My husband was at work when he sent me a little something.

“Babe, meet me tonight at Classic American Diner, Citykäytävä at 6 pm. Wear pretty attire.” I texted back “You got it, hot man” right away and let’s just say excitement came swiftly.

I prepared dinner for my granddaughter and fed her before I left. I wore something with a little 50s theme to it, and I was out the door once I finished the final touches of my makeup.

There he was, my handsome sexy husband, waiting for me at a table as I went to join him. He greeted me with a tender kiss.

“Oh babe, you smell wonderful!” He said,

“Why thank you, my sexy. When I bathed today, I washed my hair with the lavender. I know how much you love it, my sweet sexy hunk. I love it too.” I told him.

We sat down, had a light dinner while we remembered our sexy date night in 1989, how we danced at the diner, then had some lovin’. Hehe.

We walked back home, hand in hand, remembering how we used to come here on vacation as well as work in our youth, and now we live here!

After freshening up saw our granddaughter had gone to bed early, so we decided to watch some old videos, including our wedding video before bed. My husband and I then walked to our bedroom hand in hand.

I kissed his cheek, very softly and felt him shudder against me. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his collar bone while I did so. He stroked my hair as I kissed his neck, and he loosened my dress. When we were naked I got on our bed, and my husband joined me, and kissed me while he tenderly touched my face while saying,

“You’re so beautiful,” I responded by running my fingers through his hair and caressing his face.

He then went down a little to caress my breasts and lick my pointed nipples kissing them between licks. He then came back up to kiss me briefly before entering his hard penis in my wet vagina.

I was barely able to handle the intense, throbbing pleasure while his cock thrust, stroking every inch of my wet ladyplace as he kissed me passionately. I caressed his smooth back, running my hands down and massaging his lower back as he throbbed inside of me.

My body tensed up and I began to cry out, while I clutched my precious husband tighter as I orgasmed strongly. My husband kept thrusting and went faster as he himself reached orgasm, jerking inside of me. I enjoyed listening to his orgasmic cries as I came down from my own orgasm.

Then, he took a moment to recover before kissing my neck. He rolled off of me to turn out the light before we lay side by side, falling asleep in each other’s arms after sharing one more kiss goodnight.

It was one of many precious, nostalgic and erotic nights. How can one not be grateful to God for this? And to be able to still be passionate in our 50s? It’s beautiful!

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10 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    Wonderful loving story Mrs Harper, made my aching cock real hard as I think of getting romantic with my wife tonight after a week away from home for work, thank you for sharing and inspiring, gotta get home soon now !!! God bless you two.

  2. Ben G. says:

    Wonderfully hot story Harper! Made my cock hard. You are so right, it is a blessing to still be able to enjoy our sexual passions into our fifties. God bless you.

  3. possibility says:

    Lovely romantic story Harper. I felt this was going to be good and I had my penis out and was gently masturbating before I read where he 'entered his hard penis into my wet vagina'. I know how wonderful this feels. So pleased to hear you both had satisfying orgasms. I agree, we should always be grateful to God for his gift of sex.

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Thank you so much! BTW, Malaga was AMAZING! The beach, the food, the SEX! (just HAD to throw that one in) It wasn't the season, so it was cheaper, and not that crowded, but still a lot of people. My goodness it was amazing! However, shortly after we settled back home, our granddaughter wasn't feeling well. She has a fever, so she'll stay home a little while. But she's ok, thank God. God bless you, OneCouple!

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