Holiday in the Sun

It was in the evening, and the sun was going to set in about two hours. We were at our cabin down by the lake, and it was a beautiful sight. I decided to go for a swim in the lake right before sun down, the water was a bit cold but not that much; then again I was wearing a bikini. I was swimming around here and there around the lake, when I see my husband come out of the cabin and walked toward the lake. He was in his swimming shorts and he swam toward where I swimming. We talked, kissed, swam by now the sun had gone down and it started to get cold. I was going to go back to the cabin and have a shower, but he requested to go to the hot tub with him. It was a good idea so I agreed, it was so romantic.

He put his arm around my waist with me wrapped in a towel because he gave me his because I was so cold. It was really special to have some time with him because we just got married a month and a half ago and we were smothered by our big families. So we cuddled while we were walking to the hut tub, then we finally got there and we both slipped in. We talked some more then he said he would get some wine so he left. It was nice to actually have time with him, because we were at relatives’ houses since we said, “I do”. We were going to go on our honeymoon later on, but this night was so special it was good enough. Then he came back from the cabin with two wine glasses in his hands and handed onto me. Then he got in and we cheered to our marriage and then kept talking and drank.

Then he said he would talk the glasses and put them on the table outside. I was just getting warmed by the water, but when I turned around I was surprised at what I saw. There he was taking off his shorts and stepping into the hot tub naked. I thought I missed something, that this wasn’t happening. Then he came and sat beside me and started to kiss my neck, I was enjoying it but couldn’t comprehend it. Then he went for the strings that tied my bikini up and slowly he undid them. I felt dirty, but then he told me not to. Then I slowly slid the bottom piece of my bikini off. I couldn’t believe I was naked in a hot tub with somebody else, even though he was my husband. Then he lifted me by the waist and seated me on his lap, I knew what was going to happen. Then he thrusted himself into me, and it felt so good. We started kissing each other and enjoyed the moment. We didn’t do anything major, we just kissed and thrusted our bodies together. Then we got our clothes and everything else we brought and ran into the cabin naked, no one was close to us.

The fireplace was on; we jumped on the couch and just hit it off. He was on top and he pushed himself in and out really fast, it felt so amazing. Then I was on top, I was going up and down and he started to help me and then we rolled onto the floor in front of the fireplace and had more sex. We could feel the heat between us and the fireplace helped some more. Then we got a blanket and we settled on the couch and just watched the fire blare. He got up and got some turtle chocolates, and we ate them together while watching something on TV. One of the chocolates fell one the ground and I went to go get it and he placed my mouth around it and I went up and down and I sucked really head and I heard him moaning. I started to get carried away and started to get dirty, and I stopped and gave him a lap dance to the song that was on. He got really turned on and he got me on the couch and started to suck and kiss me everywhere.

He pushed himself up and down harder and harder, my legs felt so weak from being stretched apart. Then he got some ice cream and chocolate sauce and a garbage bag and I lay on the garbage bag and he put ice cream and chocolate sauce all over me and he licked and sucked it off. Then we switched, and it was more amusing when you get ice cream sucked off of you. We took a shower together and had a bit of sex there and then we went back down to the couch and I fell asleep in his arms on the couch. It was crazy night, but boy was it ever worth it.

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