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Ejected From the Game! (L)

My husband and I were getting ready for the friends to come over later for some Sunday night football. We had about three or so hours to spare. My husband hadn’t even changed into his jersey yet. I smiled to myself realizing his stripped shirt reminded me of a ref’s shirt. “I will be back […]

Your Client is Here (L)

After reading stories on MH I felt so horny and in the mood. My little pussy was throbbing. I decided to have some fun and put on my pink thong and push up bra from Victoria Secrets. I snapped a picture of myself and sent to my hubby at work. It wasn’t long after I […]

Naughty Boy and the Boss

My husband and I were enjoying a nice dinner with our friends. I was wearing a simple dress that only went down to about mid thigh. Every time I would look over at him I noticed I started to feel aroused. The way he smiled and squeezed my knee did not help me much either. […]