The Standing at Attention Game

We have a game we play, she can be clothed or naked, I have to be naked. She tries to see how hard, or how big, or how far she can make my love pole stand up, without touching me. She can use words or actions, but no touching. I do the same with her, only I try and see how wet I can make her smooth sweat pink lips get, and if I can make her nipples hard and her chest turn red. And after we have teased each other up good for about an hour, we make wild passionate love where ever in the house we happened to be playing our little game.

It’s the simple things in life. Like now that I am older and my penis doesn’t just jump up every time a sexy thought comes to mind or when I see something sexy, it sometimes takes a little coaxing, a little tugging or sucking. But there is nothing like standing there and having it raise up on it’s own. What a feeling, it’s great.  And see her watching it, smiling, and seeing the desire in her eyes start to burn. Another thing we do is touch one another without using our hands, but using our genitals only. We do give each other massages, with lotions, and oils, and even feathers, but using just the genitals to rub and touch with, drives us wild.

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