The Forfeit

I had to pay a forfeit the other day. It really began when we visited my husband’s brother and his wife. Now we really like Ted and Sammy, but the kids!!!!!!! They are BRATS!! I think their parents are too patient with them. They are really good, caring parents and I think the kids will turn out OK in the end. It’s just the amount of arguing you have to go through on the way! I can’t stand it after the way we were brought up. I mean, if I’d argued with my parents like that I would not have sat down for a considerable time.

Thankfully, our own kids behaved pretty well while they were there, but they obviously picked up some bad ideas from their cousins.  So when we got home the problems started with them being mouthy and sassy just like their cousins. Well, I just can’t stand it, so it was pants down and bottoms up over Mommy’s knee! Poor kids – they had a job sitting in the car afterwards when we went shopping. Ain’t I mean???

Now I really hate having to spank my kids and I think it was thinking of that that made me dent the car – or that’s my excuse! I didn’t see a fire hydrant (I think that’s what it was) when I was parking and smashed the indicator light. I was really upset with myself. Anyway, when Pete came home I put on a pathetic girly face as I confessed. He gave me a hug, patted my bottom and told me it was one of those things. It was just the lens gone and he could fix it. What an understanding husband, I thought!

However, when the kids had gone to bed he grinned and reminded me I’d have to pay a forfeit. Forfeit? Of course! We’d had an argument some time ago as to which of us was likely to bang their car first, and I sassily bet him it would be him. He took me up on it and we agreed whoever banged their car first would pay a forfeit. If it was him he should pay a forfeit of buying me a new outfit and if it was me I’d have to bend over my husband’s knee for a spanking.

It seemed a pretty good deal to me at the time as Pete drove much further than me. But now I would have to pay the forfeit! I tried to argue that because I’d dented the car’s rear there was no need for him to dent mine but Pete argued that if it had been him I’d have made sure he paid up with a new outfit, which was true. So in the end I had to pay up as agreed. I think it was the cute shorts I was wearing that finally decided my fate!

We went down to the basement out of earshot of the kids and Pete sat on a chair and indicated to me I should assume the position over his knee. I pulled a face and complied. Pete adjusted by bottom so it was in optimum position for the spanking.  I knew he was enjoying getting his sassy wife in a position where he knew just what to do with her! I was enjoying it too in a different way. Being spanked over my husband’s knee is always a very intimate and romantic experience for me. It’s just that I thought it ironic that I was now in the same position as my kids were that same morning!

Pete took some time admiring my bottom encased in the tight shorts and I purred with pleasure as he ran his hand over my upturned rear. I was getting wildly turned on and I expected he was too.

Pete then said, “OK, Trish, time to pay your forfeit.”

I yelped as my husband’s hard hand descended on my behind. The shorts were thin and offered little protection as I squealed and wriggled and kicked my legs. Pete was making sure I paid my forfeit in full and by the time he finished my butt had experienced a considerable rise in temperature! After the last spank I fell off his lap, clutching my stinging rear.

Pete then took me in his arms and we cuddled up, kissing each other passionately. My bottom may have been red hot but our love making that evening was even hotter, as we pulled each other’s clothes off and joined our bodies together. I gasped as I reached a climax and then felt the warmth and pleasure of my husband doing the same.

We lay together for some time, with Pete giving my bottom a sympathetic rub. It sure needed it after his ministrations! I could still feel it was pleasantly warm as we finally went to bed that night, so I felt I’d truly paid my forfeit in full. But it had been a fun evening, especially as before we went to sleep, Pete promised to take me out at the weekend and buy a new outfit! I snuggled contentedly in his arms, thinking it had been well worth the forfeit!!

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