Naughty Boy and the Boss

My husband and I were enjoying a nice dinner with our friends. I was wearing a simple dress Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 9.28.04 PMthat only went down to about mid thigh. Every time I would look over at him I noticed I started to feel aroused. The way he smiled and squeezed my knee did not help me much either. When our friends became distracted by entertainment I took my husband’s hand and slipped it underneath my dress to let him know I was not wearing any panties. His facial expression immediately changed and I gave a coy smile turning my attention back to the entertainment.

Once dinner was over we said goodbye to our friends and made our way back to our car. “How about a little fun tonight?” I whispered into his ear as my hand stroke his cock from the outside of his jeans. He nodded his head quickly and started the car taking us home. Normally he was the one taking control, but I wanted to change things up a bit.

As we made our way inside the house he quickly threw me over his shoulder (I hate when he does that, but at the same time I love it). I could feel his hand slide underneath of my dress and slap my ass. I squealed and I could just vision him smiling right now. Suddenly I was thrown on top of the bed. I smiled and watched as he begins to take his shirt off. “Not tonight baby. It’s my turn.” He stopped and raised his eyebrow at me. I pretended not to notice as I bit my index finger and used my other hand to teasingly lift up my dress. I spread my legs apart and keep an eye on him while he starts to bulge inside of his pants.

Soon I was on my knees and motioning him to come over to the bed. He came without hesitation. I had him lay down and I crawled on top of him, making sure to sit right on top of his cock. “Mm, you have been a very naughty boy. Now I have to show you what happens to naughty boys.” I got off of him and went to the front of the bed noticing him watching my every move.  I try to stay calm and in character during this, but it was so hard! I quickly turned around and grabbed the oil from the dresser.

I slipped strapless dress down so it exposed my breast and I poured oil over them. I turned back around and heard him groan instantly. “Babe..” he mutters. He tries getting up but I gave him a look. “You see, naughty boys have to watch the fun until they can prove themselves worthy of joining in on it.” I slipped my dress down even more exposing my breast. I squeezed them both and nipped at my nipple. He began to bulge up even more and I knew I was becoming wet. I squeezed them again and fondled them before moving my dress down even further.

“Take off your shirt!” I demanded as I lifted up my dress giving him more sneak peaks. “Whatever you say, boss.” He instantly took off his shirt and tossed it to the side.

“Good. Now take off your pants. When you are done doing that come over next to me.” I began to rub my pussy and watch him become fully erected by the time he reached me. He pulled me closer and I moved away, “Oh no. You did another no, no.” I pushed him into the wall and slid my fingers into his boxers. I ran my hands up and down his shaft before playing with his balls. “Now you are being a good boy.” By this point I could feel my sweet juice began to slid down my thigh.

“Can I do one thing to earn back your trust boss?” he asks. I pretended to think about it, “I guess you can naughty boy.” He pulled off my dress and slipped off his boxers before pulling me closer and guiding his cock through the lips of my vagina. “Oh naughty boy,yes.” I moaned. “Can I do another thing boss?” he asks. “Yes you can.” He sat me down on the couch and put my ankles on his shoulders. His lips began to kiss the lips of my vagina before moving inside. “I love your sweet juices boss.” he says as his tongue runs over my clitoris. I throw my head back and moan, pushing his head closer. “Yes naughty boy! Yes!”

His middle finger soon takes over. “More boss?” He asks his his hand squeezes my breast. I could feel the heat rise within my body, “Yes! Give it to me more!” Two more of his fingers move inside and soon I can feel myself coming to my climax. “Yes.” I groan as I cum out. I watch as he moves his fingers and sucks the cum off. “I think I deserve a treat, right boss?” He stood up and I was face to face with his cock. “Oh yes naughty boy, you get a treat.”

I moved to the edge of the couch and licked his head. I then kissed his cock all over before swallowing his cock inside my mouth. “Oh yes boss! This is great!” I played with his balls and continued to give him the best blow job ever. “Yes, more.” He groans. Soon I stop because I know there was more for us to do. “Oh naughty boy. Come to the bed with me for your last punishment.”

I pushed him down on the bed and looked at his erected cock. “I love how big you are naughty boy.” I climbed over him and took his cock in my hands as I moved it in between my vagina. I rubbed it all around hearing him moan, “Oh yes boss. Just let me fuck you. Let me give it to you hard boss.”

“I like that naughty boy. Give it to me hard. Fuck me naughty boy.” He pulled me down beside him and mounted on top of me. He took my legs in his hands and slipped his cock perfectly inside of me. “Oh yes naughty boy! Oh yes!” I could hear his balls slapping my ass as he thrusts into me hard. “Faster naughty boy!” I never asked for him to go faster before, but I wanted him so bad. He went faster and deeper.

“Like that boss! Let me give it to you more!” I can feel myself start to cum all over his cock. “Cum in me naughty boy! Give it to me! Fuck me hard!” I moaned as I hear our bed start to hit the wall. Finally I feel his hot love pour into me. “Oh yes naughty boy. Yes!”

He finally stopped and moved to the side of me as the cum continued to poor out of me. “I love it when you take control boss. Quite sexy. You should do it more often.”

“I love it too naughty boy. Maybe I should give you punishment more often.” I laughed breathlessly.

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9 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I loved your hot story! I really liked how it all started with no panties on at the friend’s house. It showed your husband that you had a plan! This is the kind of love pondering that we see in Song of Solomon. God bless you both. I look forward to your next story!

  2. Loving Guy says:

    This story is so hot. This type of fantasy would not usually appeal to me, but I think that it can be fun to try something different sometimes. It hits home with me as I have had some cute female bosses before. What if one of them were my wife?

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