Saturday Sex

Saturday Sex -A Quiet Saturday at Home

Saturday Sex – It made for a  change – no chores, no Sunday School planning, nothing to do for the weekend.  Cue a nice lie-in, sleeping until 10am Saturday.  Surely not my turn to make the coffee AGAIN??!  As with every good Saturday, though, my wife had other plans, not just drinking coffee.

While we were waiting for the drinks to cool, she rested her head in my naked lap and just stroked me.  Needless to say, before long she had to move her head to avoid the discomfort caused by the hardness she had made.  For a few minutes she just kissed and sucked me, but I confess to being disappointed when she stopped to finish her tea. Would we start the morning off with Saturday sex?

As soon as that was gulped down, though, off came her nightie and the touching and kissing began in earnest.  One thing she really likes is to lie on her belly while I lie on top of her, pressing myself between her thighs.  When she got really warmed up from rubbing herself against my erect penis, I slipped both my arms round her waste and settled my hands over her triangle of hair.  Pressing both my penis and my fingers over her really made her wet and desperate.

Before long, she rolled onto her back, legs apart, revealing her beautiful body in all its glory.  I knelt between her legs and leaned forward to give her a passionate kiss.  Before I could reach that far, she grabbed my penis once more and set about using it as a vibrator.  She rubbed me over her clitoris, pressed me inside a little way a few times and then started on her clitoris again.

By that time, well, I was about ready to explode.  While we both like it when I orgasm over her tummy, neither of us was in the mood for anything other than proper sex by then, so I slipped easily into her sopping wet body.

Gripping me tightly by squeezing her legs together, we just moved our bodies as one.  Her arms tight round me, she said “stop, you are not to do anything”.  At this point I did my best to keep still (not easy!) as she thrust herself up and down me.  I could not keep still for long, as the passion increased, I had to return the movement and before long we were both moaning loudly as we enjoyed simultaneous orgasm.

Saturday sex is something to look forward to!

Saturday Sex

By: Joel Kramer



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