Love of Nature

It was a beautiful Summer morning for a hike in the woods. My wife & I are not your so called serious hikers, more like enjoyable walkers in nature. We have a favorite trail near our house that runs a long a water way &  is not heavily traveled. It was a warm day & my beautiful wife decided to only wear her sports bra & workout shorts not expecting to really run into anyone on the trail.

We love to hold hands & just talk as we wander the trail through the woods, enjoying all the sights & sounds of mother nature. As we walked, the trail narrowed to barley a single dirt path. This part of the path had 3 ft wildflowers growing on either side in all different glorious colors. It was beautiful & I let me wife go first because the trail wasn’t wide enough for both of us. I watched my sexy wife from behind enjoying her rear features, especially her cute ass in her tight shorts.

I stopped & pulled out my camera phone & asked my wife to turn around for a picture. She looked perfect, surrounded by flowers & smiling for me. I got the picture & my wife tells me to put away the camera because she will now pose for a mental picture for me to remember. I was not sure what she meant as I saw her look around in all directions, then look back at me. Shooting me a sexy smile, she takes her hands and lifts up her sports bra to let her big gorgeous tits fall free. My jaw drops as I stare at my sexy wife topless, surrounded by flowers. Her two hands cup each beautiful breast as she looks at me & says the sun on my bare tits feels amazing.

All of a sudden we hear a rustling on the trail & my wife quickly pulls her bra back over her tits. As we both walk through the flowers to where the trail gets wider again, a jogger runs by us. Giggling my wife looks at me & says – that was close. I told her that was extremely sexy, she looks down at my shorts & can see the outline of my semi hard cock. I see by the growing bulge in your shorts, that you approve of my tits in nature. I feel so frisky today maybe we can find a more secluded place so I can show you more & I can take care of that growing problem in your shorts.

I quickly start scanning the area – looking for a perfect spot to fuck my horny wife out in nature. We leave the main trail & work our way into the woods. We find a perfect clearing in the woods, with a grove of trees and grassy area. I grab my wife and we embrace in a very passionate, tongue-filled kiss. We feel like teenagers, as our hands grope each other all over.

As I back my wife up to a tree to lean on, she reaches up & pulls off her bra. My mouth attacks her big, beautiful tits. Licking & sucking each tit as my wife holds my head to her chest & moans. My now throbbing hard cock is straining my shorts. My wife feels my hardness & drops a hand down to my shorts to pull them off. My hard steel cock springs free as my wife’s hand grabs my throbbing member & begins to stroke me. My wife’s other hand goes into her shorts as she touches herself. I am so fucking wet – taste my juices on my fingers. I am now sucking my wife’s pussy juice off her fingers & she tastes delicious.

We are now like two animals in heat & can’t get undressed quick enough. I drop to my knees & in one motion pull down my wife’s shorts & panties. My mouth attacks my wife’s sweet tasting, dripping pussy. My wife leans against the tree and puts her legs on my shoulders so I have easy access to eat her pussy. Moaning loudly my wife begs me not to stop. That’s it – suck & lick my needy pussy. I want to cum all over your face. I continue eating her pussy until I feel her pussy muscles tighten around my tongue & she lets go with a extremely strong orgasm.

I now need relief. I ease away from my wife’s now sensitive pussy & we have a sloppy pussy juice tasting kiss. I instruct her to turn around and grab the tree because I am going to fuck you from behind until I explode. Assuming the bent over position against the tree- I first enjoy the view of my wife’s sweet ass & pussy. I grab my throbbing cock & begin to rub my big swollen mushroom head up & down her big pussy lips. My wife looks back at me & says stop teasing me – fuck me & fuck me hard. I want to feel every inch of your cock. I slowly ease my cock into her needy pussy until I feel her wetness on my balls. I hold my cock, balls deep in her pussy, while I reach around & grab her big hanging tits.

Once I have each tit in one of my hands – I begin to pick up the pace fucking my wife. Getting loud – my wife gets dirty. Fuck my pussy with your big hard cock, I need it so bad & it feels so good. Yes, fuck me harder, I want to feel your balls slap against me. I am now losing my mind, I let go of her tits & grab her by the hips & start to pile drive my cock into her deepest part of her pussy.

My cock starts to reach it’s limit as my wife feels it swell & pulse as my cum begins to release from my balls. I am now grunting & cumming so hard deep into my beautiful wife. Our combined juices are too much for her pussy to hold. My cock, her thighs & pussy have cum everywhere. Oh fuck that felt so good as my wife turns around to kiss me. She feels the juices dripping between her legs as she pulls up her panties – telling me she wants to keep my cum in her pussy until we get home.

Just as we finish getting dressed, we are startled to hear someone coming through the woods towards us. This older man in his 70’s approaches us & asks if we are enjoying the beautiful day. My wife & I stutter to say – why yes it is a gorgeous day. The man apologizes for startling us, he says he just wants to thank us for the beautiful scene he watched. He says he feels guilty for watching us make love but it was so beautiful & reminded him of his deceased wife & himself when they were young. He continues to confess to us that he masturbated & we helped him reach an orgasm so strong as he pictured his wife & him enjoying nature like we were.

Well feeling embarrassed ourselves, we say our goodbyes to the older man & head back towards the trail. As we work our way back towards our car my wife says to me – do you believe someone actually watched as we made love like two wild animals & not just that – the person masturbated while watching us. I was silent for a minute, but I confessed to my wife as I think about it – I am really getting turned on all over again. So am I – she says. Let’s get home so we can get to round two.

As soon as we walk into our home my wife strips off her clothes, sits on our stairs & spreads her cum filled pussy for me. Fuck me now I am so horny knowing someone watched us fuck. I need your hard cock buried deep inside my cum filled pussy. My cock had no problem being hard as I was just as turned on as my wife. As I strip & move towards her, I grab her ankles & plunge my cock into her messy pussy. What a feeling! I never fucked my wife’s pussy with my cum already inside her – it felt incredible. The sensation was new for my wife also as I was fucking her – she tells me – oh my! my pussy is a slippery, sticky mess & it feels wonderful. Give me your hard cock & fucking cum in me again – keep filling me with your hot cum.

That’s all it took as my cock starts to spasm & shoot my cum deep into my beautiful wife’s pussy for the second time today. Exhausted from our double fucking, my softening cock drops out of my wife’s used pussy. My wife quickly moves a hand down to her pussy to catch the cum dripping between her legs. She brings her cum filled hand to her mouth to taste the double load of cum I deposited & pulls me in for a sloppy, cummy kiss.

We eventually make it upstairs to shower together & promising each other to take more nature walks in the future.


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3 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Thank you! Keep writing Eroticcouple, that was a nice story! I loved the part about the orgasm, and your wife playing with her breasts in from of you 🙂 I agree, sun on your breasts does feel very nice. God bless you two

  2. youngcocouple2006 says:

    Wow!! Hot sorry. Not sure about the guy watching though! We did something similar but the sex was super quick. So the next time we went further in the woods and tried only to be surprise by a bicyclist saying there were bears. Made for a few evening!

  3. Chesed says:

    Eroticcouple, I loved your modern day retelling of a scene from The Song of Solomon. Fucking the love of our life in the woods celebrates God's gifts to us. Keep the stories cumming.

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