’s plans. As we talked, Mandy dropped one shoe and began to slowly slid her foot up my leg and toward my thigh. It was a soft, gentle, caress and a romantic moment. She repeated this several times during the dinner.

Even as we sat there, the excitement was building in me, and I knew Mandy would enjoy the gesture also. Slipping out of one shoe, I gently ran my toes up and under her skirt feeling the silky nylons, followed by the rough pattern of lace, and then smooth skin, marking my intent and distance along the way. Without too much effort, I was able to make Mandy catch her breath several times as I explored with my toes until finally the mundane conversation we were having seemed almost comical in light of the explosive sexual tension we were engaged in. I was able to witness her arousal in both her breathing and what I saw through the thin blouse and ivory lace bra. The only interruption was the teenage waiter. He was oblivious to the real situation but did seem to find Mandy to be a customer he enjoyed keeping happy with water always at the top of her glass.

We finally left the restaurant and repeated the open-door maneuver once more, only this time in reverse. Again her skirt rose above her stockings but teasingly below where her panties should have been. I slowly drove back to her office to pick up her car before heading home. At the office, Mandy asked me to help move a box in her office. I found a spot to park, helped her out yet again, and we walked hand-in-hand to the office.

Upon arrival she locked the door behind us and, pulling me further into her office, asked me to sit down in the chair.

“Since you asked me earlier to prove that you were not quite accurate in your description of what I had on, I figured I would do so right here were the error occurred.”

With that she began to slowly unbutton her blouse one button at a time, starting at the top and moving slowly down until the only buttons remaining were those tucked away in her skirt. I watched her slowly move from side to side in a slow dance as the blouse slid softly from her shoulders and then off each arm to dangle, still tucked in the skirt. She stood there in an exquisite bra exploiting her body with all of its beauty. Still standing in her high heels and skirt, she turned around and asked me to unzip her skirt. I obliged quickly enough. Then I let my hands slide down her thighs to the bottom of the hem, enjoying the feel of the silk stockings beneath her skirt.

With little side-to-side wiggles, Mandy slid off the skirt and let it drop to the floor, leaving her blouse hanging around her waist with two buttons to be undone, as though she had on a strange slip. I was easily able to see the stocking tops through the blouse as it brushed against her legs, but only for a few seconds before the last two buttons were released and it floated erotically to the floor.

“What a stunningly beautiful woman you are!” I blurted out, breaking the silence, my breath thin.

There she stood in shinny black high heels, shimmering stockings clinging to the thigh of each leg, no panties, and a silky lace bra that had ribs running through each cup dividing its contents first in half and then together again as the edge lace completed the delicate pattern. I was overtaken by her willingness to share this with me and also struck by the fact that my wife was standing mostly naked in her office wanting us to make love. Her desire to be daring and yet tasteful in our sex life is a joy to be cherished.

I stood up and softly placed my hands on her cool-to-the-touch waist, allowing each hand independently to explore this tapestry of texture both of flesh and fabric, before we made love right there in her office.

Several weeks later I was at work with a terrible cold and was fighting the effects of a stuffy nose and horrible pressure in my head. I could feel myself growing worse by the minute as I reached into my coat pocket to grab a handkerchief to stem the sweat forming on my brow. There was no handkerchief. I pulled out instead Mandy’s silk, ivory g-string that she had apparently put into my pocket weeks earlier in order to “prove” what she was and was not wearing. I grabbed my keys and left for the day.

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