Holiday at the Coast

My wife and I were expecting our first child when we went on holiday to the coast.  We decided to go “out of season” – just a few weeks before the start of the official holiday season.  This way we were sure that firstly we paid less for accommodation, and secondly the beaches were not so crowded.  This last part especially came true one day.

We went to a small cove-like beach…reached after you climbed down a quite steep stairway.  We arrived at about ten a.m. and sunbathed and swam for hours.  At about three p.m. we were still the only people on the beach!!  We realized (and hoped) that no one else was around or would be coming there that day.  For the first time in our lives we decided to feel how it was to suntan naked, and took off our swimming suits.

It was quite pleasant especially since we could enjoy the experience together and on our own.
My wife was in her fourth month of pregnancy and was feeling quite aroused (apparently something that happens to a lot of pregnant women).  She started teasing me by making suggestions and playing with herself…first only with her breasts but later even between her legs.

I was getting quite aroused and had a huge erection. I jumped up to grab her but she ran away.  I started chasing her but she kept on running away, giggling and laughing and playing all the way.
She ran to the side of the beach where there was a lot of huge rocks and shouted that we are playing hide and seek…I must wait a few seconds before entering and then I have to try and find her.

I waited and then went after her. The huge boulders were not lying against each other – you could pass between them, and I had to wind between and around them, looking for her. Of course she could see my shadow approaching and would slip softly away to a new hiding place.

However, after about ten minutes she was so aroused that she could no longer wait.

I came around a huge rock to find her leaning back against a rounded one, her legs spread widely and pulling open her vulva lips.

I just walked up to her and into her…she was so wet that I slid in like a hot knife into butter.  We both climaxed immediately before collapsing on the sand.  We lay there kissing softly and whispering our love for nearly half an hour before we got up.

When we came out between the rocks there still were no one around, and we went into the waves to wash ourselves.
Up till today we still fondly remember that day, and use it sometimes to tease and arouse each other.

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