Extramarital Sex: What’s the Big Deal?

Over ninety-percent of the sex scenes depicted in the media do not take place in a committed relationship of marriage. Can you name off the top of your head a “hot” scene in a recent movie between a married man and woman?

This may create the perception that “hot” sex is not married sex. God intends that the marriage bed glow with romance and sexuality (Song of Songs) – creative and hot, including the benefits of commitment, trust, companionship, safety, longevity and encouragement with one exclusive partner. Oh, and the joy of getting babies out of this God-created pleasurable union.

If a married couple lets the flame go out, waters of neglect and hurt will dowse their marriage heat until hardly a spark is felt.

MarriageHeat.com is about fueling your marriage flame by sharing stories, encouragements, ideas, resources and creativity that will help keep the fire going for the long term. Your comments, submissions and participation in making marriage sexuality special will bless yourselves and others.

With so many voices arguing explicitly for sex outside the marriage bed, let’s explicitly but purely disciple each other into long-term hot monogamy.

What do you think? Help kindle this flame by providing your opinion in a comment below!

Assuming you enjoy the following marriage heat attributes, what do you like MOST about sex in marriage?

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  1. mhope says:

    Good topic! Really, all of the answers are true, however, I believe that sex inside of marriage is far more meaningful because it’s more than just lust – it’s actual love, with every bit of your soul and being having an active part in the act. They say sex is 90% thought/emotion and 10% physical touch…think of what the love between two partners adds to the emotional aspect of sex!

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