Good Old Missionary! (L)

Having busy work schedules, we often have to make a sex date between us, we agreed on a mid-day rendezvous, that inevitably gets us both excited and looking forward to some hot, erotic and passionate marriage sex, just the way God intended it!

I was home, waiting for my hot wife to arrive, the time dragged by slowly but eventually she arrived! I had my cock thick and hard as I was edging and stroking myself with some horny thoughts of my naked wife while waiting with anticipation. She entered our bedroom as I was lying on my back on our bed, my cock standing erect in the day air, with my purple engorged head leaking with precum. She said, “Hi baby” and greeted me with a loving kiss, then made her way to the bathroom and came back, completely naked – WOW, what a sight, as always, I was in awe of my beautiful wife!

Her curly blond hair was flowing over her shoulders, her pretty face had a naughty smile on it, her marvelous big breasts were full and firm, and her pussy neatly trimmed into a small landing strip. I still love, adore and desire her so much, even after all these years, my perfect body type, a gorgeous voluptuous blond with very big tits.

I love everything about her, her personality, her sense of humor, her kind and generous spirit, but…………none of that mattered at this moment in time! I was overtaken with raw lust and just wanted to fuck her hard, right there and then, she got into bed beside me and immediately took me in her mouth, she was hungry for cock, bobbing up and down my long throbbing shaft, taking in as much as she could. I positioned myself so I could stroke her clit – that instantly got her going, she moaned and cried, “oh yes, yes,yes, ohhh, aawww, that feels sooo good.”

Slurping sounds echoed through the room as I fucked her face and rubbed her now hard clit, the session was getting heavy and intense with some hot marriage sex as we both breathed hard, moaned, and exchanged some dirty words – there were nobody else in the house, but us!

I knew I was not going to last long so I pulled her off my shaft, leaving my cock twitching and jumping. She got on her back and spread her sexy legs as wide apart as they could go, I grabbed her by the ankles and got into the good old, tried and tested, missionary position. Her pussy was wet and ready, I entered her slowly, it’s still the single best feeling in the world, her pussy felt hot and warm, and very tight as her head dropped back.

We quickly synchronized into a fast rhythm and I could feel her squirt bits and bits of cum out onto my cockhead and shaft, making me wet. I grabbed both of her big soft white tits, massaging them until her nipples was erect and hard. “Are you ok,” I asked, “oh yes, everything feels so good,” she replied! I watched my long thick shaft enter and exit her soaking pussy as we both enjoyed the ultimate in sexual pleasure, my cock felt like exploding and just before I went over the edge, I pulled out, took a breath, settled down and then started masturbating, my wife knows that this is a sign for her to start pleasuring herself as well, she gladly obliged and off we went, both masturbating and watching a mutual show, it really was so HOT!

After a time of hard stroking I moved back in, using my fat cockhead to rub her clit. Her orgasm was now approaching fast and she made it clear that she was going to cum soon, so I entered her again, in the missionary position, fucking her hard. I could see some white cream coming out of her vagina as my cock went in and out of her love hole at a rapid pace. I grabbed her buttocks with both hands, slapping my cock into her and squeezing her ass, I felt her juices running onto my fingers and into her ass crack.

I pulled her into me tightly and fucked her aggressively, she lifted her head up from the bed and our eyes locked, her mouth was open as we slammed lustfully into each other with force. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, aaww fuucckk,” she screamed as I also moaned and grunted like a wild animal. Her eyes opened up real wide and at that point I pushed her hand away and applied 4 fingers to her hard erect clit, stroking and circling it fast and furiously, her hips were bucking and her tits were bouncing around, heaving back and forth. A strong and powerful orgasm ripped through her body as her ass lifted from the bed and her legs stiffened. Her first orgasm came and went but she wasn’t done, our bodies kept pounding into each other, the second orgasm was there in no time, she cried and yelled out in pleasure, a huge smile covered her beautiful face!

My big cock was now as rock hard as it could possibly get, I could feel a big cum load tightening up my ballsack, a few more hard strokes and an explosion suddenly erupted, stream after stream of hot white cum shot out of my swollen purple head, spraying her pussy, her bush and all over her tummy. I used my cock while it was still hard to rub the sticky cum all over her pussy as she pulled it open for me. We were both spent but completely satisfied, still in love, and still enjoying the good old missionary position! We collapsed next to each other, spooning while I held her big tits in my hand, dozing off to a nice afternoon nap, and feeling blessed by the Provider of all good things!


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25 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    So HOT OneCouple! You got me in the mood for some after-holiday sex! Missionary has always been our favorite, it's so intimate, and personally, I have the BEST orgasms from that position, and I can tell my husband's are intense as well! I get to watch and feel him cumming in my wet ladyplace! The sitting position comes at a VERY close second! The top 2 so to speak. God bless you two, and I look forward to your next one!

  2. hornyGG says:

    Although I love sex in any position. I must say that missionary position has always been my favorite. I love looking into my husband Ben's eyes and seeing the expression of pleasure on his face as he fucks me. I also love wrapping my legs around him. Great story! Stay horny and God bless!

  3. OneCouple says:

    Glad you enjoyed it hornyGG, seems like the missionary position is a favorite with a lot of the ladies, my wife loves doggie style, she cums very quickly from that, God bless you and Ben !

  4. Old Lover says:

    Hot and horny story, OneCouple! We love missionary, too. It’s tried and true. My Anne tells my how good my cock feels deep inside her and loves it when I cum all over her hot, wet pussy. Thanks for the inspiring story!

  5. AB says:

    Hi Harper,
    Could you describe the particular "sitting position" that really like? Is your hubby sitting on a chair (like a kitchen chair?) and you straddle him? Are you facing him or is your back to him?

    Also, Horny GG, do you have any more stories coming? I would love to hear more about your new at home "nudist" lifestyle. Do you and Ben shed your clothes as soon as you step in the door? (that's a fantasy of my husband's once we're empty nesters–he wants me to become a nudist haha). Anyway, would LOVE to know more about your new found freedom and all the fun it has led to. Hey Harper, since you are empty nesters too, do you and your hubby hang out naked all the time too? Anyone else on MH a nudist? I can totally see the attraction to it for sure!😍

  6. Dean316 says:

    AB i'm a home nudist (i guess i can say that). Might delve into that one day as i think the site could use more of something like, not knocking anyone or this great site but that's just me. I'd be intrigued to hear about GG's experiences with Ben as she two is one of my favourites on the site.

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hello AB. Certainly I can, my husband usually sits on either the edge of our bed, or the middle of our bed, and i'm always facing him, and straddling him. That way he can view my body, play with my breasts, and we can kiss, caress and hold each other, etc. No, my husband and I don't hang out naked, because our 12 year old granddaughter lives with us and we also live in a cold climate, and even though our heating system is great, we prefer to be bundled up during the day, that's all. God bless 🙂

  8. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple, it was AMAZING! We did it twice last night! First in the sitting position, then in the missionary, and needless to say we both came HARD! Recently we had "silky" sex after re-reading one of your stories! God bless 🙂

  9. OneCouple says:

    WOW, this so HOT Mrs Harper, forgive me in saying this, your comment instantly made my cock become as hard as a rock, longing for my sexy wife ! Unfortunately I'm not in a position to release myself and are again working away from home this week, ouch this is HARD (pun intended) ! Would you mind telling which story you guys re-read and please elaborate what you mean by "silky" sex, if you don't mind all the questions. Thank you so much for sharing and may God bless you two always !

  10. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Oh i'm sorry 🙁 hopefully you'll get to be with her soon. We love the story about "Hard pounding and big bouncing breasts" is one our favorites from you 🙂 I actually reference it in one of my stories I'm writing 🙂 Do you mind? Also, what I mean by "silky sex" is when the bed sheets, covers, pillows, you name it, are all silky with silk covers, and we have sex in those 🙂 I also threw in wearing silk lingerie for my husband to unwrap form my body 😉 Linen or silk, sex is great! 😀 No I don't mind, ask all the questions you want. God bless you both abundantly

  11. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, we'll be together again this weekend, always makes for some HOT and erotic marriage fucking ! Reference all you want, not a problem at all, I'm exited to read that story from you. Awesome for doing it twice last night, you two sure are hot and horny matures, I love it ! Blessings

  12. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Hehe we sure are! My husband is 58 and still a hottie! He says the same thing about me, which is so sweet, but I can tell he's still hot for me, because sometimes, he still sneaks up on me to touch my breasts, which he did ever since out wedding! It's so wonderful he's still attracted to me. He gets that sexy smile when I "move" sexy on purpose while doing non-sexy things like cooking. Anyway I'm so glad you'll be together again on the weekend, and I hope you have a hot one! 🙂 God bless

  13. OneCouple says:

    I'm happy that you found this to be a beautiful story kka, I don't think there is something more beautiful than hard erotic marriage fucking between husband and wife, what an awesome gift from God ! A beautiful picture to the story as well, God bless you !

  14. kka says:

    Thank you OneCouple.
    Yes , its most beautiful feeling , spending time with our love one as we want!
    I am virgin, and while reading this stories i fantasied about my future wife!
    How we spend our time together as a husband &wife and the upcoming thing!
    God bless you!

  15. A Better Pastime says:

    Ok, we just ready this story. We also just read through all of the comments on this story.

    We are both now so completely aroused just having read through the comments exchange between OneCouple and Harper Shelby Thorton. We continue to read through the comment exchange with ever increasing arousal…incredible AND hot! We also want to throw in a "hot" nod to GG's comment!

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