sexy dessert

Sexy Dessert

Sexy Dessert  – It hadn’t taken much convincing from her husband that tonight would be a good one to spend on the town. All it took was for him to flash his puppy dog expression and look up at her with those sparkling hazel green eyes, and she was hooked. Of course, he claimed the same was true in reverse. She put on a dress she knew he liked, and secretly smiled when she saw his face light up when he saw her. Why did that always seem so fun? It always seemed such a young lover’s game, but she loved what she was able to do to him.

Dressed in slacks, he strode toward her purposefully, his eyes meeting hers. His hands trembled as he drew her to him. The hard press of his arousal against her through his slacks was as constant as it was firm. He’d once expressed some embarrassment at it, but now she knew just how much of a token of his love it meant. His hands lightly caressed her lovely figure, down her back and sides, and over her hips.

“You look terrific, Hon,” he whispered. “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

She looked up into his handsome face and met his approving gaze with her soft blue eyes. “Tell me again,” she whispered back with an intensity that matched his.

And he did. All in one motion he swooped her into his arms, physically carrying her to the car, all the while stumbling all over his tongue trying to express himself. She gave him her patient smile, and giggled at his efforts. She didn’t care what he said, but it was fun to watch him… and fun to tie up the poor man’s tongue so thoroughly like nobody else could.

“Okay – where are we going?” he asked, once he joined her on the driver’s side of the car. As if he had to ask. He knew her favorite was Chinese. It had been a long-standing joke. Her answer was always the same. Not waiting for her answer, he started the car and headed down the road to their favorite restaurant. It wasn’t like they had many options in the small town in which they lived anyway.

They both knew the restaurant proprietor Chang on a first name basis. Then again, they practically knew everyone in town that way. Chang smiled to see them come in, grabbed two menus, and led them to their favorite table in the back.

His princess now seated, he sat down opposite to her so as to admire her all the more. It took discipline to force themselves to address the menu first, but soon thereafter they were lost in each other. Chang chuckled softly to himself and shook his head. They were the happiest couple he’d ever known, even if they seemed as distracted as teenagers at times.

It would be long into the evening before either of them figured out that the meal had discretely come, and had somehow been consumed by both of them. Otherwise, they’d lost no time in the simple pleasures of talking about every little thing that came to mind. He adored her sweet face and expressions, and willingly drowned himself in the blue pools of her eyes. Her dress was modest for the most part, which fit her sweetness to a T. However, it showed just enough to rocket his senses and fuel his naughty fantasies. It stopped right at her knee, and he had to stop himself more than once during the evening from placing his hands on her whispery, smooth legs. The dress was perfectly fitted to her figure, and he relished with every spare moment, an admiring glance upon her beauty.

She waved a hand in front of his eyes and laughed at his dazed expression. “I’m sorry, Hon,” he smiled softly. “You—you’re just so sexy I can’t help myself.”

“Look who’s talking,” she smiled. “And I’m not the only one who noticed. Just look around.” She waved her hand nonchalantly.

Frowning, he casually shifted his gaze around the room. There wasn’t a single solitary other person in the place except the two of them. “Huh—” he started.

“Made you look,” she giggled. Reaching across she tousled his hair. “Let’s go home, Hon. I’m ready for dessert.”

‘Dessert indeed,’ he thought as he silently followed her out of the restaurant, his eyes absently admiring the sway of her hips. There had been few prayers he’d ever uttered since meeting her that he hadn’t thanked the Almighty for his Lisa. Her love was a sweet tonic and fulfillment to his life far beyond his wildest expectations. He was a lucky man!

She knew her husband was admiring her pretty curves from behind, and loved him all the more for it. There was something about the way he looked at her that made her feel so beautiful, precious, and cherished. She knew she was on his mind constantly and had heard from enough of her friends who relayed back to her the things he said about her in public. She was a lucky woman!

They paid for their meal and headed out to their car, her small hand in his. She could feel the calluses. Even though his hands felt rough on hers, she smiled with contentment, knowing how those calluses had gotten there. Those many years he had longed for the farm, and finally now they had been given a gracious opportunity with their best friends to do just that. It had given him new life and vigor, and she’d had to urge him not to work too hard. She didn’t know what exactly it was about driving a tractor, or whatever else it was that he did out there, that appealed to him, but if it made him happy, then she was happy.

“Where are you going, Sweetheart?” she finally asked, realizing that the car was not headed towards home.

“Wanna’ watch the sunset from Steptoe?” he asked.

“Sure!” she said happily, leaning over and holding his arm.

They followed the windy road around the butte and pulled out on a gravel viewpoint that looked towards the west. Already the sun seemed to hang like a bright reddish-orange bubble on the far away Cascade Mountains. A couple lawn chairs were forthcoming, much to Lisa’s surprise, and the two sat down to enjoy the last rays of the sun as it sank resolutely into the western sky.

He felt her small hands find his, her slender fingers intertwining. Neither of them said anything for a long time, even long moments after the sun had set, and the twilight began fading. The stars began to peep overhead as a soft breeze bathed their faces.

“Hon,” he finally broke the silence. She turned towards him and met his gaze. “That was pretty nice, but it’s still nothing compared to you.” He looked at her intently with a smile. Their faces leaned together, and her soft lips found his. Her tongue flickered out to meet his, as each enjoyed the moist sweetness of the other. Breathing deeply she inhaled his manly scent, her hand reaching out to touch his chest, even as his found her arms with trembling caress. She moved his hand to her breast, where he felt her heart beating contentedly. Lisa felt the sudden power of his need for her that was beyond words to describe.

“Let’s go home,” he murmured, breaking off their passionate kiss.

Upon reaching home, he scarcely let his sweetheart come out of the car on her own two feet before lifting her again into his arms to carry her into the house.

Upon reaching their bedroom, he gently placed her on her feet. She looked up at him with ponderous eyes, yearning for his touch, and sighing softly as she felt his hands at her shoulders. His hands fumbled softly as they reached behind her, the sound of her dress’s zipper seeming to echo in the room. His gentleness was something she admired, and she shivered with desire as the soft whisper of his hands found her smooth back.

He felt her hands running over his chest, expertly finding each button on his shirt. And then they were at his belt and pants, gently tugging them downward even as he worked her dress over her shoulders and arms.

Both were now breathing hard as they slipped free from their shoes. He looked up at her as she flashed a smile, her hands reaching to undo her bra. He practically winced with pleasure as she sighed contentedly, setting her breasts free to his gaze. Her chestnut colored nipples were immediately taut with desire as she ran her fingers over them. She met his gaze and then looked at her breasts, holding them in her hands. His gaze was so intense, she could practically feel it. Then she looked back at him and smiled, both of them slipping free from their underwear, finally naked.

She looked down at his throbbing manhood, which seemed to reach for the sky in his expression of desire for her, and then up to his admiring eyes which likewise took in her beauty. He watched her draw her hand deliciously between her legs, through her smooth folds and across the narrow landing strip of hair below her abdomen. Her baby soft vulva was pink with arousal. She moaned softly and reached for his penis, tenderly squeezing him in her hands, loving the effect it had on him. His hands found her breasts, enjoying their soft firmness. His lips found her nipples. She tossed her head back, her hair cascading down her back, and sighed contentedly, a hand finding the back of his head as he loved her. “Sweetheart, that feels so good,” she purred. A hand found her soft feminine folds. He loved the sharp intake of her breath, music to his ears.

He was such an awesome lover. Passion consumed her. Tossing her hair again, he felt its softness flit against his skin. Dropping to her knees, she hungrily looked up at him, his penis rubbing against her cheek. Desiring oneness with him, she kissed the tip of his manhood, laving her tongue over its smooth surface. Her flickering tongue found the tiny slit whence flowed his desire. His moans filled her ears as she accepted him into her lips, drawing him deeply into her mouth and surrounding him with warmth. The look of pleasurable agony on his face was priceless to her. With tenderness beyond expression she gently loved him with her mouth, rising and falling on him.

His world rocked with pleasure beyond description, he could scarcely believe his luck in being married to this gorgeous woman. He felt consumed in her mouth. And even as he accepted her love, he yearned to give in return, though it seemed so little in return. His hands smoothed across her shoulders and back, and played in her hair, even as his gaze met her eyes and watched her ravish him. The feeling of love and acceptance from her with this simple selfless act was humbling, and enough to move him to tears. And if she didn’t stop what she was doing, she was soon going to move him to something else.

“Honey!” he whispered hoarsely.

She heard him… but ‘didn’t’ hear him at the same time, and continued her loving mercilessly. Reaching between her creamy thighs, her soft fingers found her rose petal soft folds, pursing across her clitoris and sending rays of pleasure through her slender frame. She longed to feel him burst into her mouth, and to taste the warm spurts of his release, and to join him in shared bliss.

“Sweetheart!” he whispered again, this time a little louder.

She looked up at him, tenderly withdrawing her mouth across the tip of his penis, a trail of saliva following as if a bridge to her lips. “Okay, Sweety?”

The innocence in her eyes were powerful beyond description, and melted his heart. “Hon, I—”

“You can cum in my mouth,” she whispered. And then before he could say anything, she returned to him, sending shivers up his spine as he again sank into the lush warmth of her mouth. With her one hand caressing his testicles and the other finding sweet womanly pleasure, the agony of sweet pleasure was unbelievable for both of them.

She could tell he was getting close, and slowed her pace. He felt the telltale pulsations of pleasure radiating through his manhood, sharp stabs of pleasure, and then it abated. And then she continued moving, stopping just short as he reached his point of no return. He felt like he was being swallowed by her, all of him… and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

She looked up into his eyes again, which were fixed on hers. The love she saw written there had been constant ever since she’d first met him. She saw all of his hopes, his dreams, his tenderness, his vulnerabilities. His hands trembled at her face and on her forehead as he touched her soft hair. Shivering on her knees, powerful contractions of pleasure suddenly pursed through Lisa. Whether it was from the work of her own hand, or from the love she felt for her husband in her most intimate expression, or a combination of both, she’d never know.

She moaned around his penis, sending thousands of tiny pleasurable vibrations across her lover’s manhood. Her orgasm nearly always was an instant trigger for his, for he absolutely adored her pleasure. He cried out, thrusting himself in and out of her lips as pleasure-filled spasms nearly dropped him to his knees. As if drawing from a well beginning at his toes, white-hot pleasure exploded through him. Her mouth briefly opened as a moan escaped, and he watched his powerful streams of semen ejaculating into her warm mouth. Her lips closed around him again as she took him as deeply as she could, hungrily accepting his love offering as a sexy dessert.

He could feel her swallowing around him as she worked her mouth, each time flooding his emotions with acceptance and love. It was as if his entire soul and being had left his body for a moment to be joined with hers. His pulsations leaving him breathless and scarcely able to stand, he watched her withdraw from him, lingering on the tip of his penis as she literally savored every part of his release. Licking her lips she looked up at him with a satisfied expression on her face.

She was an utterly amazing lover, the missing piece to the puzzle of his life, without which he was not a complete man. She was everything to him, and he felt an involuntary tear stream down his cheek as he drew her to his feet and pulled her into his arms. How was it possible to ever truly express what she meant to him? As hard as he’d ever tried, he’d never been able to match her giving spirit. Her head fell against his chest and shoulder as he held her close to him, whispering words of thanks in her ears, even as he enjoyed the nearness of her lovely figure and soft skin against his.

The measured beats of his heart sounded softly in her ears. Who could explain the simple thrill of giving pleasure to the one you loved more than anyone else in the world? Next to him, she felt fullness, happiness, and contentment. She gently traced the tear with her finger and kissed it with her lips. She’d never seen his tears in public; it was something he shared only with her, an outlet of his heart’s expression.

“I love you,” she whispered, looking up at him.

He smiled broadly at her. “I love you, too,” he whispered back. “That was awesome sexy dessert!”

sexy dessert

By: Cheryl Reed

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am hungry for some dessert before Chinese. Lets see. First, I will text him that I am masturbating for him. This just makes me even more hungry for his cream. After he gets home….yum….. Then we go out for Chinese.

  2. lttlb says:

    Wow, I’m impressed with whoever picks out the pictures for this. Someone knows their geography! That is most definitely a view from Steptoe Butte!

    And as for the comment above, tsk, tsk. Didn’t your mother teach you that you have to eat your supper first BEFORE you get dessert? 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I once surprised my wife with a ‘chocolate blowjob.’ When dessert was ready to be served, I went into the kitchen and got naked. I asked her to close her eyes and wait. I coated my very lengthy, hard, and horny cock with chocolate and went into the dining room and sat straddled with my erect shaft and ready for her to suck. When she opened her eyes, I told her ‘Creme da la cum’ was ready for the taking. She immediatley started to blow my chocolate coated cock and sucked off all the chocolate. When she finished the chocolate I was still hard and ready to shoot my creamy load. She told me that the best part was still to come and with that I creamed a huge load of sweet cum into her mouth. She gave me a lovely smile as my cream slithered down her throat. Chocolate is great when your wife is in a cock sucking mood.

  4. doctemp2 says:

    An amazing hot story of love, trust and raw God-given sexual heat between two soul mates Lttlb! Thank you for sharing. I recently surprized my husband with a warm Peach Schnapps dessert where I took turns pleasuring him down my throat then would let him pop out so I could dip his engorged cock into the bowl of warm Schnapps; then back down my throat again. Needlless to say neither one of us lasted very long that night! Enjoy your evening 😀 Kay & K.

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