Favourite Happy Ending (L)

For my husband…

I lay in your arms -your little girl- and close my eyes and stick out my tongue whilst I focus on what you are doing to me below… I feel every inch of your long, fat cock pushing into my tight lips, filling me up, stretching my cunt open as I squeeze on it, letting out nice little moans. You thrust, again and again and again, and each thrust turns me on more and more.

You pause and whisper in my ear, “I’m so full of cum for you, my love… my dick is almost exploding…” I moan and lick my lips. For days I haven’t had the sexy experience of sucking on your cumming dick, because we’ve been so busy, and I am horny; hungry to have your seed gushing into my mouth; flooding and overwhelming my sensorium. My sexy secret plan is to give you the hottest happy ending ever.

Your urge to cum subsides a little, but not for long as you continue pounding into me, as you say, “Oh fuck, wife, I don’t think I can hold back much longer!… Do you want cum, little girl?… I’m going to cum!… How do you want to take it?”

Then I surprise you, saying, “Gushing into my mouth as I suck out every last drop!!!” I quickly dismount and turn around and sit on your face and suck down on your fat, erect penis, turned on by its tightness, glistening with my tasty sex juices. You moan really loud and lick at my cunt hovering above your face whilst I rock my whole body, sucking up and down the full length of your tight, meaty dick, moaning. “Ah!! I’m CUMMING!” you shout, and I bury your dick in my throat over and over, while I feel your strong hands clamping down firmly on my arse cheeks and your tongue thrusting deep into my cunt, filling me at both ends simultaneously.

I suck your dick deep into my mouth as forceful ejaculations of semen shoot into my mouth. “Don’t stop!!” you command as I ride your face and muffle your moans with my cunt lips whilst I enthusiastically suck up and down on your tasty dick, as it shoots load after load of salty cum into my hungry, sucking mouth. I am so turned on by my mission to please and the pleasure I am giving you as I focus on sucking out every last drop of cum from your dick.

Then I realise how horny I am getting in my snatch. You are still eating me out as I hold your softening dick and start gently licking up any stray cum, and I send down my other hand to rub my clit whilst you lick my fuckhole. My pleasure heightens and I beg you, “Don’t stop!”

You lick two fingers and begin thrusting them into my arsehole, one after the other, whilst my fingers and your tongue continue caressing and probing and fucking the same horny hole. Soon my holes are squeezing on our fingers and your tongue, and I moan as waves of pleasure fill my body, radiating from my fuckhole outwards, up my spine to my head and down to my feet, and my arsehole twitches and squeezes your two fingers whilst your stretch outwards, providing the gentle resistance that I like when I’m climaxing. As the waves of pleasure subside I rest my head right next to your dick, exhausted…

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8 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    WOW, I loved every bit of your HOT story IntheNightGarden, so erotic I couldn't help but to touch my hardened cock, I'll have to roll over and grabb my wife's hot ass for a pounding when she wakes up, thank you for sharing and please write more, God bless you !

  2. Dean316 says:

    Hot short story miss! Loved how you took your mans love sauce in your mouth and worshipped his cock while he pleasured you back. Must say it’s a big turn for me wives eating up their hubbys cum! Got my cock very hard and eager to cum itself!

    Stay horny and sexy!

    God bless,

  3. hornyGG says:

    This was a very hot story. You expressed your sexual love for your husband wonderfully. I love how you described sucking his dick and wanting to drain every last drop from him. This story has me desiring to taste my loving husband Ben and to be eaten out by him. Thank you so much! God bless and stay horny!

  4. possibility says:

    InTheNightGarden, What a hot story! This made my cock long and erect and I soon had to take myself in hand. The erotic language used is sooo right. I love your use of the word 'cunt' and 'sucking on your cumming dick' and 'seed gushing into my mouth' and 'while you lick my fuckhole. I introduced my wife to this kind of talk early on in our marriage and we both found it a huge turn on. Long may you two enjoy each other in this totally uninhibited way and may it make your orgasms strong and deeply satisfying.

  5. Eroticcouple says:

    Wow fantastic story – couldn't help but get rock hard and rub myself while reading this very erotic,sexy story. Can't wait for my wife to read this so we can imitate this Beautiful night ourselves

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