Ejected From the Game! (L)

My husband and I were getting ready for the friends to come over later for some Sunday night football. We had about Sexy wife on Coachthree or so hours to spare. My husband hadn’t even changed into his jersey yet. I smiled to myself realizing his stripped shirt reminded me of a ref’s shirt.

“I will be back honey.” I said before heading into the bedroom. I found one of my jerseys to put on. I took off my bra and slipped on my baby pink lace thong. I looked in the mirror and smiled. My husband always says my jersey compliments my body perfectly. It hugs my breasts and exposes the bottom of my cheeks just to give my guy a bulge in his pants.

I peered downstairs and my husband was still in the same spot, sitting on the couch. I sauntered down the stairs and watched as his eyes scanned my body. I walked into the kitchen and bent over to grab a few sodas to put into the fridge. We had already put some in, but I wanted to make sure he had a great view of my ass. As I walked back into the living room I smiled at the bulge in his pants.

“Oh, ref, please don’t throw me out of the game. I will do anything so that I can play again!” I put my hands on his legs and bent forward as his hands caressed my ass. He gave it a squeeze and smiled.

“But you were playing dirty one too many times. You know we have to eject you from the game.” He said giving me a stern look. “Of course, didn’t you say you would do anything?” he asked raising his eyebrow. I quickly nodded my head. He stood up and grabbed the computer chair rolling it in front of the couch. “Let me see you masturbate for me,” he whispered in my ear.

I grinned and sat down on the chair spreading my legs apart. I knew I was already wet so I didn’t need to lick my finger, but I did anyway. I sucked on my index finger and used my other hand to slide my thong over. I ran my finger through my lips and then began to rub my clit. I looked over at my husband and noticed his bulge was getting bigger.

“Like that ref?” I asked as my finger left my clit and found it’s way inside of me. I shivered from the pleasure as I began to finger myself. I slipped another finger inside and started moving faster. “Oh yes.” I moaned knowing how much that turned him on. I kept doing it knowing I was close to coming. By now my husband’s penis was in his hand. “Oh, oh.” I gasped knowing I was close.

“Oh no. That will definitely keep you ejected from the game if you cum.” He got down on the ground and pulled me over to him. Soon his face was buried in my womanhood. I moaned as his tongue pierced inside of me.

“Oh yes ref.” I spread my legs further apart and pushed his head closer to me. It didn’t take me long before I exploded into his mouth.

“Mmm, you might be earning yourself back into the game.” he winked after licking his lips. “I think I might need a little bit of help. My penis needs a little attention.” I smiled.

“Oh I would love to help you ref. Anything to get back into the game.” He got back on the couch and I crawled in between his legs. I played with his balls because I knew he loved that. I even kissed his hips which always makes him quiver with excitement. I licked up and down his precious shaft before giving him a nice squeeze. “Mm, you definitely liked that.” My tongue swirled around his swollen head before starting to go down on him. I started off slow just to tease him. Then I could feel him push my head into him. I used my free hand to play with his balls as my mouth moved up and down on him.

“You are good at this. No wonder you are a pro.” he chuckled giving my breast a hearty squeeze. I bobbed back up and licked his head some more making him groan. I smiled and fit him back inside of my mouth. Before I knew it he had come inside my mouth. I swallowed all of it. “Oh, you must really want back in the game.”

“Fuck me, ref. Go into me deep. Make me scream your name.” I pleaded. I slipped his pants all the way off along with his boxers. “I want you in me now.”

“Get on your knees now. Let me fuck you so you can get back into the game.” He took off my shirt and kissed my breast. He pinched my swollen nipples which only made me want him even more. Soon we were kissing and I was taking off his shirt. As we kissed his hands wandered down my body and slipped my soak thong off of me. Finally I managed to get on my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and slipped himself into me.

“Oh yes.” I moaned as he began to thrust into me. His hands glued to my breast as he fucked me. I loved hearing his balls hit me with every hard thrust.

“Like that baby?” He asked as he went faster.

“Yes, baby, yes. Harder.” I moaned. And he did just that as he pounded into me. I was so close I knew it. I screamed out his name as we both came at the same time. My body shivered. His hot seed filled into me and it felt amazing.

After he pulled out of me, my husband picked me up bridal style. I knew he was going to take us to the shower. “I think you are back in the game, babe. Let’s hit the showers,” he winked as he gave me a passionate kiss.

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  1. Madeleine 27 says:

    I’m Devastated I was surfing on marriage heat when I found your story about you leaving I really wanna cry. You and i both started at the same time and I feel like I know you I’m really sad. You and Ben have been such a inspiration to me and you will both be missed. I have to be honest I’m pissed like I don’t know what to say. I gonna miss you terribly I Love you very much once and for all God Bless And Stay Horny

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