Double Birthday Treat

It was my birthday the other week and I was thrilled that my husband had managed to get a day off work. I’d been a very naughty little wife the week before (much to Pete’s delight – he likes me winding him up) so I was anticipating going over Pete’s knee for a birthday spanking to make up for my misbehavior. What I didn’t foresee was getting it twice!

We’d gone to bed early the night before with me in a right randy mood. Even though Pete was tired I seduced him into making love to me with the aid of a sexy short nightdress my sister had given me for the occasion. I felt really pleased with myself as I lay with my man’s male organ inside me. Pete, however, was so tired he fell asleep after muttering, “You little siren! You wait till tomorrow!”

In the morning I woke up to find myself in Pete’s loving arms. We lay for a bit and listened for the kids. They miraculously hadn’t woken up themselves and so Pete decided it was pay back time.

“Happy birthday, darling!” he said, cuddling me close. It felt so good to have my man’s warm body next to me. Then, “You know what naughty wives get on their birthdays?” he said.

“Not this early, surely?” I gasped, but Pete was already putting me in position for an early morning birthday spanking. I lay over his knee with my bare bottom in the air and went “Ouch!” as his hand smacked my buns.

However, we’d only got about five spanks on the way when we heard the kids. They had woken up and were making their way to the bedroom to wish Mommy happy birthday. We quickly got out of our undignified position and sat up in bed rather red faced as our two little angels bounded in. My bottom was stinging a bit but I felt really happy with life at that moment. My husband looked and me and grinned and I stuck my tongue out. Pete whispered, “You wait!” The kids thought it was funny although they couldn’t (thankfully!) guess why.

Well, I had presents the kids had made and then something from Pete, and then a small package came through the mail. I could see it was from my sister, Jenny. When I opened it there was a pair of panties, which bore a picture of a handprint on the back, together with the legend, “Spank me, it’s my birthday!” I went very red and quickly hid them from the kids, making a mental note to quietly murder my sister (well, something like that) next time I saw her. Pete, however, noticed what they were and made me promise to wear them later.

Well, we all went out to lunch, followed by a family movie in the afternoon. Jenny rang and made me promise to wear her little gift, while I threatened dreadful revenge. Then Mom and Dad came round in the evening but left early enough to give us a bit of time for fun. With the kids in bed, I put on the sexy nightwear and the panties with the legend. I met Pete in the basement where I paraded in front of him and said, “Now, where did we get to?”

“I think I need to get to the bottom of this one,” he said. How original, I thought!
He then sat on a chair and pulled me gently over his knee. After reading the instructions on my butt, he said: “We’d better start from the beginning again.”

“No!” I gasped, kicking my legs feebly.

“Oh yes!” said my husband. “You’ve needed this for some time!”

I yelped as my husband’s hard hand spanked my buns for the second time that day. It stung a bit but we both hugely enjoyed the romp. I squealed and wriggled but he held me tight and by the time he completed the birthday assignment my bottom had experienced a considerable rise in temperature.

I then stood rubbing my butt as my husband undressed and we were soon into some pretty good lovemaking. I find a little fun spanking occasionally really turns us on and we gasped and moaned our way to the climax.

I lay in my husband’s arms and smiled contentedly. It had been a wonderful day with those closest too me. And TWO birthday spankings – enough to keep my sister jealous! I may have been a year older but there was still plenty of fun left to have!

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