Father’s Day

It was Father’s Day and I was ready to do a big-time guy thing. Nothing.

Wife Tina and our two-year-old son had promised to take me out for dinner later and that was good enough for me. We would enjoy the day, we would stay home, and I would do what I wanted. Like sleeping late. Which I was doing now.

Or I was until the bedroom door burst open and here came the son, followed by the dog, followed by Tina bearing breakfast. “Happy Father’s Day” they yelled, presenting me with breakfast. So we sat there, sharing the breakfast. Tina, always thinking ahead, had made enough for the entire family (plus the dog).

“So, what else you want to do today?” said Tina as she washed the dishes after the family breakfast in bed.  I wrapped my arms around her, nuzzled my face in her brunette hair and kissed her neck.  “I have you, him and even the dog. What more could I want?”

Tina leaned back into me. One of her hands swept slowly up my leg and the other pushed my hand down past her stomach to her center. “Oh, you never know what might happen,” she said.

It was early afternoon on Father’s Day and it seemed like a good time to take a nap. After all, it was Father’s Day. So I snuck upstairs with my current favorite book and turned on the baseball game. I figured I would be napping in no time.

Until the door opened again and this time only Tina walked in. Wearing nothing.

“So,” she said grinning, walking seductively towards the bed, breasts moving slightly and nipples erect, the afternoon sun shining off her neatly trimmed love triangle, “he is taking his afternoon nap and the house is quiet.  Do you want to watch a ballgame or maybe play ball with me?”

I turned off the game and put the book away. “I am all for participation sports,” I said as Tina approached the bed, standing next to it. As she leaned down to rub the growing bulge in my shorts, I peppered her private entrance and inner thighs with short kisses. A quick swipe of my tongue on her opening produced a gasp from her and a taste of her love juices for me.

Tina quickly rolled onto the bed and helped me undress. First she helped me sit up so she could take off my T-shirt, kissing my nipples as she did. Then Tina gently pushed me back onto the bed and kneeled between my legs. Lifting me slightly, she slowly and tantalizing pulled down my gym shorts and tossed them aside. With a grin on her face, she used her left  hand to rub the hard middle of my briefs. As I rolled her nipples in my fingers, Tina put her forefinger deep into her entrance, let it stay there for a moment and then withdrew it. She then put her wet finger to my lips so I could again suck on her sweetness. Which I did, greedily.

I lifted myself up again and Tina, using both hands again slowly removed my final article of clothing. Tina looked at my full erection, took it into her hand and laughed. “Happy Father’s Day to me!” she giggled, leaning down and thrusting it fully into her mouth. I started to moan and run my fingers through her beautiful hair as I heard the familiar popping sound as she moved her head up and down my shaft.

Just before reaching the edge, I pulled Tina up to me and we laid side-by-side; legs and arms wrapped around each other. We kissed deeply and passionately; our tongues exploring each other.

When we came up for air, I looked at this beautiful woman. “A good day has just turned into a great day,” I said, kissing her nose. Tina smiled, kissing me on my nose.

“Well, I wanted to do this for you,” she whispered. “But I thought making love now was a good omen because of what happened two years ago on Father’s Day. You remember don’t you?”

I could never forget that Father’s Day, my final one before I can became a Dad. Tina and I had been trying to have a baby and on that day, we spent the afternoon making love. We think that was the day our son was conceived, who was born nine months. later. Our secret nickname for him was FDG (Father’s Day Gift).

Tina continue to speak. “You know we have been trying to conceive another child; but we haven’t had any luck. I thought we would go back to a proven formula…the afternoon of Father’s Day.” She kissed me again. “There is nothing I want more in this world than to have another one of your children. There is no other man in this world than you that I want to be the father of my children.”

Tears came to the eyes of both of us. I rolled her over on her back and kissed her for what seemed to be hours. Then I looked down at her and whispered, “And there is no other woman than you that I want for the mother of my children.”

Our lovemaking has always been passionate. But on this afternoon, it was even more so because with God’s help, we were trying to make a baby.  Our lovemaking was active and sensual as we stroked, kissed, probed, massaged and teased. I made sure her juices were overflowing. Tina made sure my erection was hard and strong.

When we reached that point that we could no longer bear it, Tina whispered to me: “Remember two years ago, how you made love to me that day?” she said looking deep into my eyes. “Please do that again.”

I did. I kissed her one final time and then rolled her gently on to her back. I positioned myself between her legs and move forward. I placed her legs on top of my shoulders to provide deeper penetration I supported myself by my hands and arms. Tina used her right hand to guided me into her ready and eager opening. We both sighed as I easily and fully slid into her chamber.

After such a long period of foreplay, we both knew it wouldn’t take long for either of us. We kept our eyes on each other as I started to move back-and-forth. I could feel Tina start to tense up almost immediately. I felt my love stream moving up my shaft to the top.

Tina put her hands on my back, encouraging me to keep moving. “I love you so much,” she whispered, looking up at me. “Please make me a mother again.”

My rhythmic thrusting quicken.  Tina arched her back and tilted her head up. Her hands slid down to my arms and her grip tighten as her orgasm began. As she cried out, I could hold out no longer. My head jerked up as I reached the same point. “I love you, Tina; I love you so very much,” I whispered to her as I kept thrusting until the end.

We hung onto each other until I slipped out of her. We knew we didn’t have much time until our son awoke from his nap, but we laid there together for as long as we could.

Before she left our bed, Tina reached out and kissed me again. “Thank you,” she said, again with tears filling her eyes. “Happy Father’s Day and God willing, the best Father’s Day gift may still be to come.”

And as she always is, Tina was right.  About nine months later, she delivered to us a beautiful baby girl.

We call her FDG II.

By: David Shankbone





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